Top 5 Metallica Songs

12 08 2013


Since early 2009 I have loved the music of Metallica. Back in 2009 when I first went to Animex and saw a trailer video for Guitar Hero Metallica, I fell in love with the music. While my views on Guitar Hero are well founded, the power the band had in just that one trailer was enough to get me interested. After finally discovering the name of the song on the trailer and watching that song from the band live on YouTube I grew to enjoy their music more and more, eventually becoming one of my Favourite bands. I even watched (and reviewed) the film Some Kind Of Monster. It was from this that I named them the Kings of Metal and my interest in heavy metal was founded and grew. With the Roaring vocals of James Hetfield, The Power of Lead Guitarist Kirk Hammett, The Thunderous Drumming of Lars Ulrich and the Besieging power of the Bass Player Robert Trujillo (as well as Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton) Metallica is one of if not the shining example of how powerful Metal as a music form is and how popular the outcast of the music world is. So, it’s time to celebrate their Great work, here are my Top 5 Favourite Metallica songs.

Metallica (James, Kirk, Lars and Robert)

5: Enter Sandman – The main song of their hit early 1990’s album Metallica or sometimes referred to as The Black Album. Enter Sandman was a major departure for the band as it was more of a small easy-going track than the power anthems they had previously produced. The dark tones though stayed with them in this song as it is not very light or happy. While the song does not pick up as much speed as songs like Fade To Black, it still provides enough power to satisfy those who prefer stronger faster pieces while those elements don’t make much of a show.

4: Seek and Destroy – A classic from the first album. A song that is fast all the way through and does not let out while also conveying rebellious dark muscle tones from beginning to end. Seek and Destroy provides a lot of anger in the lyrics and this kind of represents how much the band has come on since they first appeared in the early 80’s. Back then they had a lot of pent-up rage as youngsters and just wanted to get it out, nowadays they are still able to provide that kind of energy while also maintaining some control in maturity. Seek and Destroy is a nice little way of showing how much time has come on for the band and provides to be a good classic for the band. The song when played live also contains a Fantastic Solo from Kirk and Lars (look out for it).

3: For Whom The Bell Tolls – One of the first songs I listened to back when I first started listening to Metallica back in 2009. One thing that I find interesting about how I discovered this song is that it is the theme for British Professional Wrestler, Johnny Phere. For Whom The Bell Tolls is another classic song and carries a lot of attitude and anger. It is a lot like in some sense the work of the band Manowar (who have been going on for one year longer than Metallica) as in the song tells a story and for some part sounds like a fantasy setting until the mention of a gun, however this could still be attributed to a fantasy setting but possibly a more recent one. The songs tune follows an easy steady riff for its heavy beat and dark tones and is a great way of representing anger in music, something that is hard to do on most occasions. Another thing that I really like about this song is that the song is very much played by the Bass player. The songs main theme is played on the Bass, and so the Bass is not providing a supporting track for the song but is the main lead; a nice reversal from the Guitar being the lead and the Bass being the support.

2: Fade To Black – Back in 2010, just before I went to Teesside University I could not really listen to anything other than Fade To Black. While the song was really written about Suicide, the song can be seen in other forms of ending. The End of one thing into the next. So as me going to University was starting a new chapter in life, I was fading to black in another (Although my time at Teesside University ended within a year and I returned to the previous life). The song has a nice calm feel to it and picks up speed a couple of times in the main chorus but throughout its calm start it remains one incredibly beautiful song. Then the song almost takes the form of a Black Sabbath song as it practically changes into a completely different song. While it is the same song the tune changes into one of the bands most powerful riffs, picking up speed and ferocity, getting faster and faster, not giving out until the song ends, but before it does it almost changes again with an expert riff from Kirk. Not only is Fade To Black one of my favourite songs by Metallica, it is also one of my Favourite Metal Songs. While in many cases it does not get as mentioned as much as songs like One, Enter Sandman or Master of Puppets, it does not mean that this song is second best to any of the Metallica Classics.

1: Master of Puppets – What else was it going to be? It was thanks to Master of Puppets that I heard about Metallica in the first place and to this day every now and again I give in the urge to go onto YouTube to listen to it again and again. While the title sounds a bit like some kind of Fantasy Puppet Master the song is actually about drug use and when you listen to the lyrics, they fit perfectly with the heavy, dark tune. The lyrics are actually very easy to learn also and so it makes a nice sing a long piece. While saying that sounds soft, the song is anything but. The piece does not start off calmly; it starts with action immediately filling your ears. The combination of Guitar Bass and Drums produces a riff that many have said to be one of the best Guitar Songs produced. The song carries on in this fashion for about 2/3 minutes before turning gentler. Originally when I first heard the song I was a bit annoyed at the slow part in the middle but when you give it a chance it is a nice sweet peace which becomes the opening for a much bigger part of the song. It gives the band a nice break from speed before they go even faster and harder. Much like Fade To Black the song also has a Fantastic Solo part from Kirk which just seems to make the song go even faster and then when you feel like it has finally stopped, it picks up speed again for the final chorus before going into the Big Finish. Master of Puppets is the crowning glory for the band and in many ways for Metal also. It is a sign of Victory, a sign saying that they are proud of who they are and the music they play. Master of Puppets is the proof to why Metallica are the Kings of Metal.





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