When I Think Of Orange, I Think Of Cockroaches

17 12 2014


Yes, it’s a bit of an odd statement, but true. You know how certain colours trigger in the mind as certain objects; so Blue is water, Green is grass, Red is blood and Pink is lipstick. Well for me, Orange is Cockroaches. So when I see orange or do something which involves the colour of orange I immediately think of Cockroaches. I was playing a game of Perudo 2 or 3 weeks ago and when the choice of colours was either Orange or Yellow, I chose orange and mentioned Cockroaches. So, you are probably wondering why I think of Cockroaches. Well, it is  rather easy to explain.


Basically back in the mid 1990’s, when Channel 4 used to show Godzilla films every now and again (which they sadly have not done since about 2001/2002 and no channel in the UK seems to air the original Japanese films), one night they had a triple bill of films from the 1970’s. Godzilla vs Megalon, Godzilla vs Gigan and Terror of MechaGodzilla. The first one I watched was Godzilla vs Gigan, quite a dark and terrifying entry in the series. The plot goes along the lines of a children’s based theme park is constructed with the centrepiece being a tower that looks like Godzilla. An artist is hired to work for the company that owns it but is drawn into a conspiracy involving some missing tapes and the owner’s attempts to make world peace. After getting the tapes back, the owners use them to call and control King Ghidorah and Gigan to destroy the world. All of this however has not gone unnoticed by Godzilla and Anguirus who arrive in the nick of time to defeat the galactic threat and save the day.

Godzilla vs Gigan (Toho Co., Ltd. - 1972)

By this point you’re still probably wondering what all this has to do with Orange and Cockroaches. Well, the owners of the children’s based theme park are Alien Cockroaches from another world who have taken the form of humans as a form of uniform, and on top of that, they both wear orange suits. Even the henchmen have orange neck chiefs. And it wasn’t like a general orange, no; it was the same shade, striking fiery orange. Since then, when I have thought about or have seen the colour the colour orange, my mind has instantly drawn a connection to that film and the villainous, alien cockroaches from Godzilla vs Gigan. Now I don’t actually know much about why it was the colour orange. It has been a number of years since I last saw the film, so there may be an explanation in there somewhere. I wonder if Cockroaches actually have an affinity with the colour orange, who knows? But thanks to that film, for me anyway, I instantly think of Cockroaches when I think of or see the colour orange.



Theres a Mess on the Table – Arbitrary Stopframe no 1: Marker Pen

5 01 2012

Well one of my Commenters thought that a Film review of Arbitrary Stopframe would be quite fun to do So I thought I would review each one (But not in the same post). So Here is the First one; Marker Pen. 

Arbitrary Stopframe no 1: Marker Pen (M.C. Media - 2011)

Created by my Friend Matt Colclough this film is only a minute long and seeing as I did not have to pay a Cinema Ticket that is pretty Good. This film is the first in the series and really sets a tone for the series and also a first benchmark for the rest of the series.

The film involves a large orange creature with lots of eyes playing with a felt tip pen. He draws a few dots before the pen dries out. He shakes it and then bangs it on piece of paper on the table where the pen ink goes everywhere on the piece of paper. It then grows and grows. The creature then looks upset at what has happened. The film then ends.

The opening music is nicely written and the piano does give a nice light feel about the film especially as the creature becomes upset and you do feel a bit sorry for the creature and so when the Music by Timothy Johnston plays in it helps you to not feel too emotional. The Special effects are very Good but knows when to restrict itself so it does not spoil the effect (kind of like how Avatar does not restrict itself). It also has a Ray Harryhausen effect about it and so even though it does not look completely realistic it still has a nice effect about it. It’s like you forget about realism and just enjoy it as it is. The Paper effect is especially brilliant particularly as it flows out after the monster hits the paper. Even though it is a really short film it is an enjoyable film and an entertaining first film from this young Film Maker. I would really recommend this film and it will be interesting to see what this would be like (and some of the other films in the series) if they were at Feature Length. If you are the kind of person who likes this sort of thing who will really like this Film.



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