Pope’s Question

9 06 2012

A few weeks ago I was watching some Wrestling videos on YouTube and got really pumped up. I noticed the 10 questions thing that Tim and Matt were doing and fancied doing something like that but I already had some plans for June. What I did instead was ask 4 friends from Roothill and Tim (who I have not met) if they would like to ask me 1 question, OK, what I really said was this;

“After getting pumped up just now from watching lots of wrestling videos I have decided to do something extraordinary for next month. I am giving people the chance to ask me 1 question each. Now like the recent showdown between Matt and Tim you ask me a question and I will answer it in a post, However this does not work like the 10/20 questions because I don’t ask you any questions. This is a chance for you to ask a question to one of the most extraordinary minds on the internet (that’s the adrenaline kicking in)”

Today’s Question comes from the Pope (not the actual Pope, with a name like that he could be a Good professional Wrestler, oh I forgot there already is). His question was: “What do you see yourself doing in 20 years time (apart from being an expert on Minecraft)?”.

Well that is an interesting question but first I will address what it says about Minecraft. While I do like Minecraft I am taking some time off after a particularly bad experience a few weeks ago. I am currently planning my return and am thinking of building a new residence and becoming a Samurai Grand Master and train people on the server to become Samurai. I would like to finish off my Lighthouse and my Boxing Arena too. I also thought of organizing a battle between my new Samurai Castle (when built) and Tom’s Ice Castle. I also want to build a Hunger Games Arena, but for now I just want to get back into the state of it being a game and fun again before I return. Before I took my time off I built a Gravestone, I suppose I could be the Minecraft version of The Undertaker, anyway, back to the main question.

Looking into the future is a hard thing to do and only a few fictional characters have been able to do it,  what could happen is a bit easier, I do this all the time but this can be problematic due to me being a Huge Optimist. For years I have always planned out what I want to do, but so far none of these have really worked out, technically by now I should be the British Heavyweight Wrestling Champion under the name The Black Phoenix, but sadly I am not. Yes at one point I wanted to be a Professional Wrestler and part of me would still like to be.

I am currently aiming to be a writer and I primarily want to do novels but this can be quite hard so I have kept my options open to include Film and Television. I have got some interesting inspiration recently from writers like Suzanne Collins, Cormac McCarthy and film maker Akira Kurosawa. I would really like to make some homemade type films but getting a production crew together is quite hard (even though I did once have a conversation with one of my best friends about something like this). I do have some work for Matt’s Animations and I have some Ideas for Papercuts but I need to figure out the story a little bit more. I have also written a short screenplay that I hope to write out a bit more or turn it into a novel. As Usual I have high optimistic hopes for the future, my dream job is to make a Japanese Godzilla Film (well, more than one, as many as I want if I am allowed) but I have also though about writing for the French Cartoon Series Totally Spies! (it may seem odd that I like that show, but don’t knock it, it is a brilliant show), perhaps even Doctor Who and make it GOOD again.

So to answer the question, I don’t know what I will be doing in 20 years time but I do know what I optimistically want to do.

GENEPOOL (I could alternatively be a Rock/Metal Star if I manage to start that Heavy Metal Band)

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