Top 5 Actors To Be The New Doctor Who

3 06 2013


With the recent news that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who later this year I thought I would give you my list of who I think should take over the prestigious role. With The Doctor now short on lives as the 1996 TV Movie stated (13 Lives, so basically he has only two lives left) only up to two of the fantastic actors below can have the part in the future if they are considered for the role. So here are my top 5 choices for who should be the New Doctor.

James McAvoy

5. James McAvoy – While this may be an interesting choice for some of you, if it is the case that someone (AGAIN) is chosen that resembles the previous Doctor I would rather James McAvoy be it. McAvoy is a very good actor as shown in X-Men First Class when I was unsure if he could play Professor X. If you are still unsure about the idea of McAvoy in this role, I am going to answer that with a Question. Did you see Welcome to the Punch?

David Morrissey

4. David Morrissey  – Someone with experience of the part. Morrissey has been in Doctor Who before in a role that to many was mistaken to be the Doctor when accidently he wasn’t in the Christmas special, The Next Doctor. Morrissey is very much a classic actor for a modern era and it is thanks to this quality why (along with his Fantastic Voice) he would be the best person to take a classic character into the future while also staying true to his character.

Richard E. Grant

3. Richard E. Grant – Another interesting choice, particularly because of a recent episode of Doctor Who but a choice that shows Great Promise in Experience. Richard E. Grant has played the Doctor on several occasions already but not in the official series. He played the part as one of the Doctors Regenerations in the 1999 Comic Relief special Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death as well as the 2003 animated story Scream of the Shalka. While you may be thinking that with his recent appearance in the show will prevent him taking the role, you’d be wrong as this sort of thing has happened before. The sixth doctor Colin Baker made an appearance in the 1983 story Arc of Infinity playing the part of Commander Maxil. So with this sort of thing happening before (not to mention Freema Agyeman appearing in the show before becoming a companion to David Tennant‘s Doctor) it has not been written out completely for Richard E Grant to take up the part (remember to check out Posh Nosh too).

Richard Roxburgh

2. Richard Roxburgh – An Australian Actor who has played some of the most prestigious literary roles in the media which include the part (and one of the best performances) of Dracula in Van Helsing and the role of Sherlock Holmes (My Favourite Actor to play the role of Sherlock Holmes) in The Hound of the Baskervilles in 2002 for the BBC. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to play the part of The Doctor. If he gives a performance much like the one he did for The Hound of the Baskervilles, he could easily become one of the best actors to play the role of The Doctor. Still unsure – Check out his performance in both Van Helsing and The Hound of the Baskervilles and see what you think.

David Thewlis

1. David Thewlis – Within a year of Smith taking the role of Doctor Who, I was already saying that Thewlis would have been a better choice and now that Smith is leaving, it is the perfect opportunity for Thewlis to have a go at the role. David Thewlis has appeared in many Great parts and is best known for playing villains. His acting credits include; Black Beauty, Dragonheart, AnonymousWar Horse and Five Harry Potter films as Remus Lupin. David Thewlis is a fantastic Actor, Great Voice, Great Style, can get Angry when necessary but is mostly calm in his parts. He is practically perfect to play the role of The Doctor and now he has an opportunity to do so.




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