Transformers Film Series – Top 5 Autobots

22 04 2013

Transformers Trilogy

The Transformers Films are some of my favourite films, the Trilogy is also one of my favourite film trilogy’s (alongside the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Heisei Gamera Trilogy). I absolutely love the films. I remember when I first saw a poster for the films and eventually they were released and I could not get enough of them. When Dark of the Moon was released in 2011 there was questions if it was the end of the series, however this is not the case as the series is to continue next year. I have been wanting to do posts on this for a while now, and so I am going to begin with My Top 5 Favourite Autobots (Check back soon for my top 5 Decepticons). The Autobots are of course the heroes of the series, so no real explanation is needed there. So let us Roll Out.


5. Roadbuster – You may not be all that familiar with this character. Roadbuster is one of the Wreckers in the third film. While he does not have much of a starring role he is an important character, alongside with the other wreckers he is extremely dangerous, as the name wreckers may suggest. To me this character stands out above many in the series thanks mostly to his incredible Scottish Accent, which makes him look and sound Awesome and adds to his rough exterior (as in what he does). While he may be a strange choice for this list (particularly when there is also Sideswipe to think about), he is in it mostly to his accent (which is why he stands out).

Jazz and Bumblebee

4. Jazz and Bumblebee (Joint) – While trying to come up with this list it was hard finding enough Autobots that I really liked, so I sort of kept forgetting about both Bumblebee and Jazz, but when I thought about it, the films would not be the same without them. What’s good about Jazz is the way he talks but also his enthusiasm in battle, particularly when he gets straight in and challenges Megatron, however this does not go well. Bumblebee on the other hand is a tough fighter but also a loyal friend. One of his most outstanding features is of course his inability to talk (except at the end of the first film) and so communicates through the use of his car radio. Both of these characters are important to the films in both their position and their own way, without them, the films would probably not be the same.


3. Jetfire – A wise old transformer with knowledge about almost everything in the history of the Transformers. When he first appears in the second film he is represented as being old and this can be seen through his beard and walking stick and in some way, his accent. He is generally funny throughout the film and his incredible British Accent helps this. Jetfire is also a strong and powerful warrior as shown when he goes into combat against the Decepticons at the end and helps the Autobots by making Optimus Prime more powerful. Jetfire is an Awesome Transformer and like Ironhide should return to the series in the Future.

Optimus Prime

2. Optimus Prime – The leader of the Autobots and one of the series main leads. A strong and powerful warrior and loyal too. He leads the Autobots to Earth to search for the AllSpark which eventually gets destroyed. Optimus then has to deal with The Fallen (who may be a relation). He combines with Jetfire to accomplish this before finding out that the original commander of the Autobots; Sentinel Prime is on the moon and revives him, this appears to be a mistake however when it turns out that Sentinel Prime is on the side of the Decepticons (check the movies for full details). Optimus Prime is a fantastic character and Warrior (even though fans of Transformers are probably wondering why he only comes to number 2 on this list), and I find it hard to say anything more than that about him without going into a full analysis (much like the holder of the number 1 spot).


1. Ironhide – When I saw the first Transformers film one character stood out for me. He also appeared in both the second and third films. He is my favourite Autobot from the series and is also an honorary inductee into the Transformers Hall of Fame. He is Ironhide. What I like about him is that he seems like an Autobot that is genuinely dangerous. Other Autobots seem to have not much in the way of weaponry, but when Ironhide first shows up, the first thing he does is show off his weapons, well he is a weapons specialist. He is also very soft-spoken most of the time but when he is in battle he lets his animal side out along with his attitude. It’s hard to say more than that really (which is pretty much the same for Optimus Prime). Ironhide is my Favourite Autobot from the film series, as well as my Favourite Transformer from the series.


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