This Is Just Ridiculous!

27 04 2016

Gorgo (King Brothers Productions - 1961)

I like Monster Movies, that is a pretty well-known piece of information about me, and one I have discussed many a time here on this blog. I absolutely adore Giant Monster movies from works such as the obvious Godzilla, to the lesser known Gamera, and a whole host (pun not intended) of independent and mainstream Movie Monsters, I have a great passion for the subject. I will happily admit however, that I have not seen every Monster Movie; in fact I bet there are still some I have yet to hear of…..I think.

The Host (Showbox - 2006)

Of the films I know I have not seen include classic films like The Giant Claw, Reptilicus, Garuda, Yonggary and Gorgo to name but a few. It’s the case that some of these are not shown on TV all that much and some are hard to get on Home Media. Some of the time; such films do require a relative amount of interest and reminding myself about them when looking into what films to get for my collection, but on occasion, you will also get instances such as the Godzilla films not being readily available in the UK due to DVD region codes and International movie distributors. It is really annoying, especially when you are such a fan of these films, and it makes you wonder whether or not you’ll actually ever get to see them. One of the above mentioned films however I have discovered is similarly hard to get in a UK home media format, but saying that alone is just the chip of ridiculous.

Gorgo Monster

Released in 1961, Gorgo is a Giant Monster movie originally created to be a homage to the original Godzilla film. It was originally set in Japan, but eventually just got set in Britain. It features the storyline ideas of Sea Monster gets discovered and is put on display, only for that creature’s Mother to show up and cause a significant amount of damage. The film was produced using similar techniques to the Godzilla series including the use of Monster suits and miniature buildings. It is something of an icon to the Monster Movie genre as it is something very different, but also very standout, as the film’s effects and setting suggest a very realistic setting and monster (but that is about as far as my knowledge on the film goes). Even when you look at pictures of the Monster or even in the trailer, you see similarities to the Original Godzilla in the creature’s arrival, bobbing out of the water and rampaging through a yet to be polluted skyscraper skyline. Plus it’s also interesting to see a city other than one in Japan or America get trampled on for a change.

For the most part, my knowledge on this film only comes to the point of things I have seen and read. My first real attention came a few years ago when it was suggested that Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright was considering doing a remake. While anything has yet to come out, it did sound interesting enough to take a deeper look into the film. I still don’t know much, but that is likely to change once I have actually seen it, which is also why I am writing this post; because well, you’d think that a film made and set in Britain would be ready available in Britain wouldn’t you? Well, it’s not!

Godzilla 1954 DVD

When I looked on a couple of weeks ago for a copy, all I could find were a bunch of American imported DVD and Blu-ray copies. While this may not be an immediate issue for me as I am capable of watching such formats; I just found it absolutely ridiculous that a film set and made in this country, is somehow not readily available in this country. I was expecting this film to live up to a classical form, live up to being something you’d maybe find a rare copy of in HMV, something that you could find in nearly all major DVD shops in the UK of some size. I thought it would be a in a classic section with copies of the original Godzilla and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms nearby. You know what I mean? I just thought that all being well, such a film that is considered a classic Monster Movie, would have a status big enough for copies to exist in the country it was made in…..but it turns out that the answer to that is NO (or at least unknown)! And then there is the language issue. Despite once again being made in Britain, for some reason, the DVD copy of the film only comes in French Dubbing. It has English Subtitles, but in order to experience the English Dubbing (which I thought would have come as standard for a British Film), you have to buy the Blu-Ray copy. Why can’t it be the case with both, that both languages are available in both options? How bad must a DVD copy be that only one language is dubbed? Not saying there is anything wrong with the French language, I just don’t understand why the DVD copy does not come with English as well, if Amazon is to be believed!

Mini Rant over (I was originally writing this really tired at 2am in the morning after a celebratory night after being a runner-up in a story competition I entered), so, what to do? If I was really desperate to watch this film, I would probably just allow this one to slide, but due to how ridiculous this feels, I thought that as a British Monster Movie Fan, that it was something of a duty of mine to point out this near if not completely stupid situation…..then end up buying it in its current form eventually under the knowledge that my words are highly unlikely to change a thing, and just suck it up and give up! Why this film does not receive simple air-time in its own country is beyond me, surely this thing must’ve been shown on Film 4 or something at least once since it was made? Well, you can’t blame me for trying. In the end, I may like it when I get round to it, in the meantime though, it’s just a sad situation that when Britain does get its own Giant Monster, it has to live a life mostly outside his own country of birth, and speak a language not his own, it’s presence and existence relatively unknown to that country’s residents.

Gorgo Blu-ray


Why Did It Win So Many Awards? – Slumdog Millionaire

15 02 2012

A few months ago I gave my readers a chance to vote for which Film I review. The idea this time was to choose a film out of a selection of 4, 2 of which I liked and the other 2 were films I did not want to see. Well you chose a film I did not want to see and so here is the review of that film. Now I have always wondered why Slumdog Millionaire won so many awards when there were so many GOOD films in 2008 and after watching Slumdog Millionaire for this review I still wonder why it got so many awards because the film is actually quite dull.

The film starts off with a young man named Jamal Malik who is being questioned by police after he may have cheated on an Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This includes being tortured with electricity which seems to defy the laws of physics because I thought the current had to be touching/going through the floor in order to get an electric shock. Anyway he recounts events in his life which led to him knowing the answers because the police don’t think some person from the slums would know the answers. Events include getting an autograph of Amitabh Bachchan while covered in Poo, Escaping the Bombay Riots with his brother Salim after their mother gets killed, Meeting a girl called Latika, Becoming beggars and almost being blinded by a gangster, Life as merchants on a train as well as being fake tour guides for the Taj Mahal and stealing components from cars, Returning to Mumbai to find Latika and killing the gangster who tried to blind them and then Jamal’s separation from Salim and Latika after Salim gets a job with a rival gangster.

The story moves into the future with Jamal when he is 18 working at a call centre and locates his brother. He journeys to some buildings that have been built over their old slum and talks about not believing the fact that they lived there. Hang on, is this a film or a documentary. It is talking about the history of India but I thought this was supposed to be a film. It is obviously not a Docufilm because it is more drama than a documentary style. You could classify it as a Docudrama but that is as far as that goes. What was I talking about………. Oh Yes.  Well Jamal finds Latika and then persuades her to run away with him but she is stopped by Salim. So he goes onto Who Wants To Be a Millionaire in the hope she is watching it. Well the police decide to let him go back on the show and his Phone a Friend for the final question is Salim but Latika escapes with the help of Salim and answers the Call. She does not know but Jamal answers the final question (Who was the third Musketeer which was the big question throughout the film – I thought the third musketeer was D’Artagnan). He wins 20 Million Rupees, becomes a sensation around India and goes to the train station to see Latika, the film ends with a lot of Indian people dancing.

I was always under the Idea that this film was bad, possibly the worst film in the world but after watching it, it is not that bad, it is still a bad film and I would rather watch Lord of the Rubbish but not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The film’s soundtrack is quite interesting, the song Jai Ho sounds like Tally-ho, Only the British would make a song with the words Tally-ho in it but after reading it up I found out it is actually Jai Ho. Another song used is called Paper Planes which does explain where Marion got those lyrics from in that episode of Mongrels.

One of the major issues with this film is the subtitles; when people are speaking in Indian Subtitles appear around the screen for English people to read them. However the writing is in white on a coloured background for each character in a spot where there is a lot of light meaning that you have to pause the film so you can read it, I think I am right thinking you can’t do that at the Cinema.  If this was a proper subtitled film (like Japanese, Chinese and Korean Films) then the subtitles would appear at the bottom in white writing on a black background so you can read it without pausing. If the subtitles appear anywhere on-screen you have to spend time finding them before you can read them and so you don’t have much time to do that either.

The idea of 20 Million Rupees does remind me of a sketch from Goodness Gracious Me.

Overall this film is quite Dull, not much happens in it and it does have a few (subtitles) problems but the music makes up for it. You can get into this film a bit but the most enjoyable part is the credits rolling because that is when the film ends. It may depend on what you like in a film but there were a lot of better films in 2008 (Iron Man, Cloverfield, Tropic Thunder, 10,000 BC, Meet the Spartans, Quantum of Solace and The Dark Knight) that should have got the awards for things like Best Picture. Overall it is not a bad film, it is a dull film. Maybe next time I do a film poll I will fill it with films I actually like, I have done that once before.


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