No, I Did Not Drop The Ball Last Week!

25 01 2017


Last week, the more frequent and eagle-eyed readers of my blog would have spotted that I did not post anything. Just to reassure you, no I did not drop the ball; it was sort of intended.

a-monster-calls (Focus Features - 2016)

Since 2011, I have been posting blog posts on this blog every week. I have been blogging in total for over 7 years now, but it was not until 2011 that I started posting more frequently, and have been doing so ever since. So why last week’s interruption, well there is sort of 2 reasons behind that. One is because I was hoping to post my film review of A Monster Calls, but after getting ill, and running dry of the emotions that the film created, I got a bit behind. The other though is that I have decided to scale back a bit when it comes to my blogging. Here’s why:

Steamboy (Sunrise - 2004)

In August 2016, I finally got a job, a job I am still doing to this day and am really enjoying; however when I first got it I was unsure as to if I would still be able to keep blogging frequently, so what I did was write a bunch of posts to post over a period of time instead of there and then. This idea worked, up until I started doing it for the rest of the year. I had written posts weeks, if not over a month ahead of when they were due to be posted. This took some of the fun out of blog posting, because when I have written a post, there is a great deal of excitement and energy about it, which makes you excited to see it simply get posted; if that is done weeks ahead, when it is finally posted the excitement has gone and so has the energy. Posting weeks ahead is only useful if you have a schedule to keep or have plans for a string of posts and need the extra time. For me it really took the fun out of it and as such I began to emotionally struggle with the blog, well thanks to both that and one other reason: Views.


When I started this blog, views were never really on my mind, as all I wanted to do was just write. When I discovered the views feature, it really started to grip me and I would look at it to see what was enjoyed, what wasn’t, and within a few years it pretty much took my main focus as I logged into WordPress every day. The views feature when you’re starting out can actually be quite fun, because when it’s the case that a lot of people are viewing your blog, that gives you a good boost of energy, but when they start to dwindle, that in return can get you down. Since 2011, I have actually kept a spreadsheet of my blog views on my computer, the main purpose being is that when I first started, WordPress used to provide views in a fun line graph, but this changed to a bar chart on the system, and as I quite liked the line graph, I decided to keep the spreadsheet to create the line graphs.

Godzilla 2014 (Legendary Pictures - 2014)

Come 2013 however, and the success I had achieved in 2012 quickly evaporated, and my blog views each month went from 3000-4000 views, to just over 1000. May 2014 saw a brief increase to over 2000 views mostly thanks to a certain film that was released that month, but since then views have been going down slowly. For the last 4 months of 2016, I received no higher than just over 900 views. I should just be happy that people are still looking at my blog from time to time, but when the views are sharp in your face when you turn on and go into the dashboard, and you see this continuing drop, it just gets you down, and with me losing the excited energy about the posting of posts, things really started to look grim. Then I had an idea, which upon considering it, made me very positive.


The issue; was that firstly the viewing figures were getting me down. So to combat this, I am no longer going to keep my own records, plus have managed to move the views window out of the way so it’s not completely in my face when I log on. I still have it to one side to look at every now and then, but now when I log in to WordPress I don’t get down when the views are down, because I don’t know if they are or not. Secondly, putting up posts every week did sort of begin to affect the kind of posts that I put up each week. This blog does not make money for me in anyway, it’s meant to be fun for me as well as a possible platform for my thoughts and interests, so why should I keep up a post each week? Posting each week does help me to keep it going and the frequency does help. The one thing I don’t want to do is give up, because in my current emotional state I may never get back into it if I did, so I decided to reduce the frequency to a post every 2 weeks. This keeps the frequency going, but does not put me in such a bad position. I can work on my posts more and have a little more freedom with less stricter personal deadlines, but also with more time to think and plan, I can potentially do more posts like the ones I really want to do. This does not stop me posting more frequently if I wanted to, but does not mean I have to rush a post out if I am late. It just gives me some options. Since deciding to go down this path, I have actually begun to feel a lot more positive and excited again about blogging and posting. While it’s in the early stages, I am beginning to feel pretty good about it. The rules I have put in place for myself are:

  • Post every couple of weeks at least.
  • Reduce number of film reviews a year too.

Film reviews have been a big part of this blog since the release of Inception, with me persisting to try and release one a month or at least 12 a year if I miss any. Doing big film reviews though do take up some time, and to allow myself as much freedom as I can, I am reducing my own required number down to six. If I am posting for half the year, I will do the same for film reviews too, but still continue to do them, just reducing the required amount in a year. So while it used to be at least 12, it is now 6. I am not intending to retire from blogging any time soon, I just want it to be fun again but also not tiring; so with this plan in place I am still hoping and planning to do the same as I always have done, just less frequently, and who knows, maybe this will turn out to be better than before, but right now that is not the important thing for me, the important thing is to be having fun again.

inception (Legendary Pictures - 2010)


Christmas Present Ideas – 5 Board Games

12 12 2012


If you read last weeks post you may have seen that I decided to give you some Christmas Present Ideas. Last week I did 10 films that I suggest you buy. This week I am going to recommend 5 Board Games that you should get. Once again I am not putting them in any particular order. I will not give too much detail as I don’t want to confuse you or take away some of the fun.  so, onto the Board Games.

Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep – My second favourite Board Game (after Monopoly) and the Best Board Game I have played this year. Up to 5 players can enjoy this one. Basically you are one of nine Lords of Waterdeep and during your turn you need to put men out on the board to collect resources to complete quests and gain the most points to win. How you win is determined by what quests you complete as well as bonuses at the end of the game depending on which character you are. Each round you take it in turns to put pieces out and there are all sorts of things you can accomplish including:

  • Building buildings
  • Hiring Adventurers
  • Collecting Gold
  • Choosing Quests
  • Playing Intrigue Cards

The Game is a lot of fun and well worth buying, so BUY IT, BUY IT NOW, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

Lords of Waterdeep Contents

Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride – Ticket to Ride is one of the simplest games on the planet. Maybe that’s why it won a Game of the Year Award. In Ticket to Ride up to 5 players can join in the fun as you take it in turns to either pick up train cards, lay routes that match the quantity and colour of the cards you have and also buy ticket cards which if you complete will give you more points. You can only do one action per turn and to complete a route to get basic points you need cards to match a route. so a route that has 5 blue rectangles on it means that you need 5 blue cards to do it. The game is so basic all I really have to say is GO AND BUY IT, IT WON A GAME OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, GET YOUR WALLET OUT, GO DOWN TO THE SHOPS OR ONLINE AND BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT.

Ticket to Ride board


Quarriors – Not all addictions are bad, surely Board Game Addiction is Good under the basis that it is Fun. Well I am addicted to Quarriors, A dice game consisting of 130 Dice (in the normal game) for 4 players to enjoy. If you have played Dominion you will probably get the hang of this quite quickly. You take it in turns to draw 6 dice from your bag and roll them. Whatever you roll is what you get which also depends on the dice. You can then spend Money or Quiddity to buy more dice (one per turn). The dice are lined up next to the card they represent and it is from these cards that helps you to choose what dice you want as well as details about the dice. Some dice are monsters while others are spells. You win the game by gaining glory from monsters you put out. If they survive you get the glory it says on the Card. Another Fantastic Game which you should go out and BUY, WHY ARE YOU DELAYING, GO AND BUY IT (even though it is kind of ironic that I am recommending a game that is not available on Amazon, sort of).

Quarriors Dice

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo – King of Tokyo is a game where up to 6 people play as Movie Monsters (that look like but are not actually those monsters) and have to fight it out to the death to become King of Tokyo. The game is very basic but can become very strategic and tactical. Whoever is the first monster to get 20 points (or is the last monster standing) wins the game, anyone whose life reaches zero is dead. During your turn you roll 6 dice and whatever you get on the dice shows what you do:

  • If you roll 3 matching numbers you get that many points.
  • If you roll Claws you attack
  • If you roll Hearts you heal (but only if you are not in Tokyo)
  • If you roll a lightning bolt you gain energy (which buys power cards)

Whoever is the first to roll a claws dice (and keeps) becomes King of Tokyo. For every turn he remains King of Tokyo he gains an additional 2 points. If someone attacks him and he is losing health he can retreat but he loses the title of King of Tokyo and the new monster becomes King of Tokyo. The monsters outside Tokyo only attack and wound the current King of Tokyo while the current King of Tokyo attacks and wounds all monsters outside Tokyo, Simple really. A fun game that the whole family can enjoy and a perfect gift for christmas, SO WHY HAVE YOU NOT BOUGHT IT YET, GO AND BUY IT.

King of Tokyo Contents


Bohnanza – There are many board games that involve buying and trading, but as far as I know there is only one game that involves the buying and trading of beans. In Bohnanza up to seven players take it in turns to plant, trade, plant more and harvest beans. When you are given your cards at the beginning of the game you can look at them (Obviously) but you can’t shuffle them around, you have to keep them in that order and plant them in that order (face up top card is first). Anymore that you pickup at the end of you turn have to be placed at the back of your hand. You also only start off with 2 bean fields and you have to plant your top card at the beginning of your turn so you may be forced to get rid of a whole crop to plant the new one (you can though buy a new field when you have enough cash). You get money through harvesting fields with enough plants in them to gain the right amount of coins. So if you have 4 Coffee beans you can harvest them for 1 coin, you do that by turning one card over (which becomes your coin) and then discarding all the others. You trade during your turn with the other players by trading two cards off the top of the deck as well as any cards you have in your hand that you don’t want, that they might want. Whatever card gets traded has to be planted though and cannot be traded even further. Some beans are rarer than others and as a result are worth more. whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins. While the game may look daunting from all that text it is a really fun game and one I would seriously recommend you get, SO BUY IT, BUY IT NOW, BUY IT NOW.

Bohnanza Cards (not all of them)

So, there you have some more fun christmas present ideas, come back next week for more, until then go and BUY THEM,WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS, YOU COULD HAVE ORDERED IT ALL THESE GAMES FROM AMAZON BY NOW, BUY THEM, BUY THEM, BUY THEM NOW.


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