My YouTube Videos

9 10 2013


For over a year now I have been uploading videos onto YouTube. Now while that is a statement that many people on YouTube have probably stated, I have been enjoying it and thought I would share some of My Videos on here. Please check them out.

Lego City Excavator – This was the first video I uploaded. After buying some Lego from Argos, I decided to try my hand at animating and so I made this quick video with the Excavator. This became the first of 3 animation videos so far. The second video made use of the drill attachment while the third used both attachments and the lorry. I would like to make another one soon but with the Lego Technic Crane I bought this past July.

Police Colour Sergeant – I uploaded this one just a few weeks ago. While searching for a picture to use for a Story on my Stories Blog, I found a really good picture of a character from The Bill. Because it was such a Good Picture I experimented with the editing tools in Microsoft Picture Manager and had a fun idea for a video where it could be done in several different colours. I have got plans to do some more with different settings. I also included the song Escape by Metallica so it does not look dry.

FC3 – This was made on the same day as the release of Far Cry 3. I did it because I was annoyed by the constant Updates that my Games get but also because the game was brand new and already needed an update, which to me sounded stupid. Far Cry 3 is a Great Game, no problem with the game as a game. I included The Island; a song by PENDULUM in the Opening and Credits because for me it represented how psychotic the game looked……….and was.

A Day In The Life Of Preston Updated – The updated version to my original A Day In The Life Of Preston video. I did this as part of my Creative Writing course. I basically went along the lines of a Jeremy Clarkson review, starting off talking about what I did not like and finished with what I liked, which turned out not to be much. It was a lot more enjoyable doing it like that because I could be Me on the video, instead of just doing the normal thing in a travel video where they appear to be pleasant all the time. I also added some Metallica music to this one for both the Intro and Credits, but this time I used Fade To Black.

Chieftain Tank – One of my most recent videos alongside FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). This video was taken at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. Basically it is a Giant Museum filled with tanks and one part of it is the Arena where they demonstrate the tanks to the viewing Public. It was great to see the Titan Vehicle drive around, because apart from on TV, where else do you get to see a Tank actually moving around?

GENEPOOL (Don’t forget to check out my friend Matt’s Videos).




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