Jurassic Park Poetry – Celebrating 20 Years of Cloning Dinosaurs

13 06 2013

Jurassic Park 3D

This week it is the 20th Anniversary of one of the Greatest Films in the History of Cinema. A film that makes The Avengers look mild in comparison and whose Special Effects are more Magnificent than Avatar. One of the most Magical Experiences cinema has produced to date; Jurassic Park. So to mark the occasion, I thought I would do a quick piece of Poetry , much like I recently did for another Steven Spielberg Classic – Jaws. I may do a bigger post on Jurassic Park at some point, but right now, let us enjoy some Haiku poetry and celebrate one of Cinema’s Greatest Films.

1. The big steel cage

The creature trying to leave

And the feast it’s found.

2. Big heavy footprints

And the surprise of being

Back to life on earth.

3. A small little egg

The small innocent child

The future horror.

4. Poisonous no-show

The hiding king in his wood

And the sick giant.

5. And then came the rain

In the worst place possible

The king has arrived.

6. An idiot thief

With the poisonous no-show

Blinding him for now.

7. Escaped to a tree

With peace, harmony, now safe

With gentle giants.

8. Looking for rescue

From the forbidden island

The jungle can be cruel.

9. Beasts in the kitchen

Like a human wanting food

But wants human taste.

10. The Unlikely help

The escape from the island

Beautiful it was.

GENEPOOL (it was on Sky Movies earlier today, I really want to review this film).




4 responses

13 06 2013

Fuckin. Awesome.

14 06 2013

Thank you for the comment.

27 07 2013
The Colclough

can’t really put a finger on why, but i think verse 9 is my favourite. 3 felt the weakest, as it uses the same word (or very similar words) too many times.

29 07 2013

Is it because you might secretly be a Raptor?

Did you see my Clash Of Steel series of Poems?

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