Random Alphabet Quiz 2 – Answers

13 07 2012

A few weeks ago I posted up another Random Alphabet Quiz. So you may be wondering what the answers were, so here they are.

  1. An Orange like fruit = Apricot
  2. What is by no means a system of Government = Strange Women Lying in Ponds Distributing Swords
  3. A Musical Instrument = Xylophone
  4. A Board Game with Small Green Houses = Monopoly
  5. An Irish Airline = Ryanair
  6. The 16th Book of The Bible = Nehemiah
  7. A British TV show hosted by Stephen Fry = QI
  8. A type of Boat = Yacht
  9. Nicholas Cage’s character in Con Air = Cameron Poe
  10. A Finalist in the King of the Monsters Tournament = Gigan
  11. One half of Morecambe and Wise = Ernie Wise
  12. The host city of the 2012 Olympics = London
  13. A Dinosaur that I did a post about = Iguanodon
  14. The Best Boxing Match that did not really happen = Haye vs Chisora
  15. The Creatures in Reign of Fire = Dragons
  16. Norwegian Currency = Krone
  17. A Film that I reviewed in March = The Hunger Games
  18. The Top Gear presenter who built a garden out of Plasticine = James May
  19. The Incompetent Economics Reporter for The Day Today = Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan
  20. A 2003 Channel 4 game show involving cars = Full Metal Challenge
  21. The London Tube can be found where = Underground
  22. A tropical country on the northern coast of South America = Venezuela
  23. A type of angle = Obtuse
  24. What does Missä miehet ratsastaa mean = Where The Men Ride
  25. A Song originally played by Budgie and released again by Metallica = Breadfan
  26. A Place where you can see animals = Zoo

So how many did you get right?


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