I Remember the 1990’s – Part 2: A Quick Look At Television Shows

8 10 2010

Hello, it’s time for another look back at a simpler time, a time when the news was the only reality TV show and mobile phones were never around, it was peaceful.

I remember TV shows from the 1990’s, OK I was only a boy and watched only the children’s TV but it was the best. Back then we didn’t have the Stupid Fimbles, Hoobs, Rolly Mo Show and best of all Balamory wasn’t on. We had Play Days, a show where every week day it was a different stop with proper characters like Poppy the Cat, Peggy Patch, Mr Jolly, Dave Benson Phillips and my favourite Why Bird. It was fun, the Fimbles replaced it. We had better than Fimbles, We had Teletubbies (Yes it started in the 1990’s). We had the proper version of Postman Pat when he drove a red van and not a submarine or helicopter. Every time he drove over a bridge the gears would pack in. He was the only person in the Royal Mail who never went on strike. It was in a small village, it was entertaining. The BBC has ruined Postman Pat. We had children’s shows on Saturdays as well with Live and Kicking, which included the highly brilliant Trev and Simon. Noel’s House Party (OK it’s adults as well but it was GOOD TV).

We had:

  • Chucklevision (When are the Chuckle Brothers going to get Knighthoods)
  • How 2,
  • The Really Wild Show before it went bad,
  • Get Your Own Back (with Dave Benson Phillips),
  • Smart,
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (before it went Rubbish)
  • Art Attack
  • Rugrats
  • Number Time
  • Words and Pictures
  • Look and Read (including Through the Dragons Eye and The Legend of the Lost Keys)
  • It’s a Mystery
  • Blue Peter before it became rubbish,
  • Games Master
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Rerelease’s of Stingray
  • Rerelease’s of Captain Scarlett
  • Rerelease’s of Thunderbirds
  • Aquila
  • Bad Influence
  • Miami 7 (S Club 7 TV Show)
  • Repeats of Wacky Races
  • Ocean Odyssey
  • ReBoot
  • Knightmare
  • Sesame Street
  • Newsround (That actually gave us the News)
  • Crystal Maze
  • Gladiators (the good 1990’s one, the recent one was terrible)
  • Fun House (whole load of fun, prizes to be won)
  • Robot Wars
  • Byker Grove
  • Sooty and Co (When is Sooty going to get a Knighthood)
  • (I will update the list when I remember more stuff)

My 2 Personal Favourites were The Demon Headmaster and Roger and the Rotten Trolls. During the 1990’s we also had some repeats of the Original and much Better Doctor Who.

Back in the 1990’s there was no Bad Language or Swear words on TV. If you said bad Language or used a Swear word you would get told off. I remember when there was no Holby City, One Show, Strictly Come Rubbish and Big Bother. I remember when the X Factor was an ingredient in Washing up Powder. TV chefs were more interesting in the 1990’s, we had The Two Fat Ladies. I remember what Casualty looked like in the early 1990’s.

If you were a show off you could watch stuff on the Sky Channels. It was easy to tell who the Sky Show-offs were because they had Black Bin Lids outside their house (or satellite TV as it is known).

Adverts were plain and simple, the adverts didn’t involve breaking into people’s houses just to show them how Vanish Cleaner works, and there was no Cillit Bang coin cleaner. In the early 90’s there was no Churchill Dog. We didn’t have people talking about saving the Environment or artificial flavours and colourings. We had cylinder shaped Smartie tubes. We had Ronseal door paint that did exactly as it said on the tin. We had washing up powder that cleaned all colours and not just whites. We had honest adverts that did not need celebrity endorsement. If they wanted to sell something they just told us plain and simple, and just before Christmas we saw the TOYS R US adverts. Skittles Encouraged us to Taste The Rainbow. One of my favourite adverts was the original Coca Cola Trucks advert. The first Bacardi Breezer advert was good and had a bit of fun in it.

The 1990’s was a Golden Age for TV, an Age that may never happen again.

As said before I will probably update this one when I remember more stuff.


I Remember the 1990’s Part 1 https://numb3r5s.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/i-remeber-the-1990s-part-1/

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Off Topic: Last Week I started University (Teesside University, Middlesbrough, University of the Year).

I Remember The 1990’s – Part 1: Time To Look Back

24 09 2010

Welcome to the First part in a series Where I Reminisce about the 1990’s. A time when the world was at peace, only show offs had Sky and Mobile Phones, The Internet was exciting, there was only 3 political parties, Big Brother didn’t Exist, Plasters healed Everything, Going to the toilet was funny and the only thing on my mind was getting home quick enough to watch Cartoons, (technically I am Reminiscing about my child hood but it happened during the 1990’s and I will be mentioning other 1990’s stuff as well).

This is the First Part in how many I decide to do because I haven’t planned these out, it’s all random what I am talking about.

This time I want to give a summary of what the 1990’s was like and go into detail of these things at a later time. So sit back and relax as we look back at the 1990’s

Yes, The 1990’s was the time of your life, Life was excellent, the news was the only Reality TV show on the TV, Children’s Television was Enjoyable, Plasters Healed Everything, The Mobile Phone was only used by Rich Show-offs and so the world was a lot more quiet.

Back then School was the thing you dreaded the most, You didn’t want to go, You tried to sleep in to avoid it, you didn’t like maths and the was only one computer in the classroom if at all, and the only thing to do on the computer was Paint. Playtime and free milk was the best part of school.

There was no such thing as Health and Safety, you could do want you wanted without having to fill in the Paperwork. Nowadays Plasters don’t heal everything, You need to first wash the wound, clean the wound, dry the wound, put cream on the wound, put a plaster on the wound, take a pain-killer and fill in the paperwork (or at least you do if you are at work or school).

Everyone has a walkie-talkie and is on it 24/7 with their new language that doesn’t make sense with those of us who use punctuation, it would be nice just to have 5 minutes of no mobile phone noises, just 5 minutes of peace.

Nowadays everyone uses bad language – constantly, is it too much to ask for just to have a conversation with someone without a swear word in it. You can only buy cards for people with rude jokes on, who wants to get a rude joke on their birthday or mother’s day or father’s day or Christmas and many other events. In the 1990’s Nobody used bad language and if they did they got told off, Not anymore.

Everyone starts saying odd words which they invented like LOL, WUU2, ATM, GR8 and many other odd things. Back in the 1990’s people talked proper words with punctuation.

Voting for political parties was easier because there was only 3 political parties, You didn’t care about the news, you didn’t read the newspaper.  The One Show didn’t irritate us every week day and Ballroom dancing was boring.

We had proper TV in the 1990’s with Robot Wars, The Demon Headmaster, Roger and the Rottentrolls, The Crystal Maze, Gladiators, Play days, Thomas the Tank Engine, Sooty, Chucklevision and many more.

Our toys were better, We had Tommy Trains, Lego, Meccano, Train Sets, Plasticine, Puppets, Cuddly Toys and Tamagotchi’s. Our imaginations would run wild, An empty card board box was a Train, a bottle of water was a plane or a rocket ship and we were the pilot.

Going on the train was exciting; going for a ride in the car was exciting.

Back in the 1990’s we didn’t recycle, we could just throw our rubbish in the bin.

I should end otherwise I won’t have much left for the rest of the series, So return soon for more reminiscing of the 1990’s.

Off-Topic: This week I am going  to University.


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