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12 10 2016

Warhammer Rule Book (Games Workshop - 2010)

During the last week of August, just after coming back from holiday, I was thinking about a game I received off my brother about a year ago called Dreadfleet. It’s a game by Games Workshop, the company that produces the tabletop games Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Tabletop Games. Now while it may not be produced anymore, Dreadfleet is a game I fully intend to make and play at some point, as I really want to, but while thinking about it out of the blue, I decided to have a look at Warhammer 40,000 (40K) as I have collected Tau on and off for a number of years. When reading about it on Wikipedia, I decided to compare the dates of when 40k was released in comparison to the Warhammer Fantasy game series. I did not find out in the end as I became fixated on a more important issue: The Warhammer Fantasy Game; is no more!


Yes somewhat strangely and bizarrely; after about 3 decades of production, Games Workshop had decided to stop producing the Warhammer Fantasy game without any real reason provided as to why? This made me rather sad, as though while I have not collected that one for about 10 years now, the Fantasy Warhammer game has been an important part of my life. While I did not get to play Warhammer as much as I would have liked to, I have always considered myself as a fan. OK, maybe more a casual fan than anything else, but, no matter what form it came, Warhammer was an interest of mine. While I am more of a 40K player than the fantasy variant (and thankfully 40K is still going…..for now), I can still remember how much enjoyment the original Warhammer had brought me. It was my older brother who first got me involved in it, and I can remember all those Lizardmen I had bought through the years, as well as my brief period when I bought Dogs of War alongside Lizardmen including the purchase of a rather impressive Dragon. While in the end the fantasy battle game was probably not completely for me as I much rather fancied 40K, those memories are with me still to this day, remembering my first battle, my time painting my models with Mam and Dad, my soldiers, my hopes and dreams for the future as I looked into what I could maybe buy some day. I always pondered whether or not I would get back into it, but now it seems that I was too late.

Games Workshop Logo

While the Fantasy game has now passed on and been replaced with something called Age of Sigma (whatever that involves); the memories of Warhammer will always be with me, and as my way of a tribute, I have decided to make a post about my favourite armies in Warhammer. Now, just to be clear; this post is in regards to the fantasy game, and the number that each army is listed by represents more than just what they are like in combat, it’s more what they mean to me rather than which is generally the best army. Sadly, much like war itself, there are some casualties in this list as I decided to base the armies on what they meant to me, rather than just who looks cool. So, just to provide a quick mention, armies not in the Top 5 include: Wood Elves, Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos. So yes, I now present to you, my Warhammer Fantasy game Tribute, and walk down memory lane as I let you in on who were my Top 5 Favourite Armies from Warhammer (in a philosophical sense).


5. Skaven and Ogre Kingdoms –Even though I never once did collect them, or even got to play with them, these two armies were for a long time my two favourite picks, if I ever decided to A: Stop collecting Lizardmen and collect something else, or B: Collect one of them if I ever got back into it. Skaven were always something of a mini favourite of mine, I just liked the idea of an army made of rats. They were sort of like Lizardmen, (but Rats) and I just found the idea of them, and their look to be rather cool. I thought that in the case of me having ever decided to stop collecting Lizardmen, Skaven would be the ideal army for me to collect instead.

Ogre Kingdoms

As for the Ogre Kingdoms, they came in pretty late as the whole scene went, but when I first spotted them, I immediately grew to like them, and I even put them ahead of Skaven if it was the case that I ever got back into it. I like these armies both equally, and while I never really got to experience either (except possibly Skaven in Blood Bowl on Steam); they were definitely fore-core-favourites of mine.

Orcs and Goblins

4. Orcs and Goblins – (Not to be confused with the above paragraph, this is just one army) For me, Orcs and Goblins served sort of two purposes in my memories of Warhammer. The first is that, every time I had an intro game, every time I learned to play, and every time I learned to paint models in Warhammer, it was always done with Orcs. I don’t why, but maybe because they were just big and simple to learn from. I remember painting Orcs in the shop in Preston; I even remember having a battle with them during a Warhammer day in Preston when I was about 13/14. While it was never my intention to collect them, I was introduced a great deal to them originally. The other reason I remember them is that my brother collected them quite enthusiastically for a great many years, even at one point having several legions of these metal faced Black Orcs and a good number of trolls to back them up. There is also a third memory: when I was first introduced to the Blood Bowl Tabletop game, I played with Orcs. It’s more just memories, and fond memories at that for me when it comes to Orcs (and Goblins); but the thing is, in Warhammer you cannot go far without running into at least one Orc.

High Elves

3. High Elves – Much like the above, High Elves was not an army I collected, however they did serve a very important moment for me in the history of playing/collecting Warhammer, as it was with High Elves that I had my first battle. Basically, after months of collecting Saurus and not really getting anywhere, I really wanted to play a game, but I could not until I had a commander, but had no idea of how I did that either. Anyway to cut a long story short, my brother had his friends round to play a big game, a sort of triple threat match if you like. Cannot remember who won, but after the game I asked if I could have a quick game, and asked if I could play with the High Elf army. Not wanting to do a full-blown game, my brother’s friends, gave me a small game, me playing with a small group of High Elves, one of his friends playing with 3 trolls, and I can’t remember what the other army group was (maybe Goblins). Anyway, I spent the early part of the match taking down the Trolls only then to get massacred by the other army. I can still remember that game fondly when I think of High Elves, and that is why they come third, because without them, it would have been years before I actually got to play a game of Warhammer, instead just collecting it the whole time.

Asarnil the Dragonlord

2. Dogs of War – While I had been collecting Lizardmen at the time, I fancied changing tact and collect something else for a bit. While I wanted to collect Undead, my Parents did not think it was a good idea. My brother suggested Dogs of War. Originally I did not like the sound of it, because I did not fancy collecting an army made of Dogs, eventually I came round to the idea, and saw that it was not an army of dogs, but an army of Mercenaries, one which was pretty much made up of lots of armies within the Warhammer Fantasy universe. While this collection did not really go anywhere (I got 3 kits in the end), during my mini collection of Dogs of War I managed one of my first major purchases within Warhammer, that of Asarnil the Dragonlord. While I did not get him finished, nor get to play with him (I have no idea if he is still around or not), he still remains one of my all-time favourite Warhammer Purchases.


1. Lizardmen – From the start of my Warhammer journey, to the last memorable point, Lizardmen have always remained a major part of the experience to me. From the early days of painting basic Saurus, to collecting the new and improved Saurus and starting my first real army in Warhammer; to begin with it was just a fun little thing, but many years later it became a major hobby for me and Lizardmen have always remained a part. I can remember when I first collected them, and had dreams about specific units to collect including Salamanders, Kroxigors and of course the mighty Stegadon. I did get a Kroxigor and Salamander (I think), and at one point had a commander riding on the back of a big lizard creature. While I may not have managed to get units I specifically wanted such as Tichi-Huichi’s Raiders, or more of course the mighty Stegadon or Carnosaur: Lizardmen were the corner-stone of my hopes and dreams for the future of my Warhammer collecting Hobby, and while it all sadly ended before I really ever got going with them, they will always be a proud and fond memory, quite possibly my favourite army in all of Warhammer, not just fantasy, but all versions.


GENEPOOL (OK; the recent depictions of the Stegadon weren’t as good-looking as the original Triceratops creature; that thing could terrify a Mumak).

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