Starting Over

27 07 2016

Rizzoli and Isles

Back in May, I hit a low point. For personal reasons I will not discuss what exactly was making me low, but in order for me to give this blog some meaning, I just needed to point that out. Anyway, I got low, one day I was really, really down, ended up wasting the whole day, not accomplishing or doing anything. There were games on my Laptop that I just did not want to play. There was some writing I just did not want to write, and on TV, there was nothing I wanted to watch. I had a whole load of shows to watch on catch-up, but just did not want to watch anything, even the shows I was really enjoying. Since then I have managed to reach up and get out of my low point, but one consistency remained; that of me not wanting to watch anything I had recorded on TV.


I have come to the point that currently, there is nothing worth watching on TV. I have sort of grown out of Holby City, I am several seasons behind Arrow, The Strain is not back until roughly September, Top Gear is Dead!, and Robot Wars has no start date yet (at time of writing). Even though there are still shows on that I enjoy such as Castle, and a little bit of Quantico, I just have no interest in watching anything on TV at the moment. Basically I am bored and disinterested. I suppose I could watch Game of Thrones but first I need to get permission off my Dad to watch them.

I do not know if it’s just that time of year or something, but right now, there just appears to be nothing on TV. Perhaps it’s my mood or disinterest, but right now TV just feels empty, if it wasn’t for Rizzoli and Isles repeats, new episodes of Bob’s Burgers and new episodes of The Big Bang Theory (and apparently New Girl is to return soon too). A few weeks backs though I got some help from a new friend at church. I told him all about the above, and he told me what I needed to do. That was to find something new. Well, I think I have found it, but I wouldn’t exactly call it new.

Breaking Bad Season 1 Poster

A few weeks ago, I took some old DVD’s and games into CEX in Lancaster and got some stuff in return. My plan there was to look out for something in particular. I got some Bill Bailey Stand up DVD’s, some PS3 Games, a copy of the fifth season of Breaking Bad (having trading in the previous 4), but most of all, I got he first season of Arrow. Arrow is not exactly new to me, I have in fact been something of a fan of the show since it first started, but there was a complication. You see, when it first started I did manage to watch the first whole series and I really enjoyed it. So, I waited for and watched the first few episodes of season 2, then something bad happened. I don’t remember the full way round of the details, but the episodes were recorded on a machine, but then I think the machine got corrupted (possibly thanks to some episodes of The Tudors), and the machine was swapped, therefore I lost all the episodes of Arrow season 2 I had not watched yet. I put on a record for the other episodes, but after a while it became obvious I was not going to catch up effectively. So I deleted them and instead planned to purchase season 2 when it got released on DVD. Then however, when it did get released, it was pretty expensive, so I decided to wait until it dropped in price. Meanwhile season 3 had begun, and by the time that I did get a copy of Season 2 (nearly a year ago now), Season 3 was done with 4 on the way. As you can see I have fallen really far behind. In the meantime, season 2 on DVD has remained unwatched while over the last few weeks I have gazed too and throw at season 4’s episodes.


It’s always been a plan of mine to get back into it, but I never could work out how, until I came up with a plan. The plan was to start from the beginning. Get a copy of Season 1 on DVD, watch that, then Season 2 and beyond. And so far (at time of writing), it appears to be working. I have watched the first episodes of season 1 and am able just to sit down and enjoy them one after another, no worrying about what will happen or anything like that, just plain old enjoyment of a TV program. Currently I do not know if it will last, if I will be able to enjoy Arrow to the full, or if I will hit another low point and not want to watch it anymore. But, I may as well enjoy it while it lasts, and then find something else to watch when it is all over.

GENEPOOL (suppose it will keep me going until the rumoured X-Men TV Series comes along, not unless it turns out to be like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Uninteresting).

The Strain Is Back……….Sort Of

19 08 2015

The Strain (FX Productions - 2014)

Last September/October, a new TV series from FX began airing on UK channel Watch. The first episode was terrifying and scary but left an incredible impression on me. Through the next 12 Episodes I was gripped by the show’s setting, story, ideas and characters from start to finish. I just could not get enough, watching each episode when I could. But like many TV Shows, it had to end, but a Second Series was announced, so all I had to do was wait for the next series to begin. Well, nearly a year later, next week in fact; The Strain is back on TV……….sort of. The Second series has already begun showing in America, so it shouldn’t be too long until that is shown in the UK. Just over a week ago a trailer was aired on Watch saying that The Strain returns on the 26th August (when I am on holiday, but the series link record is already set up). When I looked however, it just appeared to be the pilot episode being shown, which probably means that they are going to show the first series again before the second series airs. Pity about that, but anyway you are probably wondering; “What is The Strain?”

Based on the book series of the same name by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, The Strain is about a terrifying new virus which slowly builds to become one of the most deadly and contagious disease strains in the history of mankind. A strain that turns people into Vampires. These Vampires have one major physical difference however in a very long, muscular tongue which they use to suck out people’s blood, and possibly turn them into Vampires too. The series stars Corey Stoll as Dr. Ephraim ‘Eph’ Goodweather; a lead agent for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), who after investigating a strange disease discovered on board a plane gets caught up in a plan to resurrect an ancient disease, one that could spell the end of all human life. In his attempts to prevent it, he is joined by CDC agents Dr. Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro) and Jim Kent (Sean Astin). Meanwhile, the attempts to resurrect this virus has not gone completely unnoticed, as pawn shop owner Professor Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley) has knowledge and history of this, and begins the fight to eradicate it as soon as possible. As the series goes on however, things get bad very quickly, and before you know it, Manhattan soon begins to turn ever more quickly into blood sucking Monsters, all led by the Mysterious Master (Robert Maillet and Robin Atkin Downes).


As the series builds, more characters are introduced, such as Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand); a New York exterminator who begins to grow ever more suspicious about what is hiding in the sewers and Dutch Velders (Ruta Gedmintas); a computer hacker. Meanwhile, on the opposing side, there is Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde); a business tycoon who finances the operation to get the strain released, and Thomas Eichhorst (Richard Sammel), a former Nazi German Prison Camp officer who has a history with Setrakian, but is also The Master’s supposed number 2. And while all this is going on, there is an ex-con by the name of Gus (Miguel Gomez) who is soon beginning to realize there is more going on than what people are telling him.


Since the first episode I have been hooked. I really do like this TV series. At the time it first came on I was watching Breaking Bad on DVD, but since this started, I turned my attention towards The Strain. I have been saying for years that my Favourite show on TV at the moment has been Rookie Blue (although my attention on that has gone more towards Castle this year), but right now I consider The Strain as the best TV show on at the moment. It is interesting, yet scary. It has really interesting characters (I particularly like the character of Dutch) and a story that just continues to open up and be explored as it continues. It has some terrifying moments and really scary creatures as well as a creepy but cool opening intro and theme from Ramin Djawadi.


While the show has started airing its second series in the US, I take this as a note that the second series is not far from being shown in the UK. While I am a little annoyed that I still have to wait some time to watch the Second Season, I am still happy that I have the opportunity to watch the First Series all over again, starting with the Awesome Pilot Episode; Night Zero, Directed by Guillermo Del Toro himself. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on your sky box or whatever you watch TV on these days, set a record for The Strain on Watch beginning next week, watch the first series if you haven’t already and get set for the Magnificent return; of The Strain.


Breaking Bad Is Awesome

11 06 2014

Breaking Bad Season 1 Poster

You may remember several weeks ago I did a post on me not seeing Game of Thrones yet, and I still haven’t. Well since then I have got round to seeing another show that I hadn’t seen yet. That show is Breaking Bad, and I Love It. Now for those of you who have failed to notice this show, which does seem extremely unlikely as it has been talked about more than any show on TV at the moment, here is a brief explanation of what the show created by Vince Gilligan is about.

Breaking Bad Titles

Basically this bloke called Walter White played by Bryan Cranston is struggling chemistry teacher who is finding it hard to support his pregnant wife Skylar played by Anna Gunn and physically challenged son Walter Jr. played by RJ Mitte. Then when he gets a diagnosis confirming he has terminal lung cancer he decides to go to extremes to provide money for his family after he dies. He does so by cooking Crystal Meth with his former student Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul. Simple? No! You see, Walters brother-in-law Hank played by Dean Norris is a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Agent who is slowly on the pursuit of some new players in town, but has no idea that they are Walt and Jesse. And in turn he is held back by his seemingly stupid and more selfish wife Marie played by Betsy Brandt. So with the stage now set, it is up to Walter under the pseudonym Heisenberg to cook and sell crystal meth while not only trying to evade the law and other dangerous people in the criminal underworld, but also hide the truth from his suspecting family. Will he succeed, who knows (apart from everyone who worked on and everyone who has already seen the show)?

With that out of the way, let’s move on. Yes, it did take me some time to watch the show as it wasn’t really on TV but on the computer instead, and as Netflix sounds like too much a commitment to just watch one show, I decided to watch the show via the amazing world of DVD’s. So I took the gamble of watching a show that I had known about for some years. I first heard about the show back when it first appeared on Five US in the UK with an advert, but I didn’t really watch it. But over the years I have been interested in reading the backs of the dvd’s to see what it is like, but it was not until very recently that I decided to give it a go. So I ordered the first season on DVD from Amazon (who do own Netflix) and sat down to watch it.


I was pleasantly surprised. It’s unlike other TV shows as it really does solve every question. You begin with the first episode but instead of Walt’s idea just happening, his partner really does question him about why he wants to do it. Then when things heat up and cause more stuff to happen, the characters go round to solve it, things aren’t just swept under the carpet, they remain and the characters do have to live with the consequences of their actions as well as deal with them. It is through this that the show gets you gripped; so much so that you have no idea how long things have been going on for until you take a glance at the time. It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off the screen. This human nature side is not just related to the drugs side of the show though, but to the family and friends aspect also with issues in the family arising all the time from things like keeping secrets to money problems as well as the odd subject here and there.

Breaking Bad Main Cast

But there are also elements of comedy too as well as moments where generally nice moments happen as well as the in deep interesting parts, like the chemistry and money-making moments to the comedic but stressed relationship between Walt and Jesse as well as Hank and Marie, and Skylar…..and Marie. Then there are moments of violence, a lot of violence but it is a violent criminal world. So while both violent and dangerous there is a lighter side to all this but it is the human side of the show where the real action takes place. It also has a great opening title sequence.

At the time of writing this I have only reached midway or so of the second series, But I am enjoying it, a lot and aim to continue watching it until either it ends, or it starts getting boring. I like the character Jane played by Krysten Ritter, she has only appeared briefly but already appears to be a strong character and look forward to more appearances from her, and there is also the constant appearance from a Pink Teddy Bear. As for those who have yet to see it as well, I really do recommend it, At the moment I would say it’s quite easily one of my top 5 Favourite American TV Series, at around about the second, possibly first mark, but it has to compete with 24, which is also another Awesome TV Show.

24 (Fox - 2001)


24 (TV series)

My Top 5 Favourite American TV Shows

14 01 2013


Since I was very young I have TV and I still watch it to this day. Like many people I have watched many different shows and have my Favourites. Choosing my Top 5 Favourite TV shows would be quite difficult but there are some I would instantly think of; like Top Gear. Since 2000 and beyond I have got into many American TV Series. In terms of major TV series that appear on the Box, it is the American shows that concentrate on the Drama side that dominate the Market and since 2000 they have produced some of the Best TV shows around. I have always said what my Top 5 TV Series were over and over again to my friends and family. So I thought I would share this list with you too, now while this is my Top 5 favorite American TV Series, do not think that these are my TOP 5 Favourite TV Shows overall, because as the Blog Title says, it is My Top 5 Favourite American TV Series but more in the way of Drama TV Series. In a way you could think of this as a British Perspective of these shows, so let’s get a move on: (CBS - 2005)

5. Numb3rs – After reading that title you can probably see where the name of my blog title comes from (well you need to be creative when all the names you want are taken). I was introduced to Numb3rs in 2007 when I was on holiday with my family in Holland. I heard about the show on a channel I was watching and I stayed up to watch what was the first 2 episodes of series 2. Numb3rs is by far the best crime show on Television. While I do like shows like New Tricks and Taggart (From Alex Norton to Present), Numb3rs stands out for me. For a short period in my life it made Maths both interesting and fun. From the point I watched those two episode in holland to its eventual end I have been a fan of the show from beginning to end (even though I have not seen much of series 4 thanks to scheduling). Thoroughly enjoyable.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (The WB - 1997)

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer – When Buffy first came on in the UK, I did not really take notice. It’s content and sound made it sound nasty, gruesome, terrifying and scary. So I did not take a notice of it really, to begin with. Eventually the show found its way from prime time BBC TWO to daytime showings on SKY ONE. To begin with I still did not take much notice but overtime (thanks to-day offs from school because of illness and other stuff) I watched the odd episode every now and again. As time would pass I would get into the odd episode and would look forward to the next episode. On some occasions when it was being repeated I would watch some episodes I had already seen again just because I liked the episode. However it was not until one year ago when SYFY were showing some episodes back to back on a nightly basis that I really got into the series. I stayed up during the christmas break to watch almost the whole of Series 6 (I finally got to see the end of the storyline where Willow goes bad). During this past summer I watched Buffy in the mornings everyday, so in a way the show helped me get through a period when I was ill from Shingles. So in a period of about a year I became a huge fan of one of the Greatest TV Series in the history of Television, so much so that Yesterday I bought a box-set of all 7 series of the show. A Truly Fantastic Show.

Blade The Series Cast (Spike - 2006)

3. Blade: The Series – Based on the Marvel Comic Character and connected with the Film Series. The show only had one series, but what a series. Every Monday the show would be on Bravo and I had it recorded (because it was late) and so every Tuesday morning I would check the video (Yes, Video) to see what happened and then would watch the episodes later on. For the entire period the show was on for, it was Amazing. Fantastic Cast, Fantastic Story, Fantastic Action, Fantastic Music, Everything Fantastic. While it still only had one series I still hope that one day it will receive the second series that it deserves, (maybe I should do it, I am learning Screenwriting at University). The Best TV Show of 2007, and that is a fact.

Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi - 2004)

2. Battlestar Galactica – Not the original series, I am talking about the recent re-imagining of the classic TV Series. While it did take time to get into the series, I am glad that I pursued it. Over 4 Fantastic Series the war between Humans and the Cylons developed while also looking at the political side of a civilization drifting through space. With more characters than fingers on your hands and toes on your feet put together, it was thoroughly enjoyable. While every episode in the original series had a battle almost every week this one did not, but when one happened, it did not disappoint. However the more political side and navigation of the fleet were the main highlights in my opinion. The original series had the look of Heroism about it with the Humans winning every time, which is a surprise when they are supposed to be running away. While in this series almost every battle was costly and so tactics were required as well as keeping the other defenseless ships safe from the raw power of the Cylons but also because they’re in space, how do they keep the general population happy. All together it is a well written, well planned and thought out, incredible piece of Television.

24 (Fox - 2001)

1. 24 – What else was it going to be. I did not start watching until series 2 (the best series of 24) but have been a massive fan since then. Over the course of 8 series 24 just kept giving. It was like an action movie on telly. But it was not just action, it had great stories, great twists and turns that kept you guessing. It had characters which you could both believe in and connect to. The show’s intro, the famous digitized number 24, it showed impact and action but was short and sweet, it got straight to the point and allowed the show to start immediately. It starred Great actors like Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert. It had great scenes of Action and Politics along with the Tensions of Personal Life and pieces of Shock and Tragedy. It is easy to forget about how Great the show was now that it is not on TV anymore (a film is planned) but when you get to watch it again you won’t want to stop. By far it is the Best American TV Series and one of the Greatest TV Shows in Television History, and if you don’t believe me, it’s obvious that you have not seen it.


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