When I Think Of Orange, I Think Of Cockroaches

17 12 2014


Yes, it’s a bit of an odd statement, but true. You know how certain colours trigger in the mind as certain objects; so Blue is water, Green is grass, Red is blood and Pink is lipstick. Well for me, Orange is Cockroaches. So when I see orange or do something which involves the colour of orange I immediately think of Cockroaches. I was playing a game of Perudo 2 or 3 weeks ago and when the choice of colours was either Orange or Yellow, I chose orange and mentioned Cockroaches. So, you are probably wondering why I think of Cockroaches. Well, it is  rather easy to explain.


Basically back in the mid 1990’s, when Channel 4 used to show Godzilla films every now and again (which they sadly have not done since about 2001/2002 and no channel in the UK seems to air the original Japanese films), one night they had a triple bill of films from the 1970’s. Godzilla vs Megalon, Godzilla vs Gigan and Terror of MechaGodzilla. The first one I watched was Godzilla vs Gigan, quite a dark and terrifying entry in the series. The plot goes along the lines of a children’s based theme park is constructed with the centrepiece being a tower that looks like Godzilla. An artist is hired to work for the company that owns it but is drawn into a conspiracy involving some missing tapes and the owner’s attempts to make world peace. After getting the tapes back, the owners use them to call and control King Ghidorah and Gigan to destroy the world. All of this however has not gone unnoticed by Godzilla and Anguirus who arrive in the nick of time to defeat the galactic threat and save the day.

Godzilla vs Gigan (Toho Co., Ltd. - 1972)

By this point you’re still probably wondering what all this has to do with Orange and Cockroaches. Well, the owners of the children’s based theme park are Alien Cockroaches from another world who have taken the form of humans as a form of uniform, and on top of that, they both wear orange suits. Even the henchmen have orange neck chiefs. And it wasn’t like a general orange, no; it was the same shade, striking fiery orange. Since then, when I have thought about or have seen the colour the colour orange, my mind has instantly drawn a connection to that film and the villainous, alien cockroaches from Godzilla vs Gigan. Now I don’t actually know much about why it was the colour orange. It has been a number of years since I last saw the film, so there may be an explanation in there somewhere. I wonder if Cockroaches actually have an affinity with the colour orange, who knows? But thanks to that film, for me anyway, I instantly think of Cockroaches when I think of or see the colour orange.



Godzilla Quiz Answers (Showa: 1954 – 1975)

26 05 2014

Godzilla 1954

For those of you who took part in my Godzilla Quiz last week, here are the Answers. How many did you get right (without looking up the answers online)?

  1. Who developed the Oxygen Destroyer in the original 1954 film? = Dr. Serizawa
  2. Name three other monsters beside Godzilla who fought King Ghidorah in the final battle of Destroy All Monsters? = Kumonga, Varan, Baragon, Rodan, Minilla (Baby Godzilla), Mothra, Manda, Gorosaurus, Anguirus
  3. What was the name of the Military Group in Ebirah: Horror of the Deep (Godzilla VS The Sea Monster)? = The Red Bamboo
  4. In his Godzilla debut, who was the first monster to make Godzilla Bleed? = Gigan
  5. Who was the ally of MechaGodzilla in Terror of Mechagodzilla? = Titanosaurus
  6. What was the name of the robot in Godzilla VS Megalon? = Jet Jaguar
  7. Who was the first Monster that fought Godzilla? = Anguirus
  8. What was the name of the first film to feature Minilla? = Son Of Godzilla
  9. Which American Actor made an appearance in the series in 1965? = Nick Adams
  10. Which other Iconic Movie Monster fought Godzilla in the early 1960’s? = King Kong
  11. How many forms of Hedorah were there? = Four
  12. What is the name of the Organisation that buys the Egg in Mothra VS Godzilla? = Happy Enterprises
  13. What is the name of the Monster that Ichiro imagines lives on Monster Island and is also the name of the bully that torments him in All Monsters Attack? = Gabara
  14. What Monster helps Godzilla fight MechaGodzilla in Godzilla VS MechaGodzilla? = King Seesar
  15. This film sees the debut of Godzilla’s greatest enemy? = Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster


MCA – Monster Combat Alliance – November Bonfire

23 11 2012

Last month more spaces in the World Title Tournament were filled up as well as the end of the three-part series between the Victor Anguiras and Rhedosaurus. This month is a Big Month. There are only 3 matches but one of them is Big, seven monsters Big. Seven Monsters fighting for the last spot in the World Title Tournament. We also have a Number One Contender’s match which will decide who gets the first shot at the World Title (after the tournament of course). We also have 2 new debuts tonight as Imoogi debuts alongside what could be our most exciting debut to date as a Human joins the ranks. Possibly the only human who is Big enough, Strong enough and Intense Enough to take on a Monster. Before we begin though, let’s see who is in the World Title Tournament.

  • Kiryu
  • Rodan
  • Desghidorah
  • Megaguirus
  • Titanosaurus
  • Godzilla
  • Anguiras

Before we begin, there are many monsters in the MCA who have yet to win a single match (six monsters in total) and so it is time that these monsters start winning. Two monsters will fight tonight and one will win his first match. Two Dragons in particular, two creatures who have not been seen since round 1 of the King Of The Monsters Tournament. That’s right; they’re back – King Ghidorah vs Dragon (RoF). Secondly we have the Number One Contenders match who will get a shot at the title in January. The 2 monsters chosen are 2 monsters that have no Involvement in either the tournament or tonight’s main event. Tonight Battra takes on Ultraman. Then we have tonight’s main event. A Seven Monster Elimination Match that I like to call the Hostile Takeover Match. Tonight it will be Gigan vs Gamera vs The DeathSaurer vs Manda vs Gyaos vs Imoogi vs THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR.

Let the Chaos Begin. Our first match of the evening is a 5 fight match between Dragon (RoF) and King Ghidorah – Dragon goes first.

 Dragon  King Ghidorah
17 13
5 3
13 9
3 20
7 13

Dragon Wins. While King Ghidorah may have made a sort of comeback it was just little too late. Maybe next time. Dragon gets their first win, congratulations.

Our next match of the evening is Battra vs Ultraman in a Number One Contenders Match, this will be a 7 fight match – Ultraman goes first.

 Ultraman  Battra
19 17
17 13
3 12
13 3
7 13
15 17
2 17

Battra Wins. It was a very close match, but Battra wins and earns the shot at the World Title. Whoever wins in December will face Battra in January, see you there. Tough luck Ultraman.

It’s finally arrived, the Big one, the Main Event, The Hostile Takeover Match. Here is how it will go down. Seven Monsters go in, every fight the monster with the lowest roll leaves the match (just like a normal match) and another loss is recorded onto their fight record. If there is a draw, the round is re-rolled. Whoever is left standing at the end wins the match. Simple Really. So let’s begin. Fighting Tonight are:

Gigan (KOTM 3rd Place, Second Best Fight Record)

Gamera (KOTM Wildcard Champion)

The DeathSaurer

Manda (KOTM 2nd Place, Third Best Fight Record)

Gyaos (KOTM 4th Place)

Imoogi (Debuting)

The Ultimate Warrior (Debuting, the only Human in the MCA)

The roll order will be decided by Highest Roll with a D20. If someone gets 20, they get the spot being rolled instantly. In case of draw, roll round is repeated. Last monster remaining gets last spot.

 Manda  Gamera  Warrior  Gyaos  Imoogi  DeathSaurer  Gigan
20 17 2 9 14 17 7
7 17 OUT 13 3 19 5
13 3 OUT 20 OUT 19 17
9 OUT OUT 5 OUT 19 13
17 OUT OUT OUT OUT 16 10

The DeathSaurer Wins. I have to say that I was not expecting that but he has earned it. Not a great Debut for either Imoogi or The Ultimate Warrior. Personally I was hoping that Gigan was going to win it and he stuck in there but in the end he lost in what has to be one of the most exciting matches in the short history of the MCA. Congratulations to The DeathSaurer who earns the final place in the World Title Tournament. Here how the standings look for Next Month.

  • Kiryu
  • Rodan
  • Desghidorah
  • Megaguirus
  • Titanosaurus
  • Godzilla
  • Anguiras
  • The DeathSaurer

Next Month is the World Title Tournament. Next Month Eight monsters fight it out to become The First MCA World Champion. It is an Interesting Line-up. We have Rodan; The KOTM Champion and the monster with the best Fight Record in the MCA. We have Desghidorah who holds a victory over Rodan. We have Anguiras who had to win 2 matches to get to this point. We have The DeathSaurer who holds a victory over Desghidorah. Then there is Kiryu who Fought Mothra for the first spot. Megaguiras who won their debut match for their place. And let us not forget Titanosaurus earning a shot last week along with Godzilla who defeated the current Number 1 Contender Battra for his shot. It is going to be an interesting Month. Make sure you come back that, Take Care and Watch Out

GENEPOOL (MCA Founder and Chairman)

King Of The Monsters Tournament – The Final

4 07 2012

Three weeks ago I started a Monster Tournament to decide who is the King of the Monsters. We started with 32 monsters and whittled them down in many furious battles until we had just 4 left. Tonight these 4 monsters will fight again for the ultimate prize of King of the Monsters. Let us remind ourselves how they got here.

Gyaos defeated one of the year’s wildcards, The Kraken. Gyaos then moved to fight one of the competitions toughest monsters, Kiryu and from this victory secured a place in the final. Manda successfully defeated The Host in round 1 before defeating the Commander of The Autobots to secure a place in the final. Gigan was one of the highest qualifiers for the competition but in order to get to round 2 had to defeat another high qualifier in Ultraman, which he did in a very tough match. He then went on to defeat the Wildcard Champion and Guardian of the Universe in a tough match. Gigan’s well fought matches and high qualifying status means he is the all-round Favourite to win, but do remember to expect the unexpected. Finally we have Rodan who defeated a monster who is well known to be The King of the Monsters, Godzilla (who has not been seen since last week’s Locker Room City incident) before going on to defeat Battra in round 2.

So let us remind ourselves who is fighting who;

Gyaos, The Terror of the Skies vs Rodan, The Fire Pterodactyl

Manda, The Serpent God vs Gigan, The Mutant Menace

The final round of the competition is set to go off like this. Each of the above matches will have 7 fights under the same rules as the previous 2 rounds of the tournament. The 2 losers of each match will then have a third place decider which will also have 7 fights. The final match of the evening will have 9 fights. The monster who wins that match will be declared the winner and King of the Monsters Champion.

So, we have the Monsters, we have our matches, what are we waiting for, Let the DESTRUCTION COMMENCE.

Match 1 – Gyaos vs Rodan – Rodan goes first.

Rodan                                                  Gyaos

10                                                        4

16                                                        4

15                                                        5

5                                                         17

6                                                          5

13                                                        19

8                                                          15

Rodan Wins

It was almost a flawless victory but towards the end Gyaos manage to get back in the fight before losing overall. Rodan goes through to the final.

Match 2 – Manda vs Gigan – Gigan goes first.

Gigan                                                   Manda

5                                                          15

5                                                          15

5                                                          14

6                                                          17

18                                                          5

11                                                          7

20                                                          3

Manda Wins

Once again a tough match and some more outside interference from Microsoft Word (so the first 2 rounds were re rolled) but Gigan was too late to do any major damage. Manda goes through to the final.

So the City Stage is set and in a few moments we will find out who is The First King of the Monsters Champion. But first, it’s time for the consolation prize of third place.

Third Place Fight-off – Gyaos vs Gigan – Gigan goes first.

Gigan                                                   Gyaos

3                                                          17

19                                                        14

13                                                          1

15                                                          4

9                                                            7

7                                                          13

17                                                          2

Gigan Wins

It was obvious Gigan wanted something and pulled out all the stops to make sure he got third place.

Now is the time you have been waiting for, we now head over to the Final City Showdown for the monsters to make their entrance.

In the Black Corner, with a fight record of 3 Wins 0 Losses, weighing in at 30,000 tons, The Fire Pterodactyl, RODAN.

And in the White Corner, with a fight record of 3 Wins 0 Losses, weighing in at 50,000 tons, The Serpent God, MANDA.

Rodan goes first.

Rodan                                                  Manda

9                                                          6

2                                                          4

6                                                          17

9                                                          13

6                                                          15

16                                                        6

15                                                        6

17                                                        3

7                                                          2

Rodan Wins

It was a tough match and it seemed like Manda would win but Rodan kept on fighting to win the match. Let’s head over to the final ceremonies to announce the winners.

We took 32 Monsters, we then put them through pain and agony and destruction until we had just 4 monsters left. We then put these 4 monsters through the same thing but this time it meant more than just qualifying. In a commendable 4th place we have Gyaos, The Terror Of The Skies. In Third Place we have Gigan, The Mutant Menace. In Second Place we have Manda the Serpent God. Here is your champion, the First King of the Monsters Champion, The Fire Pterodactyl, RODAN.

There we have it, That was The King Of The Monsters Tournament for this year and we have an excellent champion. Come back next year as we will put more Monsters through Pain, Agony and Destruction to find out who will be the King Of The Monsters Champion 2013.


King Of The Monsters Tournament – Round 2

20 06 2012

Last week 16 Monsters fought it out against each other to move onto the next stage in the tournament. Well we are now down to 8 Monsters, Next week is The Final where we will crown the first King of the Monsters Tournament Champion. The Monsters have already been paired up so let us remind ourselves who is facing who.

Kiryu vs Gyaos

Manda vs Optimus Prime

Rodan vs Battra

Gigan vs Gamera

In this round of the Tournament things get a little heated. The rules are the same as last week however instead of 3 fights per match we have 5 fights per match. Things may get ugly, so let us begin.

Match 1 – Kiryu vs Gyaos – Kiryu goes first.

Kiryu                                                      Gyaos

7                                                              15

18                                                           12

12                                                               4

11                                                           13

7                                                              18

Gyaos Wins

Very close match Ladies and Gentleman but your Winner is the Terror of the Skies.

Match 2 – Manda vs Optimus Prime – Optimus Prime goes first.

Optimus                                                               Manda

1                                                                             8

7                                                                           11

4                                                                           17

9                                                                             7

2                                                                           17

Manda Wins

That was a pretty one-sided match and almost a flawless victory, However The Serpent God has Won. But there was once more some outside interference from Microsoft Word, but that fight was rerolled to make it fair.

Match 3 – Rodan vs Battra – Battra goes first.

Battra                                                            Rodan

8                                                                      20

2                                                                        7

7                                                                        6

9                                                                     13

15                                                                      9

Rodan Wins

Another one-sided match but Battra stayed in long enough to at least cause some major damage. However your Winner is The Fire Pterodactyl.

Match 4 – Gigan vs Gamera – Gigan goes first.

Gigan                                             Gamera

9                                                    1

5                                                    6

8                                                    1

10                                                  5

17                                                 18

Gigan Wins

Final Fight of the evening saw 2 of the toughest monsters in the competition duke it out however The Guardian of the Universe (and the Wildcard Champion) did not have it in him to beat The Mutant Menace, Gigan is the Winner.

There we have it Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have our 4 finalists. So now we need to decide who will be facing each other next week, this time it will be decided a little bit differently. This time a D20 will be rolled for each Monster. Then the 2 Monsters with the highest values will face each other while the 2 Monsters with the lowest values will face each other.

Gyaos vs Rodan

Manda vs Gigan

Next week is the Big One as we will find out who is the First King Of The Monsters Champion. We have The Terror of the Skies vs The Fire Pterodactyl, the last 2 flying Monsters in the tournament going one on one. We also have The Serpent God vs The Mutant Menace, an odd fight in itself but still an interesting pairing. So please return next week as we conclude who is the King Of The Monsters Champion 2012.

BREAKING NEWS: After he failed in the first round last week, Godzilla has smashed up Locker Room City and has severely injured The Kraken, we will let you know on developments as we receive them.


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