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23 04 2014
Steve Haywood

I’d say yes, it is definitely worth watching. Nothing like Lord of the Rings at all really, other than the fact that they’re both fantasy, Lord of the Rings is a very straightforward, morally unambiguous fantasy quest with elves and magic etc. and is PG rated or similar. Game of Thrones has no elves, no particularly noticeable magic, is very morally ambiguous, 18 rated and with lots of ‘adult theme’. Not to say that’s a good thing necessarily, just that it is very, very different to Lord of the Rings. My wife really enjoys Game of Thrones, but didn’t like the Lord of the Rings films.

Season 1 on its own is available on Amazon for £16, or get a Now TV Entertainment subscription. £5 a month, no contract or tie in period, and you get all three previous series of Game of Thrones, plus season 4 episode by episode as it is show on Sky.

23 04 2014

Thank you Steve, my dad recently got the first series on DVD, so I might just wait until I can get a watch of it on my own.

23 04 2014
The Colclough

if it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one who hasn’t seen any of it – i haven’t either.

11 06 2014
Breaking Bad Is Awesome | Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] may remember several weeks ago I did a post on me not seeing Game of Thrones yet, and I still haven’t. Well since then I have got round to seeing another show that I hadn’t […]

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