Top 5 Joke End Of The World Scenarios

20 12 2012

Nagasaki Explosion in 1945

It is more than likely that you know that the 21st December 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world, well, that’s according to people who think that. Well, it is more than likely that it won’t happen and a lot of people will be upset (especially the ones who have not bought Christmas Presents yet, have spent a lot of money preparing for the date and those who have given up their jobs). but on the plus side there will be some growth on the employment side thanks to those people who left their jobs, a lot of vacancies will be filled up on the 22nd of December.

There are several reasons why the world probably won’t end, one of these is the fact that no-one has any ideas how it will. Usually when it comes to one of these things there is at least a popular idea but this time there are several ideas which makes the whole idea even more un-likely. The second reason is that this is not the first time the world is supposed to end. Apparently this one was originally supposed to happen in 1998 or something and was postponed, who remembers The Millenium? The Millenium Bug? The Black Hole machine in Switzerland? Put your mind at ease because every time someone has predicted what day the world will end, they were wrong.

So I think we can have some fun with this whole thing. So here is some joke ideas I have come up with. So here is my Top 5 Joke End Of The World Scenarios:

Justin Bieber (2012)

5: Justin Bieber releases a Christmas Song – Alright this…………………….person has released a Christmas Song before. What I am talking about is if he releases a song that gets more views overnight than Gangnam Style has done over its entire YouTube lifetime. This would not necessarily end the entire world, but it would destroy the entire world of Music and the Music Industry.

Call Centre

4: Alien Salesmen – Alien Salesman from another world (obviously) come to our planet and don’t stop putting magazines that we have no interest in and knocking on our doors asking if they can have their magazines back even though we have obviously lost them (hang on a minute). They will also not stop calling us and asking if we would like PPI (hang on a minute) and ask us if we would be alright to participate in a questionnaire (hang on a minute). They will also not stop calling us and telling us that there maybe a problem with the computer and try to take some of our money (hang on a minute). This may have already started. Well, if any of this increases in activity we know that the Alien Salesmen have landed.


3: Attack of the Giant T-Shirts – The world is attacked by an army of Giant T-Shirts, it’s that simple, people may be able to fight back but unless people could find the source of the T-Shirts are stopped it could be the End of the World. The Giant T-Shirts must be stopped.


2: The Recession and Credit Crunch is solved overnight – Yes, all of the worlds money problems are solved and Employment is back on a positive up (constantly) and the world is back to how it was back in 2007 (What a Fantastic Year). While this will obviously be a Fantastic Thing the sheer amazement and positive attitudes of everyone will cause their heads to explode. The financial situation will need to be fixed sooner or later but not literally overnight (I don’t think the world can handle it, if it happened over the course of 7 days the human mind should be able to cope).

Big Brother Logo (Channel 5)

1: All Reality TV Shows are Cancelled – While this may not sound so bad, it is the plot of A story I plan to write. Think Day of the Triffids but worse and not the walking dead but the walking Chav. Basically, without Big Brother or Towie (stupid name) or I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Made in Chelsea, all the Chavs have nothing to talk about and go through a process where they become mindless Zombies (or the Walking Chav as previously mentioned). If this were to become reality it would be terrifying. So let us be thankful that TV Shows like the ones previously mentioned (I don’t watch them because they are all RUBBISH, I do watch The Apprentice though) are around to prevent this End of the World Scenario.

So with the 21st of December just a few hours away let us remember that it is more than likely that the World is not going to end on the 21st. So let us put our minds at ease and remember that none of the things previously stated have happened, Yet (Mysterious end hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). Now let’s think about something more positive and completely off topic.

Seven Samurai.


The Best Film I have seen this Year

(Film that I have not seen before that is)

If you have not watched it yet, WHY NOT?

GENEPOOL (One further note, I do not listen to the Music of Justin Bieber either, wait until he is 25 and then he probably won’t be as popular)

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