A-Ford-Able Riddle

17 04 2016

Model T Ford

I was a glorified chariot,

But with no horse.

I came mostly in black,

But did at one point have a choice.

I was one of many,

But can you guess what I am?

Ford Model T

GENEPOOL (I think I made it a bit obvious with the title, and the image).


North And South

16 04 2016

Great British Flag

Milking the cow,

Reaping the grain,

But for why I don’t know how,

I continue with this strain.

Not enough money,

To feed my family,

If circumstances could differ,

Behind a desk I would prefer.



15 04 2016


Beauty of the cat in the snow,

With fur so fluffy and long,

But extinction is not always slow.

A body that follows a river flow,

And teeth as sharp as a razor,

But extinction is not always slow.

A weapon that can give and take a blow,

Can run fast for its size,

But extinction is not always slow.

With legs that can take a bow,

And teeth that can strip a branch bare,

But extinction is not always slow.

A hide that looks like an old TV show,

More for protection or to stay hidden,

But extinction is not always slow.

But for some it does not occur!



14 04 2016


In walked the opponent,

His eyes glaring,

The audience cheering.

He walked down the ramp,

And into the waiting ring,

Awaiting the ding.

First a blurry of fists,

Tenderising him like he was chops of lamb,

Before connecting with the slam.

One, Two Three it was over,

The champion with the belt held high,

Before waving the crowd goodbye.



13 04 2016


A life filled with anger and rage,

Channelled through the barrel of a gun,

Like an animal in a cage,

About to be set free and have some fun.

A world filled with danger,

It can be easy to take a knock,

Like the reliability of an old banger,

Or a hole in a sock.

A youth so sterile,

A life so safe,

But maturity brings peril,

So hard to dodge the strafe,

No mercy, remorse or piety,

From a world filled with cruelty!


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