It’s The End – Logan

15 03 2017

logan (20th Century Fox - 2017)

Whenever I finish something, or feel like something is coming to a close; something big and has taken me a long time to do, my mind always jumps to the scene of the fourth Doctor Who regenerating into the fifth. I don’t know why, but it’s a nice poignant scene which carries the incredible line; it’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for”. It’s that line that comes to mind when I can feel like something is the end, or that I have reached the end. But knowing what I am like, I will have prepared for it, so like when I finished reading the GONE book series, I found something to read to replace it with for instance. Well, in the case of this film, the moment has been prepared for, but the hardest hit is that it truly is The End!


Released in 2017 by 20th Century Fox, Produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg, and Directed by James Mangold; Logan is a superhero film starring Hugh Jackman returning for what is intended to be his last portrayal of Wolverine, a role he has held for 17 years. When the film was first announced on the heels of The Wolverine, I was really excited as I really loved The Wolverine. Come 2015 however with Jackman announcing his retirement from playing Wolverine, I was very sad, and had begun chasing my mind around for replacement actors (if there were any), forgetting of course that before that bridge is crossed, Jackman would still provide us with one last glorious hurrah.


The year is 2029; all mutants are supposedly dead except for a small group, and a now aging Logan (Hugh Jackman) works as a chauffeur on the border with Mexico and lives with friend Caliban (Stephen Merchant) and former mentor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) at an old smelting plant. Xavier is now growing old and senile with his psychic powers now grown beyond control with devastating effect and has to take medication to control it. One day Logan is approached by a lady called Gabriella (Elizabeth Rodriguez) who asks him to give her and a young girl called Laura (Dafne Keen), escort to a location in North Dakota. Logan reluctantly accepts the job as the money provided will allow him to buy a luxury yacht he wants to purchase. As he comes to collect them though he finds Gabriella has been murdered. Laura stows away in his car though and goes to the Smelting Plant where she becomes friends with Charles. Just as they arrive though, a platoon of soldiers led by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) arrive having captured Caliban, and are demanding that Logan hand over the girl. As men try to capture her though, she quickly attacks them in a very savage and brutal way, with steel claws coming out of her hands, decapitating and amputating several limbs.


Logan, Laura and Charles escape, and using Gabriella’s phone, discover that Laura or X-23 as she was designated; was one of several young children born and bred by the Transigen Program headed up but surgeon Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant). The kids are injected with Mutant DNA and are bred to become mindless and dangerous soldiers, however unable to control the children’s souls, they all don’t want to do what they’re told anymore and most of them escape including Laura. Because she was made from Logan’s DNA, it is deduced that he is her father. Pierce with the help from the Reavers, use Caliban’s ability to locate other mutants to find Logan, and while staying at a casino in Oklahoma City the trio are nearly captured, but Xavier has one of his moments and near paralyzes everyone in the city except Laura and Logan. Logan is able to get them out of the city, but does not believe in the mythical Eden of North Dakota where they are going, especially when he finds the co-ordinates referenced exactly in an X-Men comic. The trio are eventually given shelter by a family they help out on the road and the group bond together, as Laura discovers more of the outside world, one she never experienced having been locked up all those years. During the night however, Xavier is murdered by X-24, the final project of Transigen to replace the children, who also happens to be a copy of Logan, claws and all. X-24 captures Laura placing her in very restrictive shackles and takes her to Rice, but Logan arrives just in time to face himself having found the murdered family and the dead Charles. With some help, X-24 is pinned down, and Caliban uses a grenade to blow up rice’s van. Logan saves Laura and the two head out in the night, burying Charles in the morning.


Beside himself, and with his healing still failing, Logan agrees to take Laura to Eden, still not believing it. Eventually they arrive at a mountain range with a community filled with the other surviving experimented children all run by Rictor (Jason Genao). There Logan learns that the children will be making an 8 mile hike across the Canadian border. Logan is ready to send Laura on her way, but Laura wants to know him as a father, although he is still down and out about losing his own friends, and sees himself less as a father, and more of a threat, and just wants to die. The kids attempt to make the hike, but are soon surrounded and chased by the Reavers. Using a healing serum from Transigen, Logan takes in the full dose knowing it will kill him but should give him strength to save the kids. The kids are soon rounded up and shackled except for Laura who gets surrounded, but rescued by Logan. The serum though begins to ware off just as he meets Rice, who happens to be the son of the man behind the Weapon X Program. X-24 is set loose on Logan, but Laura is able to free the other kids who kill Pierce. Logan is impaled on a tree during the fight, but using an Adamantium bullet, Laura kills X-24, which Logan had kept for years. Eventually succumbing to his wounds, Logan dies, unable to heal and the kids bury him before crossing the border.


In 2007; the German heavy metal band known as Scorpions released a single called Humanity. It is a song which poignantly depicts the destruction and downfall of the human race through its own acts and nothing more. It is a very heavy track and whose lyrics basically suggest, as delivered in the music video with a young boy simply saying “It’s The End!” Now this track does not appear in Logan I should point out, but that is what comes to mind as I think on this film. It’s the end of Hugh Jackman playing this part. This is an actor who has played a movie role for 17 years now. During that time there have been 3 American Presidents, 4 UK Prime Ministers, 4 (technically 5) Doctor Who’s. It is an incredible amount of time to play a film role, most WWE Wrestlers don’t even last that long, but here is Hugh Jackman still playing this role, now deciding he wants to leave. He deserves it rightly so, he is allowed to walk away given the energy, passion and devotion he has put into just one character. He has played other parts which help prevent typecasting, but possibly for the rest of his life, will be best remembered for being The Wolverine, you do not forget 17 years of the same thing in a flash. So, yes, it’s the end of Jackman as Wolverine; but not just that. It’s also the end of 2 major characters in a film series that has become one of the most critically and financially successful franchises in movie history. The X-Men film series is not ending, No! There are still more films to come including Deadpool Sequels (YES!). No, what we have here is something of what could be best described as a tragic ending, which is sad for Xavier, but more so for Wolverine as he has led a pretty tragic life.


The story of Wolverine is a tragic one as it’s the life of a genuinely good person who has led a rough life. He is very old given that his healing prevents aging on a grand scale. Over the years he is going to meet people and see people die, a lot of people die if you live that long and that is not good for the mental soul. As life has passed by, something horrid happens to him, something so dark and miserable, but something that he has only partial memories of. So as life ticks by he has to remember these things not knowing entirely what it was, and spends life running instead of facing. Eventually though good things happen for him, he gets friends, and a family, and can care for people again, and have a proper life, but given as to who he is and what he is, none of this could possibly last, and as the years have gone by, and seen more people die, some by his own hands for the good of others, he resigns to a wishful death, and waits for it. It is a very sad story for someone who is not a bad man, someone who is actually a very good man, a caring man, a protective man. Yes, he is prone to a little bit of violence, but only when it is called for; doing what must be done, because without him to protect his friends, no-one can. Into this, we find ourselves confronted with the final act of The Wolverine. But it’s not really a super hero movie, more of a personal journey as one man reaches his eventual end, but has one last thing to do.

Logan is actually a rather small film. It’s not a mega big one like other super hero films of note, as this is not a character trying to save the world, but those around him, and as such we go less on a journey to save the world, but a more personal one. As such he is not referred to as The Wolverine, but because it’s a personal story is known better as just Logan. Logan starts off in a similar vein as does The Wolverine, with Logan having to live and come to terms with his life and the death by his own hand of someone he loved. Now coming into this film we are told something similar has happened, but we don’t know exactly what. But just like before, Logan is beat up and ruined and has resigned to live as much a recluse as possible while caring for Xavier who has become rather senile. Eventually though he is given a duty he does not want, that of looking after a little girl very much like him. He is meant to be the father, but has no care for her, caring for his friends than her; something which falters in the mind of Laura who wants to know who she is and know her father too. As the story continues and things happen as usual, the similarities between the two emerge as Laura is very much like he was in the first first X-Men, with Logan now having grown up. Logan is still resigned to wishing death upon himself, but knows that once more, he needs to do the right thing to help those that need his help resulting in one last blood bath for those who deny him and others peace. His Death though is not nice, nor peaceful, but more brutal for someone who has earned better. It is a film that makes you think deeply upon issues such as the harsh and sometimes quick deaths of others while others get a more natural one. It looks into how people desire Death, and how Death actually comes. It features a brutal end which dies just like death is a final stop. It really makes you think on if you believe that the world is a better place without you, how can you be certain of this? How do you not know that life right now is in fact better, because ‘you’ are around!


Logan is a small film and bolsters a small but pretty strong cast. Stephen merchant I find was actually pretty good as Caliban. Caliban has featured sort of twice in the past with his most recent piece being in Apocalypse as some garish and camp clown; here instead we see what he is truly like and capable of but also what kind of person he is given his history as one of the Morlocks. Gabriella’s part is small but sweet and shares some backstory light on some of the films major issues and themes including who Laura is and why we should care. One thing though I find the film lacks is a strong villain. There are some good villainy characters and others who help fill in those parts like a few extras. Pierce himself has the nice sinister mechanical arm and some god talking points but feels more like a hindrance than a villain. Same can be said for Rice, who while is a deceptive schemer with a good voice, again just feels plain. I am not saying he’s bad, it just feels like the villains are strong because they are many, but not because of whom they are. I mean X-24 feels like a wasted opportunity and a mistake being rewritten. His appearance as Logan is a bit like the Undertaker vs Undertaker match at SummerSlam 1994; kind of surprising, but still rather silly. It feels like a wasted opportunity to bring in a new monster. I thought maybe an enhanced Sabretooth, or Maverick, or someone big and scary to introduce. With a double Wolverine, it felt more like Weapon XI in Origins all over again, and we know what happened there don’t we!


What villain’s lack, heroes make up. The Transigen kids are a nice addition although faint on the film’s radar, mostly as people to get into trouble and allow a moment of heroism, but for this film, it really comes down to Logan, Laura and Xavier. Xavier’s part in this film is still pretty similar to past films but does do a lot more and shows what Stewart can do when allowed to do something very different. He is in some sense the comedy side kick and delivers some incredibly funny moments, but it’s through his disorientated new life that shows how bad things have become. He remains something of a hindrance to Logan after all these years, but one Logan has come to care for, as rightly he should, as Xavier is practically his last and now only friend. His death in the film is a big shock, but not a sincere one, as don’t forget we have seen him die before in more dramatic circumstances with this one more lost in the moment, but you do see his life pass in his eyes.


Laura spends most of the film rather quiet, does not say a single word until just before the final Act. Yes there are shouts, yells and screams, but no words. This form of silence allows retention of mystery as to who she is, but also allows expressing more deeply the life she had and the new world she is experiencing. Silence can be golden at times and really works in her favour, as we see this young girl come face to face with new things, not knowing what they involve or how to interact, but when finally realising who she is and where she is, she finally speaks, knowing that she needs to for the sake of Logan, but also so she can be heard. Her desperation to get to Eden comes more as a cross between hope and instruction from others, not necessarily her own entire belief, but somehow knows it’s there even if Logan doesn’t. Her skills as a fighter are incredible and are very similar to Wolverine, but she has some heart too, not a lot as this is crowded with the same anger Logan once had too, but as things come to a close, she knows that she must carry on, even though her father; something she wants and desires cannot help her, but in some way knows that still lives on inside her, respecting his death, and making his legacy live on in more ways than one.


Logan’s design and perception of being much older and on the verge of death is an interesting one. We have seen him go through emotions before, but then he was not on the ultimate verge of giving up, more just conflicted. Now though he desires it, more than anything else. It’s kind of hard to speak on his performance after 3 or so paragraphs of detailing his character, but one thing stands out more than most; his Death; His final hurrah. Coming into this film, I was thinking his last stand was going to be like in The Wolverine, one last heroic but still cynical fight to the death where he would come out on top but now no more energy left to continue. No, this time his death is more personal. It wasn’t a long lasted blood bath, more one which required others to save him and take on his role, and one that required others to do the work, while he acted as a decoy, once again being more of a team member than a loner. But his death does have something else in it though. Going into this I thought it would be like The Wolverine, but in that, he was The Wolverine, now he is just Logan. Calling him The Wolverine, it’s like a promise (like The Doctor), you know what he is, who he is and what he can do, but by putting ‘the’ before it he becomes a thing, not a person; this film is a much more personal one, so in this case it’s not the death of The Wolverine, it’s the death of Logan. That carries a more significant weight to it; it’s not the death of a thing, but the death of somebody. Laura in a future film could become the New Wolverine, or someone else could take on that name; but you can’t replace or take on the identity of Logan.


The film does come packed like many other X-Men films with a cavalcade of special effects. These of course include ‘very’ detailed claws including spots of graphic detail and blood splatter; especially when piercing through the heads of some people. The mechanical hands are a nice treat showing off some more blood and limb coverage than usual. The film uses its special effects department in other ways too to create visions of the future including a scene involving driverless, but dangerous trucks. The film also comes with a soundtrack once again produced by Marco Beltrami featuring quite a few slow pieces which are used to heighten the level of reality but more a sense of realisation than anything else possibly to state that this is the end! Pieces like Old Man Logan, Don’t Be What They Made You and Goodnight Moon cover this pretty well, but the soundtrack does of course know when to get busy though and of course creates action packed pieces for when a fight is on especially in a scene like the Forest Fight at the end and also when Logan is facing X-24. The one thing though that really stands out about this soundtrack though is the inclusion of several classic pieces by Johnny Cash. Logan’s first trailer of course famously features the song Hurt, which really shows the direction the film intends to take so that the audience can really see how the film is likely to turn out but also more likely what it is all about. This piece though does not actually feature in the film, what does feature though is not a slow grim song, but a rather pleasant, peaceful and also happy song that really turns around the film’s great tragedy and helps you gain some perspective.

A few months ago I went to see the film Ethel and Ernest based on the book of the same name written by Raymond Briggs. The film has a very sad ending, but turns this around in a sense by featuring a piece of music and images within the credit roll that suggest that while the ending was sad, it does not mean that everything was as there was some really happy moments. Here we have the sad ending and conclusion to the story of Wolverine (in film), but, while he has had great tragedy in his life, and it ended as such, there is some peace we can look back on. For one Logan has attained a peace from the devastation of his dark history, but also in that history there was also, happiness, joy, peace and of course love. This is held by the film playing The Man Comes Around in the credits, a light fluffy as well as casual piece, signifying not an entirely sad ending, but shows that there has always been another side to the coin, that in the misery, there was joy, and in the darkness there was also light; and so while Wolverine does bow out, we can take a moment of knowledge and recognition about the life he had, and the legacy that he leaves behind, not just in story, but also in the entertainment and joy he has given us as cinema goers.

Logan is a pretty sad point. I know the series will continue and new stars are appearing to take the helm and the future such as Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner and hopefully Dafne Keen too, but it is a sad point, more so when I think that there could have been more. When X-Men Origins came about and really failed like it did, that is the series lowest point, so when The Wolverine came along and excelled so much, it felt like a new beginning, like that is what Origins should have been, forgetting that film and becoming the first a Wolverine Trilogy. But now it has come to an end, it feels like only the surface was being scratched, and that more was on the way. It’s like when Castle was cancelled last year; it was in it’s prime, there was more to be told, and it just ended. That’s what we have here, like something more could have come, but now we may never see that. You can only play a character for so long though, and an end would have come eventually. The end of something is exciting because you don’t know how it’s going to end, but eventually realization sets in, and you realize that it truly is the end. So even if it did continue, it would eventually end: but what an ending it was! Logan does not disappoint in providing one last fight, one last match, one last scene of steel claws, blood curdling action, eye grossing violence, but also one last moving scene as the great hero finally comes to rest in peace. Logan is a sad and tragic little film, but shows off plenty of emotion and heart in a film series that has defined just that in the super hero genre; and now Hugh Jackman can now go do something else, leaving a legacy that will live on in cinema forever, and one that no-one can match. There is only one true Logan, and only one true, Wolverine.


Because We Want To

26 03 2014

Billie Piper

One of those Nightmare songs of the 1990’s. While I am a massive fan of the 1990’s there are a few downsides, like songs that you don’t understand but stick in your head. In this case it is the Billie Piper song Because We Want To. Now if you say Billie Piper these days most people will instantly think either Doctor Who or Rose Tyler because she became very famous as a result. When I heard Billie Piper was going to be in Doctor Who I instantly remembered that song (which everybody else suddenly forgot about………?) because beforehand in 1998 she achieved a number 1 in the UK Charts, one that stayed in the charts for several weeks as well as appearing on several children’s TV shows, for weeks, on end, one after the other.


The video is a particular memory. It shows Piper dancing down a street with several other people (some in CGI) and all dancing the same way during the chorus, the spin is pretty good. The chorus itself has the part which stays in your head, the repeated “Because We Want To”. The CGI characters look a bit odd and you wonder why they even bothered. One of them looks like a monster that may appear in Doctor Who, there is also a Flying Saucer seen at the beginning of the video which Piper appears from (there is a subliminal message in there somewhere). However the background tune is actually quite Good which helps give the song credibility and the only reason it is a nightmare song is because the repeated “Because We Want To” sticks in your head and you don’t know why, it is a shame though that tune does not continue the full length of the song because during the verse parts it becomes a generic sound/tune.

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

In a decade filled mostly filled with the Spice Girls and Steps it was nice to see/hear something different and actually quite good but gives out a chorus which just sticks in your head (particularly after 2005). OK, I do think it deserves more credit than people realise (and did launch the career of Billie Piper). Piper’s performance is perhaps one of her finest and at her best, when she is seemingly herself, like in her early Doctor Who days (the under-talked about but Great Christopher Eccleston period). Her choice of outfit is also more relaxed and appealing to the casual viewer, like we are actually seeing Billie as a person and not just another 90’s pop girl. The video and tune are actually quite nicely put together and really thought out . All together it is one of those pop songs from the 90’s that was actually good and worth remembering despite the fact you will, why? Because You Want To.

BWWT (Click to watch Video)


Top 5 Top Gear Specials

31 12 2013

It is Christmas time once again (Yes I Know It Was Last Week), and it is the year for terrible TV. It is no mystery that TV at Christmas is bad. There may be a Doctor Who Special for Christmas, but given what those specials have been like since that Cybermen one (or that boring one with the fish), I might not bother. There are of course some Films to be watched, but given this time of year it is usually a good idea to avoid any films related to Christmas (so avoid Movies 24 (or Christmas 24 as it is known this time of year) in that case).

While most of TV is bound to be bad, let us not forget that there is one show that says ‘NO’ to bad TV at Christmas; Top Gear. For the last few years they have produced a wide and enjoyable selection of specials where the trio travel to a different country and look around and get up to some funny japes in a bunch of cars. So in celebration to these great men, here are my Top 5 Top Gear Specials.

Top Gear Botswana Special

5. Botswana Special – The Botswana special set up the core format for how all the future specials would turn out. While there had been previous specials, this one did the opposite of going somewhere other than America. It starts off nice and simple with the trio showing off the cars they bought (which were not allowed to off-road vehicles) and start the journey off with James May accidently driving into Zimbabwe. Over the course of the episode Richard Hammond grows rather fond of his Opel Cadet (even naming it Oliver) and becomes a bit too overly attached with it. One of the shows main points saw them driving through the Makgadikgadi Pan with some heavy modifications to Jeremy’s Lancia Beta Coupe and James’s Mercedes-Benz 230E. Another point of the show was that of the trio driving through the Okavango Delta, after modifying their cars again. Throughout the whole program all three cars had major (but also very funny) problems and were also followed round what would be a standard for all future specials, the backup car, in this case The VW Beetle.

Top Gear Vietnam Special

4. Vietnam Special – A very interesting episode as well as entertaining. The show began with them getting a lot of money to buy wheels, but discovered that despite having 15 Million Dong (The Vietnam Currency), it was not enough to buy wheels with, until they realized they could, but the form they did get, did not please Jeremy all that much, they bought bikes. This is an episode that I think about every now and again. I am not fond of Bikes also, and I try to think about what I would do in that position.  The early stages of the episode sees Jeremy struggle greatly with Richard and James drive off and not see him again until lunch and supper of the first day. As the episode progresses, they buy suits, buy ridiculous presents over and over again, fail a driving test, paint Richard’s bike pink, catch a train and turn their bikes into jet skis. They are also followed by a backup bike, but on this occasion it is not a great idea because it has an American Flag and American Flag decor and plays the Bruce Springsteen classic ‘Born in the U.S.A.’, not a great idea to do while in Vietnam. One of the more enjoyable bits though is when they go in search of their cars and discover how hard it was going to be and what they would go through in the hope of buying a car. But despite all the comedy and silliness involved, the whole episode is overshadowed by the Amazing country that it is set in. The shots of the cities, countryside as well as the weather is incredible to watch.


3. Bolivia Special – Simple plan initially, buy 3 off-road vehicles and travel to the Pacific Ocean, the start point however is in the middle of a jungle. The Bolivia Special has one if not the best opening for a top gear special. It initially starts out with the trio waiting for their vehicles, point out everything that is wrong with the vehicles and then try to get them off a raft. Jeremy goes for a Range Rover which is consistently referenced as the most unreliable car in the world, which throughout the episode turns out to be the most reliable car of the three. James buys a Suzuki SJ413 which was apparently blue in the catalogue he ordered it from, but turned out to be red. Richard meanwhile lands for a Toyota Land Cruiser which in the end does not make it. Much like the Vietnam special, part of this episode features an interesting country as well as journey which starts in the jungle and ends up in a desert where there is no life at all. The jungle section is really good and even as that part goes, the episode does not let up, even when driving on the most dangerous road in the world on one of the highest roads in the world to the eventual end of driving the two remaining cars down some dunes. The trios experience through these points is brilliant also such as how much they suffered at high altitudes, and Hammond’s experience at taking caramelized drugs. Very enjoyable and memorable episode, definitely a highlight for the show.


2. Africa Special – The first Two Part special, the trio go in search of the true source of the River Nile. Travelling in Estate cars, the trio are trying to be explorers to look for the real source of the river Nile, something that has been queried and argued for a long time (apparently). The episodes start off as normal but as the first episode goes on, they discover more and more of the country and for a time it turns in similar fashion to the Vietnam Special. As it progresses they boys modify their cars to sleep inside them instead of Richard’s Favourite past time and drive through a town named Jezza. As it becomes clear they have been going in the wrong direction, and become rather despondent, they go in a different direction which leads to them sailing across Lake Victoria in a short, but rather interesting few moments which leads to Hammond losing a lot of food from his car, even though he can only cook baked beans. In the second episode they get closer to their destination, after stealing bits and bobs off each other’s cars they build a car ferry to get across a river. They then arrive on a very perilous road which causes them nothing but problems before a mad dash finish to find the source which James does. While these Episodes are great, I do feel like the second episode lets the first one down, especially with the whole car ferry moment, if that was shorter, and had more stuff on where they were as well as what they got up to, it would be number 1. But I do wait with much anticipation towards any future double episodes, it works, it really does.


1. India Special – The India Special had it all, Good Cars, Great Challenges, Silly Incidents and an Amazing Country. Thinking it would be a great idea to get some trade going for the UK by visiting India, the trio go there on a trade mission in a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Jaguar XJS and Mini Cooper. They try to use their cars in a way that might be able to get India to trade with England such as delivering hot food instead of the train, hosting Motorsport and decorating them in an Indian way including a painted flag that is not Indian. The trio do other things also such as putting banners on the side of trains which in the end leave rude messages, host a trade reception which ends with an accident with a homemade firework as well as a runaway Lawn Mower. The trio also improve a couple of British Made products also by making a far better version of the pointless Paul McCartney Song ‘Hey Jude’ and greatly improve the most boring sport in the world; Cricket. The episode is also filled with funny incidents including James taking revenge on Jeremy and Richard for messing with his car, and repeated fun at Richard’s expense by playing a Genesis song over and over again. Much like the Vietnam episode also, it is a great representation of an amazing country and culture revealed as the show goes on. Even after the great African Special, this remains my Favourite Top Gear Special.


Top 5 Doctors

18 11 2013


I love Doctor Who (Yes I know (it is me after all) that I have not been too kind on Doctor Who of late, but hey that’s what you get when something goes bad) and with the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this Week, I thought I would show you who I think are the top 5 actors to play the world-famous and prestigious part of the worlds most loved time traveller (Main actors, so unfortunately Richard E Grant, Peter Cushing, Rowan Atkinson and Joanna Lumley will not be mention). So get ready to go back in time in a literature and a literal sense moulded together to make some gigantic but hopefully not grotesque creature as we look upon 5 legends of time and space (Apologies to anyone who came to this site thinking they would find a list of Reliable GP’s).

Ninth Doctor

5: Christopher Eccleston – I don’t think Christopher Eccleston gets as much credit as he rightfully deserves for his brief appearance as the Doctor. When Doctor who had been off air from about 1996 when Paul McGann took over, the series continued to thrive in book format causing Paul McGann’s doctor to become the most prolific. However, in around 2003/2004 when it was announced that after years of people wanting it to, Doctor Who was going to return, it sparked ideas of who would become the New Doctor. When I found out it was going to be Eccleston, my first thought was (No pun intended), “WHO?” I found a picture of the bloke, but still had no idea. It was not until the first trailer came out and then the eventual release of the first episode that we all got to see this new chap. Christopher Eccleston as the doctor was brilliant, he was fast, funny, intelligent but not boring. As an introductory casting for both a new series and new generation, he was as perfect as William Hartnell was 50 years ago. While he sadly did not continue for another series, Eccleston in no way should be a forgotten incarnation (Also is from the North (Like The Doctor) which is an added bonus).

Sylvester McCoy

4: Sylvester McCoy – What could be thought of as the final Doctor of the original series, Sylvester McCoy should not be looked at in that way however. Originally starting off as being somewhat of a clown, he became a much darker character almost playing his own game with people. He also used is Scottish Accent as part of his character (unlike David Tennant except for that one episode in Scotland, you know the one, don’t pretend like you don’t). But while he did have that darker side, part of him was also both caring but also light and funny in other areas. He was also very informative and had great ingenuity. While the show did come to an end during his time on the show, it was great to have a great doctor playing the part instead of ending on someone generally bad, something of which McCoy was not. Also, interestingly enough, he was the Doctor during the 25th Anniversary of the show in the story Silver Nemesis (The Best Cybermen Story).

Tom Baker

3: Tom Baker – The Longest serving Doctor (in a continuous television series) at seven years. Tom Baker as the Doctor is possibly the most funniest. His style of trying to be quick as he does things were often let down by his size and his clothing. A very interesting persona with a large degree of knowledge but in many a sense was not able to keep the viewer entwined unless it was knowledge they actually wanted to know. One of his funnier traits was that of how he introduced himself by offering people a Jelly Baby, even if that someone was giant robot intent on killing him. His clothing as the doctor is one of the most recognizable looks in Television history particularly with that scarf, when, if stretched to its limit it could probably go round the world 10000 times, (but still not completely fill up the Tardis). With an entire film cast of Companions over the years and adventures which have been regarded by many as some of the best (Including my Favourite Story – The Robots of Death), Tom Baker is definitely one of the Best.

Peter Davison

2: Peter Davison – Trying to fit into the shoes of someone who has played an Iconic role for almost a decade is no small feat for any Actor, Peter Davison though managed this impeccable task with ease.  Peter Davison could be seen as the first sign of the Time Lord Ageing process of steadily getting younger. Davison played the part on a much younger basis due to his age and it worked magnificently. He was far more approachable as a person especially to younger people as companions than someone with age and wisdom could be. He was a lot quicker than the previous doctors on his feet and this was a good trait to have in an advancing and steadily getting younger generation. This did not stop him though from continuing the more intelligent roles that the doctor had, but he was able to keep the viewer on side as this trait was directed more to their side. But there was always a sense with him like he is trying to hold back, as if he was trying to hold his temper in, and if it came down to it, he would give out small breaths of it for brief periods. While the idea of the character wearing Cricket White’s may put you off, it really shouldn’t. Peter Davison is a one of a kind (as well as having the best intro of any doctor) and if still unsure, check out Resurrection of the Daleks.

Jon Pertwee

1: Jon Pertwee – The Legend, The Greatest, who else was it going to be. Jon Pertwee did and was part of many firsts in the series. He was the first Doctor to be on Colour TV, He was the first Doctor to encounter The Autons, he was the first and I believe the only Doctor to use the Who Mobile and he famously coined the phrase “Reversed the polarity of the neutron flow”. An old-fashioned man for an old-fashioned Doctor. He suited the part from the day of its creation. Considered to be the Dandy Doctor due to his clothing, an idea he may have got from his Grandfather. He also drove an old-fashioned car. But he was a man of action, doing his own stunts, something that was probably hard to do in those clothes, but he succeeded. One help he got in this action role was that a lot of the stories were based around Unit and its head Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (played by the brilliant Nicholas Courtney) who in many a way could be considered (but would probably not admit it) a companion of the doctor and in some case, the doctor’s earthly equal.

The Unit episodes as such were terrific as they were both full of action but pushed the role to be action like. However the Doctor was not contained or suppressed, and would correct you without a hesitant notice. Much like how Davison was seemingly trying to contain it, Pertwee was never afraid to lose his temper, something which he did on several occasions, particularly to his companions. These took the form of the long-lived and possibly underrated in my opinion, Liz Shaw (Caroline John). The loyal and intelligent Jo Grant (Katy Manning), and the now Legendary and definitely the best companion in the show’s history, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen). One issue for Pertwee was the technological and scientific side of the character, to which, then show writer Terrance Dicks fixed by introducing the line “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow” which Pertwee apparently loved and wanted to use more often. While Pertwee is no longer around to see the glorious 50th anniversary of the show, it is with great happiness and joy that he has left us with absolute Television Gold. If it wasn’t for Jon Pertwee, it would be unlikely that he show would even reach such a glorious milestone.


Top 5 Actors To Be The New Doctor Who

3 06 2013


With the recent news that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who later this year I thought I would give you my list of who I think should take over the prestigious role. With The Doctor now short on lives as the 1996 TV Movie stated (13 Lives, so basically he has only two lives left) only up to two of the fantastic actors below can have the part in the future if they are considered for the role. So here are my top 5 choices for who should be the New Doctor.

James McAvoy

5. James McAvoy – While this may be an interesting choice for some of you, if it is the case that someone (AGAIN) is chosen that resembles the previous Doctor I would rather James McAvoy be it. McAvoy is a very good actor as shown in X-Men First Class when I was unsure if he could play Professor X. If you are still unsure about the idea of McAvoy in this role, I am going to answer that with a Question. Did you see Welcome to the Punch?

David Morrissey

4. David Morrissey  – Someone with experience of the part. Morrissey has been in Doctor Who before in a role that to many was mistaken to be the Doctor when accidently he wasn’t in the Christmas special, The Next Doctor. Morrissey is very much a classic actor for a modern era and it is thanks to this quality why (along with his Fantastic Voice) he would be the best person to take a classic character into the future while also staying true to his character.

Richard E. Grant

3. Richard E. Grant – Another interesting choice, particularly because of a recent episode of Doctor Who but a choice that shows Great Promise in Experience. Richard E. Grant has played the Doctor on several occasions already but not in the official series. He played the part as one of the Doctors Regenerations in the 1999 Comic Relief special Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death as well as the 2003 animated story Scream of the Shalka. While you may be thinking that with his recent appearance in the show will prevent him taking the role, you’d be wrong as this sort of thing has happened before. The sixth doctor Colin Baker made an appearance in the 1983 story Arc of Infinity playing the part of Commander Maxil. So with this sort of thing happening before (not to mention Freema Agyeman appearing in the show before becoming a companion to David Tennant‘s Doctor) it has not been written out completely for Richard E Grant to take up the part (remember to check out Posh Nosh too).

Richard Roxburgh

2. Richard Roxburgh – An Australian Actor who has played some of the most prestigious literary roles in the media which include the part (and one of the best performances) of Dracula in Van Helsing and the role of Sherlock Holmes (My Favourite Actor to play the role of Sherlock Holmes) in The Hound of the Baskervilles in 2002 for the BBC. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to play the part of The Doctor. If he gives a performance much like the one he did for The Hound of the Baskervilles, he could easily become one of the best actors to play the role of The Doctor. Still unsure – Check out his performance in both Van Helsing and The Hound of the Baskervilles and see what you think.

David Thewlis

1. David Thewlis – Within a year of Smith taking the role of Doctor Who, I was already saying that Thewlis would have been a better choice and now that Smith is leaving, it is the perfect opportunity for Thewlis to have a go at the role. David Thewlis has appeared in many Great parts and is best known for playing villains. His acting credits include; Black Beauty, Dragonheart, AnonymousWar Horse and Five Harry Potter films as Remus Lupin. David Thewlis is a fantastic Actor, Great Voice, Great Style, can get Angry when necessary but is mostly calm in his parts. He is practically perfect to play the role of The Doctor and now he has an opportunity to do so.


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