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31 12 2012

2012 Blog

Another year has passed and as many people prepare for a new year I am looking into the past and looking back at my blog highlights of this past year. It has been a big year for my blog this year. I have a new record for most views in a day (201 views), I reached a major milestone as I reached an overall viewing figure of 25,000 views and One of my posts reached a major milestone as it became the first post I have done to reach 1000 views. In terms of my blogs I have also written both my 150th and 200th posts. It has been a Great Blogging Year and I would like to thank everyone who comes here to read my posts and continue to support my blog, Thank You.

Now, just like I did last year I will once again  be showing  you my Top 5 Blog Posts (My Personal Favourites that I have written) from this past year. Also I will be telling you my favourite blogs and blog posts this year from all around the World Wide Web. So firstly here are my Top 5 Personal Favourite Blog Posts from this past year:

Virgin vs FirstGroup (Pendolino and Networker Express)

5: Virgin vs FirstGroup – I wrote this one back in September during the whole fiasco between Virgin Trains and FirstGroup. I enjoyed writing this one a lot because it is about trains which is something I like and use quite a lot but also because I wanted to point out what the real issue was about this whole issue, The Trains. A train Company is not a train company without trains and so I did some analysis work and suggested some ideas for FirstGroup about what trains they could/should use. I don’t know if anyone at FirstGroup or Virgin read the post but I enjoyed writing it anyway.

Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (Toho Co., Ltd. - 1994)

4: Space Impression From Space – Don’t be confused by the title, this was a Film review I did for a Godzilla FIlm. This post was for the film Godzilla VS SpaceGodzilla in which Godzilla fights a space mutation of himself. Even though the idea was a bit silly and parts of the film were a bit silly too, it was a very enjoyable film and writing the post was enjoyable too. while this was not the only Godzilla film I reviewed this year, this is the one I enjoyed doing the most.


3: My Top 10 Favourite (NON-GODZILLA) Films – Yes, Because I am a massive Godzilla fan I need to Top 10 lists for films. My Actual Top 10 Favourite Films and My top 10 Favourite Non-Godzilla Films (For everything else). Making this list was a lot of fun as I had a look through all my favourite films to get 10 films (if you want to know where they may appear after my actual top 10 list, add roughly 20-29 to the number they are). While I will recommend films that are not on the list that is because it was quite hard coming up with 10 films overall. So after a lot of hard work I managed it and there are 10 films that are all Fantastic, I Guarantee it.

The Hunger Games (Lionsgate - 2012)

2: A Nice Film That Will Be Hard To Beat – In March I saw one of the most Amazing films in the history of Cinema. After a stressful couple of months I was able to wind back by watching a film at the cinema that I both had not seen coming or had any idea what it was about, that film was The Hunger Games. After seeing this I went to the University Library and wrote up the review for the film in just over an hour. The following day I posted it online as well as went into town and bought the book (and then the other two 5 days later). Because of both How much I enjoyed the film and writing the review I didn’t want this to be a standard review. So this became the first film to use the current format for film reviews that I do (Paragraphs with pictures and a trailer). I like this new format so much that I actually want to re-review some films I have previously done. This was also the first time that I did my links in Bold Black Italic Writing so it blends more into the text. Both a Fantastic Film and an Enjoyable post to write.

Seven Samurai (Toho Co., Ltd. - 1954)

1: Akira Kurosawa’s Masterpiece – The Hunger Games was not the only Fantastic Film tha I saw this year. In May I saw one of the greatest masterpieces in cinema history and as a result of that it introduced me to one of the Greatest Directors in the history of Cinema. The director was Akira Kurosawa and the film was Seven Samurai. Since then I have been buying and watching many more of his great films but to me this is his masterpiece and one of the best films I have seen to date. The post was incredibly enjoyable to write and I both hope that people enjoyed reading it and have since gone on to buy and watch the film. An Incredible, Enjoyable Experience and that is a reason more than any to why this is my Favourite Post this year.

Now that I have said what My personal favourites are here is my Top 5 favourite Blog posts from other people (this will be in a brief format, just so that I won’t spoil the post for you):


5: Pathfinding – For the second year in a row my former tutor is in this list. Here he shows us how to make a little AI piece with pathfinding. It kind of reminds me of something he was going to do in our class where everyone was going to be represented by blobs and then would fight each other (Yes Ant, I have not forgotten).

Battle Proof

4: Battle of the Battle-Proof Thingies – An interesting post from Matt while answering a question from Tim. I wonder if he read my last comment?


3: “Godzilla vs. Biollante” Coming December 4 – One of many posts announcing the arrival of Godzilla vs Biollante on Blu-ray. This announcement was massive news.


2: Nagoya Castle To Be Destroyed Again? – A very interesting post talking about the history of one of Japan’s most amazing buildings as well as recent ideas to knock it down and rebuild it as it should be.

Sam's Fault

1: This Is All Sam’s Fault – Another post from my friend Matt as he shows that on three occasions I have recommended films to him and he has liked all three. So, when I say a film is Good and tell you to buy it, BUY IT AND WATCH IT HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO WATCH A FILM BEFORE YOU GO AND WATCH IT. Thank’s Matt (Best Blog Post this year)

So, now we move onto the Best Blog Award (apart from mine obviously). Here are the Top 5 Best Blogs I have read this year (once again in a brief format):

Ant's Blog

5: Ant’s Blog – Ant’s blog this year has still been very interesting with many little pieces of flash work to try for yourself, unfortunately I do not have flash so I cannot participate.

Tim's Blog

4: Tim’s Blog – A blog from a friend of my friend Matt. I first found out about this blog as part of the FIrst 12 of 2012 challenge (Where I came second). Some very interesting posts all year round. Thanks Tim.


3: The Jimquisition – More like a video series on the Escapist. I discovered this a few months ago and have enjoyed it quite a lot. I sometimes look it up just listen to the Fantastic Opening Theme.

Sam's Fault

2: Matt’s Blog – Matt has produced more and more fantastic Posts this year with subjects including his new Animation series Papercuts as well as points of general Interest. Keep up the Excellent work Matt (We need to do another blogging challenge soon) – Second Place two years in a row.

Godzilla Blog

1: Godzilla 2012 – Once again this blog takes the top spot. An interesting blog and my usual first source on Godzilla news. Congratulations (Best Blog Overall this year).

Well that was my blogging year for 2012. I hope you have all enjoyed visiting, viewing, watching and reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing, producing and publishing it. I hope you all have a had a Great Year and have a Fantastic New Year and I hope that you will come back soon for more High quality blog posts. Thankyou.

GENEPOOL (This is the end of Postaweek2012. Let Postaweek2013 Begin)

Random Alphabet Quiz

9 02 2012

Random Alphabet Quiz

Inspired by something I saw on Matt’s Blog I have decide to do a Quiz for my blog but with a difference, all the answers are in order of the Alphabet, in other words the answer to Question 1 begins with an A, Question 2 – B, Question 8 – H, Question 19 – S and Question 26 – Z. Just follow the quiz as it goes on and you should get the hang of it. Now the Quiz is going to be on different topics so instead of it being on just Music or TV or Godzilla it will be on different topics. Write your answers in order as a comment and then I will post up the Answers in about a month’s time, Enjoy.

  1. A comic book writer who wrote V for Vendetta?
  2. A type of instrument which has been used by Geezer Butler, Peter Hook and Gene Simmons?
  3. A fire type Pokémon that can fly?
  4. The name of the city featured in Blade The Series?
  5. A British Airline?
  6. The winning country of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest?
  7. A Japanese Monster with a shell?
  8. A 2010 Video Game for the PS3 which included a lot of water?
  9. A popular takeaway food in Britain?
  10. A British TV series starring Alan Davis?
  11. The second highest mountain on Earth?
  12. A British Stand-up Comedian?
  13. A Monster that has fought Godzilla 5 times?
  14. A brand of Instant Coffee?
  15. A type of fruit that is sometimes served with Duck?
  16. An Australian Drum and Bass Group who relocated to the UK in 2003?
  17. A type of mine?
  18. A French car manufacturer?
  19. A British Heavy Metal Band who have had 4 UK top 10 Albums?
  20. A form of transport that can be found in Nottingham and Manchester?
  21. A 2010 Film about trains?
  22. A Country that is famous for a War?
  23. An American Actress who has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards?
  24. A Morecambe based Professional Wrestling Company?
  25. A British Restaurant Chain which specialises in Japanese Food?
  26. A Black and White Animal?

Don’t forget to post your answers as a comment and then check back here in about a month’s time to see how well you did.


Theres a Mess on the Table – Arbitrary Stopframe no 1: Marker Pen

5 01 2012

Well one of my Commenters thought that a Film review of Arbitrary Stopframe would be quite fun to do So I thought I would review each one (But not in the same post). So Here is the First one; Marker Pen. 

Arbitrary Stopframe no 1: Marker Pen (M.C. Media - 2011)

Created by my Friend Matt Colclough this film is only a minute long and seeing as I did not have to pay a Cinema Ticket that is pretty Good. This film is the first in the series and really sets a tone for the series and also a first benchmark for the rest of the series.

The film involves a large orange creature with lots of eyes playing with a felt tip pen. He draws a few dots before the pen dries out. He shakes it and then bangs it on piece of paper on the table where the pen ink goes everywhere on the piece of paper. It then grows and grows. The creature then looks upset at what has happened. The film then ends.

The opening music is nicely written and the piano does give a nice light feel about the film especially as the creature becomes upset and you do feel a bit sorry for the creature and so when the Music by Timothy Johnston plays in it helps you to not feel too emotional. The Special effects are very Good but knows when to restrict itself so it does not spoil the effect (kind of like how Avatar does not restrict itself). It also has a Ray Harryhausen effect about it and so even though it does not look completely realistic it still has a nice effect about it. It’s like you forget about realism and just enjoy it as it is. The Paper effect is especially brilliant particularly as it flows out after the monster hits the paper. Even though it is a really short film it is an enjoyable film and an entertaining first film from this young Film Maker. I would really recommend this film and it will be interesting to see what this would be like (and some of the other films in the series) if they were at Feature Length. If you are the kind of person who likes this sort of thing who will really like this Film.



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