No, I Did Not Drop The Ball Last Week!

25 01 2017


Last week, the more frequent and eagle-eyed readers of my blog would have spotted that I did not post anything. Just to reassure you, no I did not drop the ball; it was sort of intended.

a-monster-calls (Focus Features - 2016)

Since 2011, I have been posting blog posts on this blog every week. I have been blogging in total for over 7 years now, but it was not until 2011 that I started posting more frequently, and have been doing so ever since. So why last week’s interruption, well there is sort of 2 reasons behind that. One is because I was hoping to post my film review of A Monster Calls, but after getting ill, and running dry of the emotions that the film created, I got a bit behind. The other though is that I have decided to scale back a bit when it comes to my blogging. Here’s why:

Steamboy (Sunrise - 2004)

In August 2016, I finally got a job, a job I am still doing to this day and am really enjoying; however when I first got it I was unsure as to if I would still be able to keep blogging frequently, so what I did was write a bunch of posts to post over a period of time instead of there and then. This idea worked, up until I started doing it for the rest of the year. I had written posts weeks, if not over a month ahead of when they were due to be posted. This took some of the fun out of blog posting, because when I have written a post, there is a great deal of excitement and energy about it, which makes you excited to see it simply get posted; if that is done weeks ahead, when it is finally posted the excitement has gone and so has the energy. Posting weeks ahead is only useful if you have a schedule to keep or have plans for a string of posts and need the extra time. For me it really took the fun out of it and as such I began to emotionally struggle with the blog, well thanks to both that and one other reason: Views.


When I started this blog, views were never really on my mind, as all I wanted to do was just write. When I discovered the views feature, it really started to grip me and I would look at it to see what was enjoyed, what wasn’t, and within a few years it pretty much took my main focus as I logged into WordPress every day. The views feature when you’re starting out can actually be quite fun, because when it’s the case that a lot of people are viewing your blog, that gives you a good boost of energy, but when they start to dwindle, that in return can get you down. Since 2011, I have actually kept a spreadsheet of my blog views on my computer, the main purpose being is that when I first started, WordPress used to provide views in a fun line graph, but this changed to a bar chart on the system, and as I quite liked the line graph, I decided to keep the spreadsheet to create the line graphs.

Godzilla 2014 (Legendary Pictures - 2014)

Come 2013 however, and the success I had achieved in 2012 quickly evaporated, and my blog views each month went from 3000-4000 views, to just over 1000. May 2014 saw a brief increase to over 2000 views mostly thanks to a certain film that was released that month, but since then views have been going down slowly. For the last 4 months of 2016, I received no higher than just over 900 views. I should just be happy that people are still looking at my blog from time to time, but when the views are sharp in your face when you turn on and go into the dashboard, and you see this continuing drop, it just gets you down, and with me losing the excited energy about the posting of posts, things really started to look grim. Then I had an idea, which upon considering it, made me very positive.


The issue; was that firstly the viewing figures were getting me down. So to combat this, I am no longer going to keep my own records, plus have managed to move the views window out of the way so it’s not completely in my face when I log on. I still have it to one side to look at every now and then, but now when I log in to WordPress I don’t get down when the views are down, because I don’t know if they are or not. Secondly, putting up posts every week did sort of begin to affect the kind of posts that I put up each week. This blog does not make money for me in anyway, it’s meant to be fun for me as well as a possible platform for my thoughts and interests, so why should I keep up a post each week? Posting each week does help me to keep it going and the frequency does help. The one thing I don’t want to do is give up, because in my current emotional state I may never get back into it if I did, so I decided to reduce the frequency to a post every 2 weeks. This keeps the frequency going, but does not put me in such a bad position. I can work on my posts more and have a little more freedom with less stricter personal deadlines, but also with more time to think and plan, I can potentially do more posts like the ones I really want to do. This does not stop me posting more frequently if I wanted to, but does not mean I have to rush a post out if I am late. It just gives me some options. Since deciding to go down this path, I have actually begun to feel a lot more positive and excited again about blogging and posting. While it’s in the early stages, I am beginning to feel pretty good about it. The rules I have put in place for myself are:

  • Post every couple of weeks at least.
  • Reduce number of film reviews a year too.

Film reviews have been a big part of this blog since the release of Inception, with me persisting to try and release one a month or at least 12 a year if I miss any. Doing big film reviews though do take up some time, and to allow myself as much freedom as I can, I am reducing my own required number down to six. If I am posting for half the year, I will do the same for film reviews too, but still continue to do them, just reducing the required amount in a year. So while it used to be at least 12, it is now 6. I am not intending to retire from blogging any time soon, I just want it to be fun again but also not tiring; so with this plan in place I am still hoping and planning to do the same as I always have done, just less frequently, and who knows, maybe this will turn out to be better than before, but right now that is not the important thing for me, the important thing is to be having fun again.

inception (Legendary Pictures - 2010)


Film News – The Outsider

12 03 2014

13 Assassins (Toho Co., Ltd. - 2010)

Some of you may probably not know about The Outsider. It was this interesting looking film which when announced sounded quite promising. The film’s plot revolves around the idea of a former POW (Prisoner Of War) in post World War 2 Japan who rises up through the ranks in the Yakuza. Based on an idea by John Linson (Sons of Anarchy) the plot makes it sound really interesting in its own right and after what happened with 47 Ronin, sounded very promising. But the most exciting thing about the film came from news about who was to star in it and who was to direct it. The film was to star Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) and to be directed by Japanese Movie Master as well as one of the most prolific directors in cinema today, Takashi Miike (13 Assassins, Ichi the Killer).

Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike

So with one of the finest actors in cinema today teaming up with one of the world’s most renowned directors in the world today teaming up on a film that in its own right, sounded amazing, I was really looking forward to The Outsider. Sadly however there has been some unfortunate news. It turns out that Tom Hardy has left the project while production was underway, as a result the film needed to find a new star, and as this caused scheduling difficulties, it means that Takashi Miike is no longer available to direct. So the film has no lead and no director.

Ryuhei Kitamura and Bong Joon-ho

As far as I know, the film is still to be produced, so I thought I would give my own take on how this whole situation can be turned around. If the studio wants to get the proper direction, then a local director would be best, so this leaves two options. Either wait until Takashi Miike is available again or find another prolific director in the area. One name that comes to my mind is  Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus). While he has not made as many films as Miike, (Kitamura = 16, Miike = 85+), I think Kitamura is the man for the job as he is one of the country’s top directors at the moment, and if it is the case that Kitamura is not interested, well, while he may not be Japanese, The Outsider’s producers could look into asking Bong Joon-ho (The Host). As for a replacement for Hardy, well, why not Mark Strong (Sherlock Homes, Welcome To The Punch). I think it would work quite well.

Mark Strong

I really do hope though that The Outsider gets produced, it sounds really good and has a lot of potential, providing it comes together alright.


Godzilla News – Trailer

11 12 2013

Godzilla 2014 (Legendary Pictures - 2014)

“His power is unequalled. His battles are Legendary. His return is near”

Godzilla 2000 Trailer.

It has been almost 4 years now since the announcement that Legendary Pictures had received the rights from Toho to produce a new American Godzilla film. When the announcement was first made, statements were also made stating how this Godzilla was going to be more true to the Japanese Monster than to that American Impersonator. Well after almost 4 years of brief pieces of news here and footage and news exclusively at ComicCon, the first trailer to the new film has just been launched. Take a look:

The trailer has an odd premise as you’d expect it to be like most trailers in its buildup however this one involves, for most of the trailer, one scene. a scene of paratroopers falling from the sky. As they descend they eventually arrive just above what appears to be San Francisco, which seems to be engulfed in flames. Through the mask of one of these paratroopers a faint outline of a Titanic Monster can be seen. The trailer then shows some bits here and there of the film including shots of some of the films actors including Ken Watanabe (Inception, The Last Samurai) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad). the trailer then returns to a smoky, dusty image with something big black and dark moving behind it before seeing a better look of the creature and then hearing its roar.


The most important aspect of this new film of course is the big lizard himself. From what I could see from the trailer, the scale is there as in he appears to be as Gigantic as he is portrayed in the original series. His trademark scales are there, looking imposing as well as terrifying but then when we see the creature in a much better outline, he looks amazing. Only time will really tell what the overall creature looks like, but already, he looks like the Great Monster that we have all come to know and love.

With the release of Pacific Rim (Also by Legendary Pictures) taking part earlier this year, with the amount of scale of the great robotic and monstrous hulks in that film, we can rest assured that for the time at least, things are looking up and while the new Godzilla film is not due out for another 6 months, this has given us plenty of opportunities to wet our appetites in anticipation, and as we get closer to the launch date, there is sure to be a more comprehensive trailer as well as possibly what the final design of the creature.


GENEPOOL (The trailer does make me somewhat think of the trailer for Godzilla 2000 as well as a level in Battlefield 3).

Film Review – INCEPTION

6 08 2010

Right then yes Inception OK I went to see this film last week; it was its very very good. You have to go into the cinema I went to Vue, pay the tickets, my mum did, went with my brother and my mum. I got myself an ice cream one of those two twisted milkshakes you get there, the ones where you get 2 Ben and Jerry ice cream flavours mixed together, even though they sell them at Vue they still have no idea what they are which is always annoying. You have to get your ticket, go in, go to the toilet it was upstairs it was, and go in sit down. We didn’t see many trailers, I can’t remember. Hmm yeah and the film begins. It’s basically like dreams; it was originally a script by Christopher Nolan and a seven figure deal with Warner Bros for the script. It’s basically they go into some ones dreams and influence them, get information out of them and stuff. It’s kind of, it’s kind of well thought out, of course you get Leonardo Di Caprio who was in films like Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York and Titanic, and you’ve got Ken Watanabe who did Ras Al Ghul in Batman Begins and you’ve got Michael Caine who was like a kind of side character. Then you have Ellen Page who in my opinion has the best role in this whole film. Ellen Page’s whole career is kind of odd because its, well not odd well you don’t really notice her until she does something majorly big. You know, I had no idea that she did Shadowcat Kitty Pride in the hmm X-Men Last stand film. I thought she looks familiar because when it Juno was advertised I was thinking was she in X-Men. Then she was in that and then I looked it up and she was in X-Men. She was quite good as Kitty Pride and she has the best role in Inception.

What the idea is basically is this one person Leonardo Di Caprio hmm wants to see his family again but he can’t do this until he has done something so Ken Watanabe’s character kind of brings up some money so he can do this job for him to help out with a certain company that need help. So he goes in search of someone to be an architect, someone who builds dreams to live in and do stuff in and then so he finds Ellen page and tells her in a dream do you know how a dream starts. That’s actually a good question who actually remembers how a dream starts how do we get here and basically tells her how you can do things in it like turn it upside down, you can have a nice big city area and have a steam train roll right through it, all sorts of stuff so he teaches her how to do this. They go looking around, she starts building the dream world while he looks for a forger someone who puts them under using a certain drug which will stop them waking up accidently. While all of this is going on Leonardo Di Caprio has his own problem with his characters wife who died because she was one of these dreamers as well so they kind of lived in this dream world but he thought they had lived there too long and so he got them out but then she thinks they are still in a dream world so she went and killed herself and now she’s all over these dreams really causing several problems for Leonardo Di Caprio. So when it comes to do the dream bit. Ellen Page’s character says I am coming with you because you need someone with you to sort out these problems.

So they get the target, all of them all of these people and the target on an aeroplane and then put them under dreams and they are all dreaming in the same dream as it were and then as it happens from here on we have. Its kind of hard to say they enter one dream world which is kind of like a raining New York and they go and kidnap this guy who they brought in and try and get information out of him but while this starts going on some weird stuff starts happening including people in the dream like enemies start appearing almost like enemies in a video game spawning all over the place and a big freight train plowing right through the city and so they kind of wonder what’s happening something else has happened and so they get into this guys brain, they get him into a car and go under into another dream, a dream in a dream. It’s kind of hard to explain. They go into a new world with a new business look in a hotel and stuff telling this man they need information out of him I think Fisher was his name, he was Scarecrow in Batman Begins there’s kind of loads of people from all over Nolan’s films.  What they do is one person stays behind in the previous dream to wake them up so one person is still in the car in rainy New York and then you have all these people in the dream in the hotel who take Fisher there and they kind of go into this other world where it is like snow like a special forces unit in this snowy world you know and they have all these problems with shooting people. The idea of keeping one person behind is quite simple you get someone out of a dream by causing them to fall so when like in a dream you fall you wake up. There is this car falling off the bridge then you have the hotel which has problems with gravity so the idea is that when you are about to hit something you fall causing you to wake up and then you’ll wake up out of that one and back in the car as it is falling in the water. Then they have this slight problem that being Leonardo Di Caprios character’s ex wife who is haunting these dreams shoots fisher so Ellen Page and Leonardo Di Caprio go into this world created by Leonardo Di Caprio  and his characters wife. You may think when you fall it doesn’t take too long well it says that if you have a 2 minute dream in another dream this becomes 20 minutes then 40 minutes then 160 minutes so they go in to this other world and the wife lets fisher go and Leonardo Di Caprio stays in the dream. Meanwhile Ken Watanabe’s character was shot in the rainy dream and the idea is that because they’re so under all this under stuff simply dying wont wake you up you will go into a vegative state so then Ellen Page kind of falls through the sky waking up in the snow world where a building is about to drop on her which causes her to wake up falling in the lift which then causes her to wake up falling in the van which then hits the water but then somehow they don’t wake up in the plane. Meanwhile Leonardo Di Caprios character goes on this long search for Ken Watanabe’s character and gets him out of this vegetative state and so they are all fine and wake up in the real world all happy everything happy happy happy and then it goes to the end and it’s kind of strange. Leonardo Di Caprios character has this strange Totem object which when he spins tells him if he is in a dream or not and so he goes and sees his children and then sets the totem spinning which wobbles abit but keeps spinning and so you wonder if all of this is a dream, is this a dream world or the real world.

If it sounds confusing, It could be.

Very very clever movie in terms of story and everything and it’s going to be hard to see if you can get any kind of Sequel out of this. You kind of think like kind of like Avatar in a way that a Sequel might ruin it but it would be interesting if you know what I mean. But the thing is Christopher Nolan is very busy at the moment in January he is filming Batman 3 which is the final in the series and then he is doing the new Superman film Man of Steel. Now what about Inception? It’s actually a very good film in my opinion, one of the best films this year, I have seen about 3 films 4 films this year, I saw the A-Team the other day. One of the films I saw this year technically didn’t come out this year and that was AVATAR. Hmmm, I went to see Clash of the Titans, Its better than Clash of the Titans yes. I like Iron Man 2 a lot in a way, I think Inception is better than Iron Man 2 I might regret saying that but I think it is. It’s better than the A-Team. Yes we’ve got other films coming out this year of course, we’ve got The Expendables which looks quite good, there’s Salt which looks pretty interesting, we have the next Harry Potter which doesn’t look all that great and the next Narnia film which looks better than the Harry Potter trailer. To date Inception is the best film, there’s still some films I want to see like Toy Story 3, hmm but to date it’s the best film that’s come out this year so far in my opinion. Yes very good and also it’s a continuing trend of Christopher Nolan films that practically everything Christopher Nolan makes is good. I have only seen 3 Christopher Nolan films and they were all very good Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception. There was one time I was watching Lord of the Rings Return of the King and then Batman Begins straight after and it was clear to see that Batman Begins is a far better film. I have seen the Dark Knight several times and you can’t get bored with the Dark Knight because it is such a good film. I would probably say that the Dark Knight is better than Inception because Inception can be quite hard to follow and so I would advise people who might find it hard to follow things that they don’t see Inception or if they do go and see it twice just so they can get a better idea of the story. Dark Knight is better because it has a better story and is easier to understand but Inception is still very good I would definitely recommend that you go and see Inception. If you like interesting stories, go and see it, if you want to go and see it go and see it, if you like action go and see it if you like the cast go and see it. Inception, this is the first in my film blog, Inception is definitely a must see.


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