Scamming The Scammer

30 10 2013

Old Fashioned Button Phone

I was sitting there

In my chair

Listening to the Prodigy

When a man called wishing to scam me.

He spoke with an accent of Indian descent

But the cause of his call was definitely not decent

He asked to speak to a Mr Jones

In one of those patronizing tones.

“It is I”

I said with a sigh

“May I ask who am I speaking too?”

Knowing exactly what he wanted to do

He said he was from a computer company

While drinking his cup of fibbing tea

He said there were issues with my machine

But everything to me appeared to be clean

I decided not to hang up the phone

Because I would probably hear that familiar ring tone

So I decided to take him for a ride

And have some fun instead of to abide

He sent me on a program chase

But I did not change face

He continued to talk

Like what he was saying had been written with chalk

Eventually, though while fun, I became bored

Had enough of winding him up like computer cord

He, still convinced that he had me

Was under the impression that he would soon get his fee

Thinking he finally got me, he told me the code

Which I wrote down deciding to lighten the load

Off the shoulders of his future prey

When he calls them up on a later day

Not being able to hold it in any longer

I let out a large guffaw of laughter

Finally realising what had transpired

He assumed he would be getting fired

The phone went dead

As heavily as a tonne of lead

While I was as happy as a bunny

Knowing that he had failed to scam me

With my face filled with glee.

GENEPOOL (I would like to thank Matt for the inspiration to this poem).




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