The Deadly Seven

12 04 2016


“I want what I see

I want what I hear

I want more”

“I am Lust!

“I want more in me

I want more than most

I want more”

“I am Gluttony!

“I want Money

I want Power

I want more”

“I am Greed!

“I want people to do mine

I want to relax

I want more”

“I am Sloth!

“I want to see no more of them

I want to see them pay

I want more”

“I am Wrath!

“I want what he has

I want hers too

I want more”

“I am Envy!

“I want top station

I want to be above all

I want more”

“I am all the above

For I am Pride!




5 02 2014


After going to see The Hunger Games in 2012, I got back into reading for the first time in years, (despite the fact that I had been unsuccessfully trying as well as struggling to read “the Smash Hit Debut Novel Mogworld by internet sensation Yahtzee Croshaw” – YAHTZEE). Since then I have regularly visited my local Waterstones looking for more books to read. One of the first ones I noticed was a book called FEAR. It was a round about the same time I was reading The Hunger Games that I noticed it, and the one thing that struck me about it was the front cover artwork. It looked interesting and so I went in for a look, and saw that it was part of a whole series of books, the first of which was called GONE. I was interested to read it, but I didn’t want to interfere with my current reading schedule at the time, So I just kept it in my mind. This past June after almost a year of wanting to read it, I started reading GONE, the first book in the series, and since then I have read through every book in the series. GONE, HUNGER, LIES, PLAGUE and I have just finished reading FEAR.


This past Saturday I went into town, and it was a very auspicious (if that is the right word) moment as I purchased LIGHT, the final book in the series. Since June I have been consistently reading a thrilling and almost unstoppable book series, and now the end is coming. I have known about the coming of this day for a while, and it is one I am greatly excited about, and sad that it is approaching too. I feel like I am in this amazing world created by Michael Grant. I can feel like I am there and have my own feelings towards the characters and how I want their story to end, but also the world. I also have my thoughts as to how if I was in it, how I would want it to end.

GONE (Michael Grant)

One thing I am certain of though, is that whatever the ending will be, it will not be sedate. As the series has progressed, life inside the FAYZ has gone from bad, to worse than traumatic, and while FEAR has somehow ended the paranoia I have felt as the reader from LIES and PLAGUE, it is probably nothing more than the beginning of the end, a possible calm before the typhoon. But what that ending might be, I am sure it will be worth it.


The one thing getting to me at this stage though is; What am I going to read next? I have some ideas; I could finally get round to reading Mockingjay, or I could get back into The Spook’s series, or maybe read the copy of BATTLE ROYALE that is staring at me from my bookshelf. Or maybe, just maybe, I might take a gamble on a couple of books I have spotted, Stone Heart or The Fire Within. Will need to make a decision soon though.

Stone Heart


My Week: 30/08/2013 – 31/08/2013

13 09 2013

My Week

Friday: With the week feeling that it is going quickly (or that could be me getting older), but not as quickly as it is taking to write this. But yes the week was quickly coming to an end, even quicker for some as they had either already left or were about to leave. But still, it’s important to get the most out of the week. I began by writing my Sketch/Monologue thing for the camp concert during breakfast, remembering to wake up first. I had ingested a lot of serial during the week, something I don’t normally do, but I liked ingesting cereal. On from this was the last word on Philippians from David before having a quick word from Jim about what I wanted to do that evening for the concert and ask for his assistance with it. Me, Hannah, Beth, Josh and Matt then had a game of Alhambra before lunch. It was in some way a fun game despite how annoying the currency was, but still somewhat fun. Other campers played Football before Lunchtime.

Because we were sitting outside I was able to retain my big comfy chair for Lunch. This is usually the day that I go somewhat mad after not having Red Meat for a while, this time I was able to keep calm. Shortly after lunch John M left so we all said goodbye, much like we did for Phil on Thursday just this time round we did not have the group hug. The afternoon was made up of more game time as some of us played King of Tokyo before finally having a game of Dixit Odyssey followed by Coup before a brief tea time.

During tea which took the form of Corn on the Cob so we did not spoil our stomachs for the BBQ, we took possession of our own copies of the camp photo and started to pass them around so we could have them signed and while I had them signed by my close friends and other long-term friends, I also had them signed by those who I had hoped I became friends with. Something I stated in a video interview, I made so many amazing new friends and hope that they feel the same way. Following on from tea we had a brief (late) talk from Adam who did his talk in two parts, one involved discussion, the other was a general talk. Then it was time to get ready for the concert.

The concert was one of the best years to date. Several exhibitions of music, a camp variation of Les Misérables which was amazing due to the size, scale and planning of it all, a barber shop quartet (and keyboard player), some Jazz and other forms of music too. My monologue went ok, bit shorter than previous years, I talked about how people should make a cup of tea, and there were some bits of comedy also from Kiran and Simon doing puns and the Cinderella which was very funny. An Amazing concert overall, absolutely amazing. I have already started planning what I hope to do for next year after being inspired by the performances.

Then we went down to the Bonfire for a BBQ (and people singing songs from Disney films). There was also some great Chicken soup, have not had that for years, but it was lovely nonetheless. Some people then went for the Midnight Walk while others decide to play Carcassonne. I decided to go to bed as the next day I would have a long distance to travel. On the way back to the tent I could see the blazing fire still going and in the woods and eventually near the road I could hear the midnight walkers.

Saturday: Camp eventually reached its climax on the Saturday. When I reached the barn after I woke up I could see some people were awake while others were sleeping on the sofas with blankets draped over them. While I would’ve happily stayed up all night, I probably would not have been in good form to go round London. Breakfast was 30 minutes later due to the hijinks and japes people got up to the previous night. People were still waking up and we had another go at the Superman themed song.

Following on from this was the morning share time, a time for people to share what they enjoyed and what lies ahead for them. Even I for the first time went up and talked. I mentioned how this was one of the best if not the best camp to date while trying to hold back the nervousness of presenting this. I mentioned how it was a great camp to make new friends but also how the camp had brought me closer to God. Some people cried while presenting while others were able to hold them back. After this we split up into different groups and did some more sharing before a quick round of prayer. Following on from this I packed my stuff up, said my goodbyes and went back to Dorking train station for my lift home.

The train home was generally ok. I managed to read some more of HUNGER before I arrived in London Victoria, got a Wasabi for lunch (something I always try to get while in London) before going on a relatively short journey back to Euston, found out my train times, got a Milkshake, got on the Pendolino and started the journey home. I was able to continue reading HUNGER for most of the journey and had a quick 30 minute nap before arriving in Lancaster.

I did of course have to carry all the heavy bags I had across the bridge to get some money out of the cash point before crossing the bridge again to get a Taxi. I then arrived home safe and sound, texted family and friends to let them know I got back OK, played with the cats for a bit before going online, onto Facebook to upload my Photos from the week.

This year’s Camp was Amazing. To begin with it was hard not having my close and long-time friends around, like Josh and Hannah, but in a way this allowed me the opportunity to make new friends, something I generally find hard to do due to my extreme shyness, but in the end I was able to pluck up the courage to talk to new people and make new friends. Friends who I have either not met before or have but did not know them all that well; and this made me very happy and I hope that these people who I now think of as friends consider me also (as stated on a video interview by Rebecka). While there were still some I did not get a chance to meet, that gives future opportunities to make more friends. While camp has ended and that is sad, it is a sign of how great and enjoyable a year it was and while in many cases I may not see many people until next year, there are opportunities to meet up between now and then, and I look forward to those opportunities.


My Week: 24/08/2013 – 25/08/2013

9 09 2013

My Week

During 24/08/2013 and 31/08/2013, I made my Annual trip down south to Roothill Christian Camp. But at the conclusion of the event I made the realisation that this year’s camp was one of the best if not the best camp to date (this being my sixth to date). So I thought I would revisit a post I did in April 2012 (one of my highest rated posts to date) and talk about the week that was Roothill Camp 2013.

Saturday: I had an early wake up due to me needing to get many things sorted before I left for the south of the United Kingdom. I finished off the bolognaise sauce I made the previous night by having it for breakfast in the form of what the Americans call sloppy Joe’s, or something along those lines. I had to get the house sorted before my lift to the train station arrived (Kindly done by my good friend Ruth). Had to make sure the cats were ok and that the washing up was done as well as closing up the house. This was done all in good time which was thanks mostly to me doing most of it the previous day. It was a good idea in many sense as I had also been recovering from a cold and sore throat and that had caused my time management to slip. Just before 11:00 Ruth arrived and I locked up the house ready to go to the train station.

After being at the train station for about 30 minutes, the train arrived and I went about getting sorted. By that I meant I couldn’t just sit down, first I had to find my reserved seat, then take off my big rucksack with all my things in it and put it into the overhead storage space once again forgetting that the luggage space is not adequate enough and so I had to (once again……….obviously) put it into the specially made luggage compartment thingy things that are provided. Then I could put my coat and day bag (containing medicine, nose bleed towel and a copy of the book I have been reading) into the above space for luggage. While I was able to get all this done relatively harmlessly, there was some confusion over whose reserved seat it was, but this was fixed after 5 minutes when I realized that the seat reservation was for the way back not the way there and so I found which seat was actually mine and was sorted (after placing my stuff above my new seat). Following this kerfuffle I went and bought some lunch in the form of a burger with a drink and crisps but no chocolate (I think) as I was still recovering from a sore throat and having chocolate with a sore throat is not a good idea. Once eating this got straight into reading more of HUNGER by Michael Grant (the book I was reading). I was able to get through several more chapters and in many sense did not want to stop reading as just like GONE (the previous book), once you get into it, you don’t want to stop.

I finally reach Euston train station and get off the train after doing a thorough search of my seat to make sure I have not left anything I make my way to the main concourse. Before I go to the Tube though I swing by Ed’s just outside Euston which I discovered the previous week (yes two visits to London in one week) and buy a quick Milkshake. It was nice but not as good as either the shake I got from Proper Hamburgers in-between Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus and or the shakes they have at Juicafe in Lancaster, but still very tasty and nice. Then I made my way to the Tube which was very crowded but that wasn’t my immediate problem as I had some sort of memory blank and forget how the maps for the underground read and after some time particularly with the issues of the Northern Line I made my way through the underground system before getting off at Waterloo. However I had to make a quick detour through the Jubilee line which mostly consists of walking long distances before managing to get into Waterloo station itself. After having to wait almost 30 minutes I finally got onto a train to Dorking, along the way I was able to read some more of HUNGER. I finally arrived at Dorking I assumed I would have to phone someone at the camp to come and pick me up but I was fortunate enough not to wait long as John and Marion were waiting at the station for camp newcomer Rebecka to arrive. When she arrived we made our way to the camp site where I quickly said hello to most people I knew and got information on camp activities from David H while also having a brief chat with Jim and Adam. I then went to the tent with my friend Matt to get set up.

I had already known for a while that Josh, Hannah, Esther and Beth were not coming until I heard from Matt and looked in the back of the program that they would be coming after all. But for the time being my close friends at camp only consisted of Matt and some good friends I knew from previous years. After a quick catch and a quick discussion on why the camp program is the same one every year except for minor details as well as a nose bleed (not from the camp program, from me) we went up to the barn to wait for food. I had known for several days that Matt was not doing the camp video this year……….that duty eventually went to Rebecka. At tea me and Matt sat down at a table with a couple of girls (Elizabeth and Jennifer) who had been to camp before but who I had only really met at the Camp Reunion in December. The number of people there to begin with at least was smaller than on previous years and so it felt quite weird in many a sense. That was not the only difference however as for this camp we did not have to wash our own plates for a change and so the plates, cutlery and cups were taken from us when we were finished, like at a restaurant.

Once tea (provided by the cooking team of Barbara, Paul and Valrie who provided excellent meals all week-long) had wrapped up it was time for the afternoon meeting which was more of a welcome to camp thing than the type of meeting that we would have for the remainder of the week. There was also the annual thing of introducing yourself to people around you but this is quite tricky for a camp veteran as the age group you are put in is more or less made up of people you already know, but it was anyway, as nice in many a way as seeing Sam (Sam B to distinguish ourselves) at camp for the first time since 2010. Following this we had a somewhat brief message from speaker Daniel C before we all split up and got ready for supper and watched some of the other camp residents playing some sort of chicken goggle game. Then after more of catching up with others, we managed to go to bed.

Sunday: The Lord’s day, and as such it was the annual choice of 4 different churches to attend to. However for me the choice has always been simple, Dorking but I thought I would do something a bit different this year. After years of “Walking to Dorking” I was still going to do this but along a different route as I was once told by David that a different route did exist and so I thought I would experiment by walking along it and so dragged Matt into helping me. As he was the only person who agreed to come with me despite the number of people I told we went along the route with thanks to a Map from David. At first the undergrowth got a bit like Pan’s Labyrinth before we walked along part of a golf course (while wondering if we were going to get chased by a game keeper) before entering a clearing of woods which seemed to look like some tropical forest. This led to a stretch of an A Road I think to which we had to walk along (thankfully on a path) until we reached a traffic island before crossing into a nice park area with a brilliant view of the hills before making our way towards the main street, join it then get to church 3 minutes before the rest of the group. Theoretically the route was supposed to be 10 minutes quicker but we did have to stop and read the map a few times. The route (in our minds) was so good that we walked the same route the way back (even though I would have preferred a lift) but anyway me and Matt along with Roshen took this new route all the way back (even if I did walk bare foot for the last bit).

After a great lunch some of the campers me included went for a walk in the local woods. The group consisted mainly of me, Christina, Sam B, Sam C, Elizabeth, Simon, Kiran, Roshen, Tom, Jim and his wife and we walked through the woods at the bottom of the camp field before going through some more open areas and finally entering a corn field (which I don’t think was there in previous years) and then back onto the main road. Through most of the walk many a discussion was raised including what board games I play, which of Nolan’s Batman films are best and which way do we go now? The rest of the afternoon consisted of playing some wooden puck elastic game, a game of Coup and watching others play Martian Dice.

After a nice tea we had our evening meeting led by Daniel from the previous night and the week’s speaker David S before once again having supper and the hijinks of a game of Mafia (and like always I was not the Mafia and was once again found guilty of potentially being mafia and was discovered to not actually being one) even though it was sort of interesting how everyone seemed to go for all the people named Sam (me included) of being Mafia. It was also the fifth occasion where Matt had been the Mafia. After this we had a quick game of The Resistance which mainly ended with me walking off in dramatic fashion to the result of a vote (which ended with me making sure everyone knew that it was for dramatic purposes). Then it was bed time.


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