Book Review – GONE by Michael Grant

23 10 2013

GONE (Michael Grant)

Title: GONE

Author: Michael Grant

Publisher: HarperCollins/Egmont Books

ISBN: 1405242353

Imagine you are a teenager (unless you are one), a time when you wished your parents and teachers would just leave you alone. Every teenager goes through that period, but imagine that it actually happens. A place where all the Adults have simply disappeared. What would you do? Eat all the fast food you want to, watch TV and Play Games day and night, it sounds perfect doesn’t it. Well, it turns out that it really isn’t all that perfect.

GONE tells the tales of a group of teenagers who live in and around a town in America called Perdido Beach. One day all the Adults suddenly disappear, everyone over 15 ‘poofed’. Many kids see this naturally as an opening to do whatever they want, eating cookies and ice-cream till they are sick, watch TV and play games until they can’t stay awake, no one bossing them around, Great. Well not really, from the get go the school playground is multiplied by 10 as the bullies see a chance to take control and total anarchy commences. A fire is started and attention in the community focuses on main character Sam and his girlfriend Astrid. Soon control seems to re-emerge with the appearance of several kids from a local private school arrive to take control, but things only get worse. What’s more, there is a giant invisible barrier twenty miles in diameter blocking the community off from the rest of the world and kids have started developing abilities, Mutant Powers. And if things couldn’t get any more worse, there is something lurking in the wilderness, The Darkness.

I personally found out about these books when I first began to read The Hunger Games. I was in Waterstones and saw this interesting looking book called FEAR. The front cover got me interested and I looked more into it and discovered it was part of a series of bestselling books known as the GONE series. Several months later I finally get round to buying the first book GONE, but I did not start reading it until about 9/10 months later. At first I found it hard to get into, new book and all but I kept pushing myself to keep reading it. Eventually I got to the point where I could not stop reading it. I loved it.

The books main setting is that one a teenager wants, but the author goes into exploring the idea of no adults around, what would happen? In many a sense it is the school playground on a much larger scale. With no authority around, bullies can do whatever they want and the teenage utopia begins to crash. But there is more to it than that. You have the preschool children that need taking care of, if people get injured, they cannot be taken to a hospital because there are no doctors, food is abundant but will eventually run out, if a fire breaks out there is no fire brigade to tend to it and if there is a problem there is no police to call. Law and order will naturally break down until someone can step up. This idea is directed mainly at Sam who is seen as a possible leader; however he does not want the job despite constant poking from Astrid. A few days later though it is too late as the book’s main protagonists; Caine, Drake and Diana arrive to take control, and bring back law and order, but deep down they have sinister intentions. The books main point of chaos though comes from the strange new world that the kids inhabit. The barrier which prevents them from leaving, people gaining Mutant Abilities, creatures mutating, the approaching darkness and the fact that once your 15th birthday arrives you take the big poof. All of which takes place in an area that has become commonly known as the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone).

For most of the book, the story is told in the third person point of view. Each chapter though tells the story in relation to how a character thinks or feels. One chapter could involve Sam Temple saying, doing, moving and thinking, when the next one could involve Astrid saying, doing, moving and thinking making her the central character of context. It is through these perspectives that other characters begin to emerge. Characters like Mary Terrafino who looks after and takes care of the day care centre as well as her own personal problems as well as Lana who for most of the early part of the book is completely separate from everyone in the FAYZ with only her dog Patrick for company. The central character context of the book also allows the reader to gain insight into the minds of the antagonists of the book like Caine and Diana.

The author also draws upon inspiration and real events from the real world using these events to shape some of the more horrific events in the books. Ideas begin to come across including fear of the unknown, racism, the horrors of war and slavery. The fear of the unknown is much in many a case like the X-Men as you have Mutants vs Humans, which is the case here but this mostly leads to racism but only on a partial level as many can see that they also need those with mutant abilities to survive this new world. Slavery is an area which the book explores with great detail including how people become slaves. This angle is not featured until the early stages of about last third of the book, but the whole experience when reading it made me want to jump in and stop it all, because the book also represents how horrific slavery is and potentially can become particularly at the levels it represents in this book. This all leads to the eventual conflicts between groups to which the author may be drawing from experience as part of a military family. In many a case throughout this book it is showing how kids have to adapt and grow up because their imaginary world can’t happen. In a sense it makes childhood look like a safety barrier to the horrors of the real world that the parents are trying to protect them from. This may be another reason for the title as not only have all the adults gone, but so has the world they live and more and more each day it is becoming a lot more hostile and cruel.

After I first read The Hunger Games and the books I have read since then, I did not know if I would find a book that would be better than it, but I think I have. GONE, while being a larger book reveals more of the world than The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is taken from the first person perspective and shows the world around the main character while GONE takes a step back and looks at the world that has been created, but it also creates more than one story too. Each character has their own part in the story while also telling their own story, one that you want to keep reading to find out what happens. GONE is one amazing ride, from  the point of the world’s formation, through it’s struggles and hardships to it’s eventual dramatic conclusion, GONE is a book that everyone should have on their bookshelves.


Talking About My Generation

16 10 2013


This past week, I reached what was possibly a sad milestone in terms of my love and interest of Video Games. I bought Beyond: Two Souls for the PlayStation 3. I have been looking forward to the release of this game for a long time, even before it had been announced or known about. Why?, it was produced by Quantic Dream who back in 2010 released Heavy Rain which remains one of my favourite games on the PS3. But you may be asking, why am I sad about a game I have been excited so much about. While my love of Video Games has flourished over the last 7/8 years, I am reaching a major stage in my life. For about the last couple of years I have begun to play less and less video games and do more things of different kinds. If you were to look at me in 2010/2011, Video Games were my main hobby and had been that way since 2001. But now, due to new interests, it no longer is my main. While I continue to love Video Games, I don’t have as much passion as I used to, new interests such as Board Games which I have loved since being a boy as well as my new-found interest in books again which was something that had laid dormant in me for a number of years now, has begun to flourish.

Beyond: Two Souls (Quantic Dream - 2013)

Purchasing Beyond: Two Souls is sad for another reason also, it represents the end of lifespan as one of the main consoles. The 8th generation has already begun, but it will enter full swing in a few months’ time and the PS3 will no longer be one of the main consoles on the market, and for me that feels sad. The enjoyment I have received out of it and will continue to receive will begin to die out as the new consoles take centre stage. But for me, this is not the first time this has happened.

PS3 Controller

Since being a boy I have loved playing games. Games are fun, exciting, enjoyable experiences. During my early youth I have played on many game consoles belonging to friends and family members including Sega Master System II and Sega Mega Drive. My first personal console was a Game Boy, an original one and it was big and yellow and I had a couple of Mario Games for it. However this got stolen (along with my copy of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins) when the house was ransacked by a bunch of thieving burglars which is pretty self-explanatory but several weeks later I got a replacement in the form of a Game Boy Pocket which was Red and a lot smaller than my nice chunky Yellow Game Boy. But I still had a great time playing games with it. I loved making movies with my Game Boy Camera, took on pirates in search of a treasure in an attempt to build my own private castle in Wario Land and I hunted, caught and trained several pocket-sized monsters in Pokémon Yellow. I even got to smash-up boulders and punch monsters with a Godzilla Game Boy Game. Those were great times when I could lose myself in a personal game and go on adventures and even have little projects to myself with my Camera. Those were great days and while other Game Boys were released such as the Game Boy Colour, Advance and Advance SP. I was pretty much content with my little handheld.

Pokémon Yellow

In late 200 when just starting at High School I received a Nintendo 64 from a friend of my Brothers. With it I got several games including Star Wars: Squadron and Goldeneye 007. My collection of games for it grew and grew with purchases of games including F-Zero X as well as presents at Christmas and Birthday’s with games including Pokémon Stadium 1 and Pokémon Stadium 2. I also was able to borrow games for the console from Blockbuster. It was a great multiplayer platform with a lot of fun crafted into the games produced. I went on a shooting spree in games like the Brilliant Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough ( starring the unkillable Ape Face). I whizzed past my rivals in F-Zero and Mario Kart 64, and I battled Tooth, Nail and Electric Shocks as well as try powerful Sushi, learned how to dance, chopped logs and delivered Christmas presents in Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2.

It was during my play time on Nintendo 64 that rumours started appearing as to Nintendo’s Next Console, the Nintendo Dolphin. I had no idea what it was going to be like, but it was appearing at a time that other new consoles started to appear. In late 1999, Sega released what would be their last major console in the form of the Sega Dreamcast which while it was short-lived, has been regarded by many as one of the greatest game consoles and it introduced and pioneered many elements that would become standard with in the industry including online gameplay. Around about the same time as the release of the Dreamcast, the long-awaited PlayStation 2 was released which became the number one bestselling console of its generation. The Nintendo Dolphin eventually arrived in the form of the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. I asked for a copy for the following Christmas and received one with a copy of Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.

Dreamcast Logo

This was the point that Video Games would become my main hobby. I would come back from school wanting to play some more on it over and over again. Soon after getting one I got an extra pad, memory card and some shelves for games for about £25. My game collection for it grew over time with me acquiring copies of games like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I got to try out games from Blockbuster and sometimes bought those that I like a lot. Over the 4 years that I had the console my collection continued to grow more and more. My multiplayer experiences were very enjoyable with games like the amazing 007: Nightfire. I was whizzing around tight bends and almost crashing cars in Need For Speed: Underground, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and F-Zero GX. I was going on adventures in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Heroes. I was battling to stay alive in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, I was fighting on the frontline in Battalion Wars, I wrestled to become World Champion in WWE Day of Reckoning 1 and WWE Day of Reckoning 2, I collected Stars and Coins in epic multiplayer duels in Mario Party and I was even milking Cows in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. While there were those at school who said it was stupid to have, I did not care; I was having fun, lots of fun. Not only that, but the GameCube did have some things over its rivals. The Memory Cards were small and cheap but had plenty of rooms for games and the pads had built in Rumble Packs meaning a cartridge did not have to be bought for them to feel like you were in the heat of the moment. And even after the Xbox was released and had built in memory and had games on it like HALO: Combat Evolved, I was still satisfied with my little GameCube. Others could play DVD’s on their consoles; I didn’t really have any DVD’s so I saw no point in having that feature. I remember a time when I played for hours on F-Zero GX (My Favourite GameCube Game) including not realising the passage of light or time as it was once 11:00pm when I finally stopped playing it, did I mind, no, I was happy.

F-Zero GX (Nintendo - 2003)

At the time of all this I used to collect CUBE Magazine which sadly ended in the blink of an eye in 2005. CUBE magazine offered many in-depth news of Games coming out in the near future and easy to understand reviews. It was when reading it in about 2004 that I heard about the Nintendo DS. What I thought was going to be the next home console turned out to be a hand-held that would take the world by storm. In mid-2005 I first heard about the Nintendo Revolution. This would become the next home console for Nintendo when released in late 2006.

My enjoyment of the GameCube still continued, but over time, its oncoming end was apparent. I could see it particularly with how hard it was to get new games. By June 2006 my concentration had now turned its eyes to the Nintendo Revolution, now known as the Nintendo Wii. As the excitement grew to this new console, the more and more I could not wait for its arrival. However, being a Nintendo Console, the criticism came in thick and fast before the consoles eventual release (which still happens to this day despite the company’s illustrious career). But most of everyone’s attention was more on the release of the Xbox 360 and the soon to be released PS3. How wrong they were when the Wii started breaking all records. Its appeal came from its more casual gaming approach allowing more people to play games, different groups of people too, older people, mums and dads. Whole families could play games together. The Wii became a must have toy for everyone. It became a party tool for when numerous people were round. Whole hosts of games were developed for it from Party Games for the whole family, to shooting games for the more hard-core gamer. And this came from the Wii’s pioneering Motion Control feature meaning that games were no longer about causing thumb seizures and more about being part of an experience. Nintendo opened up the Games Market to a whole new world, one that the competition did not even notice or think about.

Nintendo Wii

I was one of the people who felt the benefits of the Wii. I had a great time Boxing and Playing golf with friends in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort as well as drive around corners in Mario Kart Wii, take on the Yakuza in Red Steel, lead a Nation in Little King’s Story, take on Savage Rabbits in dancing contests and played with them in rock bands in Rayman Raving Rabbids and attempted to keep fit with Wii Fit. It was a great time to be a gamer.

But part of me wanted to play other games too, games that were not as available on the Wii, games like Motorstorm or the upcoming MAG. So in 2009 I bought a PS3 with Killzone 2 and Far Cry 2, eventually getting Motorstorm Pacific Rift for my Birthday. The PS3 would eventually become my main console as while the Wii was fun, it did not have much for a solo gamer. While I did not have much of a Multiplayer Experience with the PS3, it was like playing my GameCube all over again, getting lost in the game, in the story. While Shooting games like Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, Battlefield 3 and Far Cry 2 were mainly my favourites. I thoroughly enjoyed a range of other games too. Adventure Games like Brütal Legend and Fairytale Fights gave me new worlds to experience and Heavy Rain showed that games could be more than just games. But there was always some room for some racing with games like Motorstorm Pacific Rift, ModNation Racers and Test Drive Unlimited 2. It was still a great time to be a gamer.

So what changed, how did I go from being so incredibly happy playing games, to games no longer being my number 1 hobby? 2012, in March 2012 I saw The Hunger Games at the cinema, I loved it so much I bought the book and got back into reading, I got lost in an amazing world and over time I began to read more and more. At the moment I am reading the Incredible GONE series by Michael Grant. In turn I began to write more and recently entered some writing competitions. But it wasn’t just books and writing. I started to play Board Games more and more. Board Games was mainly a thing I did once, maybe twice a year at Christmas and on Holiday, but after finding a group at a local café in my home town, I started playing them week after week and still do. I spend less of my pocket-money on games, and more on Board Games. But another reason is that in 2012, there was hardly anything that I wanted to get. The Wii was on its last legs as there was hardly anything worth getting, particularly with more attention on the upcoming Wii U. I only bought 2 new releases in 2012, Twisted Metal and Far Cry 3. Even in 2013, there was hardly nothing I wanted with most of the games I bought for the PS3 being old second-hand games. Beyond: Two Souls was really the only new release I got. Most of my attention on Computer Games I want to play turn to the PC with Games on Steam. Nowadays, when I walk into a GAME Shop, I just look at old stuff that I could get cheap. I spend more time looking at Board Games, than I do at Video Games. When I was studying Video Games Development, I always assumed that Video Games would be my Major Hobby, but now, it isn’t. It still is a hobby, but not my major one. When you are young you don’t see how you change as you get older, it is only now I see this change.

Far Cry 3 (Ubisoft - 2012)

Video Games will always be a part of me, this blog started as a result of my Interest in Video Games. I look forward to games to be released on Steam and GOG. I play some games multiple times; I still look at Games I want to play and continue to look forward to and enjoy E3. I have a Nintendo 3DS which I play Pokémon SoulSilver on every now and again, I even want to give Ouya a go, as for any of the other consoles, well it depends on whether or not a game comes out on one that I really want to play, maybe a Wii U or a PlayStation 4, probably not an Xbox One though, unless I am extremely desperate to play Titanfall. For over 10 years, Video Games have been my interest, hobby and passion. While I feel like that this part of my life has now ended, I am thankful for experiencing it and having so much fun in the process. But this is not the ultimate end as I will continue to play Video Games, have fun with friends in multiplayer, experience stories and great characters while also getting involved in these amazing worlds and experience the escapism and involvement that they include. I love gaming, and a part of me always will.

GENEPOOL (Don’t forget to have a look at my article celebrating the 5 year Anniversary of the Nintendo Wii).

My YouTube Videos

9 10 2013


For over a year now I have been uploading videos onto YouTube. Now while that is a statement that many people on YouTube have probably stated, I have been enjoying it and thought I would share some of My Videos on here. Please check them out.

Lego City Excavator – This was the first video I uploaded. After buying some Lego from Argos, I decided to try my hand at animating and so I made this quick video with the Excavator. This became the first of 3 animation videos so far. The second video made use of the drill attachment while the third used both attachments and the lorry. I would like to make another one soon but with the Lego Technic Crane I bought this past July.

Police Colour Sergeant – I uploaded this one just a few weeks ago. While searching for a picture to use for a Story on my Stories Blog, I found a really good picture of a character from The Bill. Because it was such a Good Picture I experimented with the editing tools in Microsoft Picture Manager and had a fun idea for a video where it could be done in several different colours. I have got plans to do some more with different settings. I also included the song Escape by Metallica so it does not look dry.

FC3 – This was made on the same day as the release of Far Cry 3. I did it because I was annoyed by the constant Updates that my Games get but also because the game was brand new and already needed an update, which to me sounded stupid. Far Cry 3 is a Great Game, no problem with the game as a game. I included The Island; a song by PENDULUM in the Opening and Credits because for me it represented how psychotic the game looked……….and was.

A Day In The Life Of Preston Updated – The updated version to my original A Day In The Life Of Preston video. I did this as part of my Creative Writing course. I basically went along the lines of a Jeremy Clarkson review, starting off talking about what I did not like and finished with what I liked, which turned out not to be much. It was a lot more enjoyable doing it like that because I could be Me on the video, instead of just doing the normal thing in a travel video where they appear to be pleasant all the time. I also added some Metallica music to this one for both the Intro and Credits, but this time I used Fade To Black.

Chieftain Tank – One of my most recent videos alongside FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). This video was taken at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. Basically it is a Giant Museum filled with tanks and one part of it is the Arena where they demonstrate the tanks to the viewing Public. It was great to see the Titan Vehicle drive around, because apart from on TV, where else do you get to see a Tank actually moving around?

GENEPOOL (Don’t forget to check out my friend Matt’s Videos).

Welcome To The Human Race – Escape From L.A.

2 10 2013

Escape From L.A. (Paramount Pictures - 1996)

How long can you leave it until it is too long to produce a sequel? 10 Years is a bit too long in my opinion in the case that you are trying to make another film in the hope of continuing a series. Maybe the best thing to do would be to leave it and either do something else or make a reboot. In 1976 when the Fantastic King Kong remake was released, a sequel began development, but it was not released until 1986 and turned out to be a disaster (0% on Rotten Tomatoes). While the time relation may not affect a film’s performance, apart from having to remind the audience what was released 10 years previously, but it means that the film can suffer from consistent development issues. Another good example of this is the once long-awaited sequel to John Carpenter’s Classic Film; Escape from New York, Escape from L.A. which was released 15 years after New York.

Escape from New York (AVCO Embassy Pictures - 1981)

I first saw Escape from New York in the early 2000’s, and fell in love with it. I loved the dystopian setting of New York as a Giant Prison. The look of it all was amazing and believable, the soundtrack was beautifully crafted and the cast was fantastic. When I was watching it for the first time I was first told of a sequel film called Escape from L.A. but I did not know much about it at the time and it was not until about 2007/2008 that I first saw it. My first impressions of it were good, I liked it, but since then my feelings of the film have been “oh dear” and have constantly decreased every time I’ve seen it since.


The film begins much in the same way as New York, a little brief introduction of what has happened in the world. The Crime rate in the USA goes up dramatically and Los Angeles island sufferers its worst Earthquake to date, with waterways flooding the area and L.A. becomes an island. A presidential candidate (Cliff Robertson) who seemingly predicts this is made President for Life and brings in new Moral Laws stating that anyone who does not abide with them will be sent to Los Angeles island which has now been surrounded by a containment wall (except for the Pacific side of it bizarrely). In 2013 a Peruvian revolutionary called Cuervo Jones (Georges Corraface) seduces the president’s daughter Utopia (A. J. Langer) and gets her to steal a super weapon. She escapes to L.A. to give it to Jones. Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is captured once again for a series of crimes and is to be deported to L.A. While there he meets the President, Prison Commander Malloy (Stacy Keach) and his assistant Brazen (Michelle Forbes) who offer him a deal. He unwillingly takes it thanks to a disease planted inside him and he travels by Sub to Los Angeles Island.


Upon arrival he sees what has happened to L.A. and interacts with some of its residents including a man named Pipeline (Peter Fonda). He spots a parade with Cuervo and tries to get him, but fails. He meets Map to the Stars Eddie (Steve Buscemi) who volunteers to show Snake around. Snake does not take up his offer and goes into Beverley Hills. There he finds a twisted area and hides in the bushes with a girl named Taslima (Valeria Golino), they are then both captured and find themselves in a room full of ugly people. It turns out that the people require constant body transplants to survive and the surgeon general (Bruce Campbell) plans to use Snake and Taslima next. Snake manages to escape and frees Taslima who takes Snake through the underground sewers near to Cuervo’s base. Taslima decides to go with snake only to be killed minutes later. Snake is captured by Eddie who takes him to Cuervo who sends a tape to the president showing him the device. Cuervo then hosts an event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where he makes Snake play Basketball. Annoyingly Snake succeeds and escapes, meeting, and then surfing with Pipeline. Snake then meets up with gang leader and old friend Carjack Malone (Pam Grier) who helps him to attack Cuervo who has taken up residence at Disneyland. Snake successfully retrieves the device but on the way back to the mainland with Utopia his helicopter is hit and he crashes.


Snake walks out of the crash only to be surrounded by guards. Utopia is captured with the device and is sent to the electric chair. The virus turns out to be nothing more than the flu and Snake is shot. However he seemingly survives when it turns out that he is using a Hologram device given to him earlier. He shows that he has the real device, and types in the world code shutting down all electrical systems on the planet. He then finds a packet of cigarettes, has one before turning to the camera and saying “Welcome to the human race”.

The film, while being a sequel to one of my top favourite films and has some nice moments in it, it is generally, cheesy, corny……….bad. The film suffers from the CGI revolution of the period with it mostly appearing to be in front of early blue screen effects. When New York was done before, these kind of effects weren’t regularly available and so was shot on location, however; New York as a result looked better than L.A. For pretty much the entire film, the effects are some of the worst generated images to date and while they are acceptable compared to most films, it looks like the film was made on the cheap despite its budget of 25 Million Dollars.

The film does have some redeeming qualities, the soundtrack while using an updated version of the original theme, has some nice pieces with spy style pieces and some with sounds almost in a rock sense to old western themes, particularly Snake’s theme. The film also has bits that New York did not do such as a thriving outlaw culture in the cities remains and it is nice to see that.

Kurt Russell is amazing as Snake Plissken; I love the character so much. He is the ultimate ant-hero as he really only cares for himself. He is a well-trained mercenary soldier as shown by the awards he has been given. But for the most part he appears to have a cold exterior. There is somewhat of a caring side to him though as there is the odd occasion where he feels for someone, in this case, only very briefly though, Taslima.

Snake Plissken

But for all the good things there are a lot of bad ones including the idea that Plissken is some kind of ultimate hero with him having skills that appear to be superhuman with talents including amazing basketball skills, speed and Surfing. While I still love the character I do feel that this film does not really help in any beneficial way to his character at all and we should only remember him for New York only and in no way L.A.


While pretty much the rest of cast are just unnoticeable for the most part, there are a few exceptions. Brazen and Malloy have a nice presence about them which is neither cold nor warm and offer an anchor to the film. This is pretty much the same for Pipeline too if for only very briefly.

Malloy, Pipeline and Brazen

But for me, I really like the character of Taslima. She had this nice presence about her. She had a nice look with a bizarre haircut, she had this calming; possibly reassuring voice and she wore this great Leather Jacket. For all the possible persona of being tough, she has a redeeming caring quality about her, you care about her a lot. When she begins to have feelings for Snake, in many a sense you want her to say in the film or (for several reasons) change angle and follow her. When Snake and Taslima split, you wish they don’t but then she follows him before briefly getting shot. That annoys me, greatly annoys me. Out of the top three best things about this film, her appearance is one of them. You feel sad for her death, but annoyed too as you like this character and she gets killed off. Whose Idea was it for one of the best things about the film to get shot? Why? Why kill off this brilliant character. Seriously, Why? I can keep going like this for a while now, I am mad while writing this.


Escape from L.A. does have some good points about it. It has Snake Plissken and very briefly Taslima. It has things New York did not do and some enjoyable moments while also having a great last line. But it is mostly bad, I can’t stress that enough. Not just for the death of Taslima, but other points too. There are only a few points about this film I would recommend. While the beginning, ending and Taslima parts of the film are great, for the most part I would tell you to Fast Forward. In short, Escape from L.A. is………………………………………… know what, I have had enough of this film, forget it. Let’s just hope that the planned remake of Escape from New York is better than this.


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