Movie Study – Battle Royale – Update

1 07 2013

Film Reel

You may remember, back in April I launched my first Movie Study. The film I chose was (as you can see by the title) was Battle Royale. Well, three months have now passed and here is an update. Here are all 12 questions about the film for you to answer. As I stated back in April there are three ways to answer these questions. Don’t feel like you have to answer them all, but give it a go, there’s no harm. The first way you can answer is by leaving a simple answer per question in the comments below. Second way is that if you have a Blog, answer the questions in a post (please send me a link so I can have a read), if you are struggling for a topic anytime soon, here is one for you. The third way is to produce a video for YouTube or any other video service (once again, please provide me with a link). So there you have it really, it’s relatively easy to get involved, and I look forward to seeing your responses.


Here are all 12 questions for you to get involved. remember to watch the film before hand as it will be easier for you.

  1. Referring only to the flashbacks, can you see any reason for the nation; as depicted in the film to fear the youth?
  2. Why do you think that Kitano is interested in Noriko?
  3. At first many of the film’s characters don’t want to kill each other (obviously), except for Mitsuko. Why do you think that is?
  4. What Similarities can you see when you compare Battle Royale to other forms of fiction.
  5. (For people who have read the novel). How closely related to the book is the film? Does the film leave anything out, add anything extra?
  6. Do the weapons provided to the students/competitors reveal anything about who they are as a person?
  7. Throughout the film there are 2 major riddles/questions being asked and don’t get answered until the end. Are these particular questions necessary? If yes, why yes and if not, why not?
  8. The film’s soundtrack uses a lot of already well known classical pieces of music, why do you think that these are used as well as the main soundtrack?
  9. What assets does the Battle Royale Program use to make the students kill each other and what is the purpose for the two characters (Kiriyama and Kawada) who are not students within the class?
  10. Why do you think that the Battle Royal Program was set up in the way it is depicted (Format) and why do you think that the program randomly chooses classes of children instead of specific children?
  11. What is your overall opinion of the film? If you have seen the film before, do you feel any different about it?
  12. Additional Question: If you were made to compete in Battle Royale, how would you react and what would your tactic to survive be?


Check back in a few weeks time as I will post up the next Movie Study, I hope to see you there.

GENEPOOL (you can check out my review of BATTLE ROYALE here)



2 responses

9 08 2013
The Colclough

i don’t have very interesting answers to all of the questions, but here are my thoughts on a few of them:
6. i don’t think the weapons in themselves reveal much, as the distribution is random, but the characters’ reactions to what they have received does show a lot, the most interesting cases being the ones who start out with something naff but figure out how to ‘trade’ their way up to better ones.
7. um… i did try to figure this one out, but i’m afraid i didn’t do a very good job of spotting the 2 riddles in the first place, let alone answering them!
8. i suspect they’re trying to lure the audience into a sense of familiarity, and therefore safety, to make it more shocking when they spring an unexpected character revelation or a murder or something on us. in some cases, at least.
10. the format in general? don’t know why. classes rather than random individuals? i think that’s to do with the psychology – it’d be much harder if you were in the programme with people you already knew, compared to if they were all strangers.
11. interesting viewing once around, and surprisingly less difficult than i expected it to be (i have a bad track record with 18-rated films); but probably not something i’d be in a hurry to watch again due to the level of violence.
12. not sure, but my gut feeling is that i’d have given up and been in the suicide group at the beginning… except for really not having the guts to go through with it.

10 08 2013

Well done Matt for giving it a Go. I am hoping to post up the next Movie Study during August, it may have a different format though.

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