Southport Fireworks 2014

8 10 2014

Southport Marine Bridge

This past Saturday, it was the Annual British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport; one of my favourite events of the year. Sadly last year we didn’t get to go, but this year Me and Mam were able to make our annual trip to Southport. Things though this year were a little bit different.

Southport Fireworks 1

Firstly, we parked the car somewhere differently to where we usually park it. Secondly, the ground where the fireworks are usually let off was in a different location, it was beyond Victoria Park near the Morrisons than in the estuary/lake area near the marine bridge and Kings Gardens. The move meant that the best views of the fireworks were over the tops of some trees, (or was the closest spot we could get to because we couldn’t hear the music near Kings Gardens). The move to this new area I feel was a bit of a disappointment as it meant the view of the fireworks was a bit obscured. The music itself was a bit quiet and I don’t think enough work had been put into making sure that people not that close up could still hear it well enough. With any luck, future events will hopefully be moved back to their original location allowing the fireworks to be more visible and the sound more hear-able.

Southport Fireworks 2

As for the displays themselves, I thought the first one (Classic Fireworks) had too much going on and wasn’t symmetrical and because of the sound problems couldn’t quite hear the music. The second two displays though were very good, the ending of the second one (Smart Pyrotechnics) was brilliant, but the third one (Gala Fireworks) had a great variety of music including Pink Floyd and the theme of The South Bank Show culminating in an ending that almost filled the entire sky. So while the beginning as well as new location made it initially disappointing, the fireworks themselves, (especially for the last two demonstrations) weren’t and together made two of the best performances I have seen since first attending in 2007. In the end it was a great night out.

Southport Fireworks 3

Here are some more photos from the event, Enjoy.

Southport Fireworks 4

Southport Fireworks 5

Southport Fireworks 6

Southport Fireworks 7



Southport British Musical Firework Championships 2012

30 09 2012

Yesterday it was the annual return of one of my favourite events of the year; The British Musical Firework Championships which is held in one of my Favourite places in the UK, Southport (If you have not been I suggest you go to both the Town for a day out and also to see the Fireworks, you could probably do both in the same day). While last year I did a full in-depth look at the fireworks, this year I though I would just show some photos from the event. Do remember to look out for the event next year if you did not go this year, YOU ARE MISSING OUT, and that is a FACT. All in all it was a Great Evening with my Mum but my favourite display was the one from Komodo Fireworks. Enjoy


Southport Fireworks 2011 – Photos

7 10 2011

If you read my post earlier this week you will know that I went to Southport to see The British Musical Firework Championships 2011. I thought as a special treat I would load up some photos I took from the event for you to enjoy.


British Musical Firework Championships 2011

5 10 2011

British Musical and Fireworks Championship 2011

This past weekend I went to Southport with my Mam to see the British Musical Firework Championships. I have been going to see these shows for quite a few years now (except last year because I was unable to go) and every year several large companies who specialize in firework demonstrations go to Southport in the hope of becoming the British Champions.

Southport Fireworks 2011

From Friday to Sunday there are many demonstrations (one from each company) as they put on a firework display and show it in time with music and a judging panel decide who has the best display. Now I only went on Saturday like every year so I did not see Friday’s and Sunday’s but the ones I saw on Saturday were Fantastic.

Southport Fireworks 2011

The show started with Komodo Fireworks. Komodo used many fireworks which did not explode and used them primarily for the beginning of their performance. The music ranged from mythical sounding music (which relates to their name – Komodo Dragon) but they also used a piece of dance music which sounds like French ballroom dancing music and several small explosions were in time with this music. They also used a piece of music which I have heard in several Asian voiced films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The House of Flying Daggers (well I hear it in TV adverts and trailers related to those films). The performance came to an unfinished end when a fire had started where the fireworks are launched and that was the end of the routine which was quite a shame because I was quite enjoying it. Overall it was a nice performance and very enjoyable.

Komodo Fireworks Display

Next up was Walk The Plank Fireworks. For most of the early parts of the display they used slow music but this eventually picked up in pace. They also used more and larger exploding fireworks than Komodo and they also used fire on the stage (this was on purpose because they use it in their display’s) unfortunately we could only see a glimpse of the fire because there were some trees in the way. Walk the plank were able to finish their performance and overall it was my favourite from the night.

Walk The Plank Display

Finally the night finished off with Vulcan Fireworks. For their performance they used music from the band Queen (Mam thought it was all from the musical). This gave a rocky sound to the presentation. I particularly enjoyed it when the used a bit of the song Flash particularly when the Guitar Riff kicked in and the big Fireworks came out. I was hoping that they might use Stone Cold Crazy particularly the one that James Hetfield sang but they did not. They also used a lot of Big Fireworks like Walk the plank. Overall I enjoyed this one and it was my Mam’s favourite display. It also impressed the judges and came second in the whole competition beating Star Fireworks who were on Sunday and were beaten by Pyrotex Fireworx.

Vulcan Fireworks Display

The whole event was amazing as usual and a lot of fun to watch. I always enjoy the fireworks and in my opinion they are the best fireworks displays in the world because when you time them to the music they become more interesting and more fun. It is one of my favourite events of the year and it is held in one of my favourite places in Great Britain, Southport. I did think on the night that it would be interesting to see someone time fireworks with Through The Fire And Flames by DragonForce.

Southport Fireworks 2011

It’s a shame Komodo Fireworks did not get to finish but what they did show along with Walk The Plank and Vulcan Fireworks was Fantastic and it is going to be interesting what happens next year.

Southport Fireworks 2011


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