TV Ad Meltdown 13 – Cillit Bang

31 03 2014


Who cleans half their coins? Who actually cleans their old coins anyway?


Because We Want To

26 03 2014

Billie Piper

One of those Nightmare songs of the 1990’s. While I am a massive fan of the 1990’s there are a few downsides, like songs that you don’t understand but stick in your head. In this case it is the Billie Piper song Because We Want To. Now if you say Billie Piper these days most people will instantly think either Doctor Who or Rose Tyler because she became very famous as a result. When I heard Billie Piper was going to be in Doctor Who I instantly remembered that song (which everybody else suddenly forgot about………?) because beforehand in 1998 she achieved a number 1 in the UK Charts, one that stayed in the charts for several weeks as well as appearing on several children’s TV shows, for weeks, on end, one after the other.


The video is a particular memory. It shows Piper dancing down a street with several other people (some in CGI) and all dancing the same way during the chorus, the spin is pretty good. The chorus itself has the part which stays in your head, the repeated “Because We Want To”. The CGI characters look a bit odd and you wonder why they even bothered. One of them looks like a monster that may appear in Doctor Who, there is also a Flying Saucer seen at the beginning of the video which Piper appears from (there is a subliminal message in there somewhere). However the background tune is actually quite Good which helps give the song credibility and the only reason it is a nightmare song is because the repeated “Because We Want To” sticks in your head and you don’t know why, it is a shame though that tune does not continue the full length of the song because during the verse parts it becomes a generic sound/tune.

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

In a decade filled mostly filled with the Spice Girls and Steps it was nice to see/hear something different and actually quite good but gives out a chorus which just sticks in your head (particularly after 2005). OK, I do think it deserves more credit than people realise (and did launch the career of Billie Piper). Piper’s performance is perhaps one of her finest and at her best, when she is seemingly herself, like in her early Doctor Who days (the under-talked about but Great Christopher Eccleston period). Her choice of outfit is also more relaxed and appealing to the casual viewer, like we are actually seeing Billie as a person and not just another 90’s pop girl. The video and tune are actually quite nicely put together and really thought out . All together it is one of those pop songs from the 90’s that was actually good and worth remembering despite the fact you will, why? Because You Want To.

BWWT (Click to watch Video)


TV Ad Meltdown 12 – Seat Ibiza Madness

24 03 2014


Good Advert for a Good looking car.


Sam’s Rant – Why I Don’t Have A Smartphone

19 03 2014


Smartphones are all the range these days allowing users to listen to music, play games, use apps, surf the web (if people still say that), take photos of themselves and of course, ‘phone people’. Smartphones are also big business for the companies who produce them and make things for them. I don’t have a smart phone though, and while people as in everyone who has one will suddenly do that gasp thing like they are shocked, which the idea of someone not having a smartphone may sound quite shocking to them but maybe not everyone else, except for those with smartphones, they can gasp all they want, it’s not going to do a thing, because, I don’t need a smartphone, and here’s why.

A Proper Phone

I have a mobile phone, I got it back in 2010, my first phone (I can hear that gasp again), before then I didn’t need one. But now I do have a phone (with buttons) and it is useful, it has the standard text feature and the standard ability to phone people like any other phone, as is the purpose of a phone, it has a calculator, tells the time and date and has a little game on it, but that’s it, just a phone, and that’s all I really need. Just something to call and message people with.

Mobile Phone

“But what about surfing the what what what?” people may ask (but not necessarily like that). Well, I have a computer to do all that with; I don’t need a phone to do that when a computer does it a whole lot better. “But what about taking pictures of things and yourself?” Well, I have a camera to do that with, and by camera I mean a proper one with an optical zoom feature which produces better quality pictures than a pixellated camera on a phone does. I don’t need a camera phone, I have a proper camera.

Samsung WB500 Camera

“OK, then what about listening to music?” Hmm, you got me there; I suppose I could use my Computer again. “But what about when you are on the move?” Hmm, I suppose I could use the free service in my head called memory, I don’t need to spend money to use my own brain, well I sort of do, but it’s a far better form of subscription called ‘FOOD’. If the day comes though that I need to acquire some form of mobile music playback device, I could just buy an iPod (correctly punctuated I, Pod), I don’t need to buy the latest iPhone (I, Phone), even more so as there will be an even more latest but technically exactly the same as the previous model iPhone released within a year from the release of the previous model of the previously stated device, and then every year from that point on from the release of the original iPhone.


“What about Apps, they’re useful” Yes, the number of times I have been on a train thinking; ‘I wonder how loud this train is’ or times I’ve been shopping to suddenly have the thought; ‘I wonder what my hand looks like through an x-ray (even though, if the phone was actually performing an x-ray on me or anyone else, it would be producing a lot of radiation and could give the user and all those who use it regularly, radiation poisoning)’. No, I don’t need apps (applications is the correct word), there’s no real point to them as far as I can see, if you think you can convince me otherwise, please leave a comment. As for games, I have the use of several video game consoles and my PC with Steam and GOG games on it. I have no need or urgent desire to play Happy Pigeons or Malicious Falcons or Lethargic Budgies or whatever it’s called or EA’s long overdue but extremely bad attempt to make money on one of the Greatest PC Games in history. If I want to play games while on the move I could use my 3DS, but at the moment I am content reading books.

Nintendo 3DS

I simply don’t need a smartphone, I just don’t, and if smartphones were so “smart”, why can’t they tap dance?

Dial Phone


TV Ad Meltdown 11 – Duracell Bunny Playing The Drums

17 03 2014


This advert proves nothing as all of those gorillas as well as the bunny are Computer Generated Images. If they were actual toys with Duracell batteries in, then the advert would could easily state the point it is trying to make.

Hang on…..Gorillas playing the drums; what does that remind me of?

There’s something else as well isn’t there?

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood


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