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5 08 2015

Steering Wheel

Last week, I took my first step into doing something I have always wanted to do, but so far as yet had not. I had my first sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Ford Fiesta

For the past several weeks, I have been trudging around several employment websites looking for work, and am as yet unsuccessful in finding something. When I do find something promising, or that I like the look of, I will read about it and if still interested would apply for it. One issue that I have found is that many jobs ask for a current driving licence. Not too big a thing unless you don’t have one, and need the income to learn to drive in the first place. Well, a few weeks ago I started looking into Intensive Driving courses in the hope I could learn quickly and receive a driving licence as quickly as possible to allow me to apply for those kinds of jobs with ease. A couple of weeks later, my Mam informs me that a friend of hers at work, knows some people who offer driving experiences to allow the people the option to just have a little driving lesson and see how they feel. The experience is only really offered to 14-16 year olds, not people over the age of 20. However, I was able to get a slot to have a little go behind the wheel of a car.

Traffic Cones

I was booked in, and went to the Truck Haven near Carnforth last week where a section of car park was roped off. I was rather scared and worried as I had no idea how the car was going to react, or if I was going to like it or not. I had little worries going through my head. I met my instructor there and he had me take a seat in the front of the car behind the wheel. Getting in was hard due to my height, but he took me through the basics, such as pushing the seat back, heightening and lowering the back rest, adjusting the mirrors, the order of pedals including which foot to use best for which pedal, everything to the point of turning the car on for the first time. He then instructed me about the ‘biting point’ and how to start the car up into it moving for the first time. To begin with it was only in first gear, and I only drove round the area once before coming to a stop. But I really enjoyed it; it felt so amazing to drive the car round. We then did it again, I was a bit harder on the brakes that time, but I was beginning to enjoy it more.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (Eden Games - 2011)

And it didn’t stop there. He took me through braking for a corner (something I was worried about given my experience in Test Drive Unlimited 2) and how to change-up and down a gear. I really did enjoy it, and felt a little bit sad when my slot time was up. I had a brief talk with the instructor and my Mam, and the hope now is that I will be proceeding with learning how to drive. I am still a little scared to be going out on the road with real drivers to learn, but I am kind of excited to finally learn how to drive a car. Then all I will need to do is get a job to pay for my own once I pass my driving test.

Pagani Huayra

GENEPOOL (I very much doubt that my first car will be a Pagani Huayra).

Why I Have Been Ignoring And Simultaneously Almost Refusing To Notice The Pagani Huayra

5 02 2013

Pagani Huayra

It is no big secret that I like cars, I like all sorts of cars but my Favorite genre/type of cars are Super Cars. While I do like Big Four by Fours as well as classic cars and even some family type cars, I do prefer supercars to most other types. If I was to give you a list of my top 5/top 10 Favourite cars it would be highly likely that most of the list will be filled with Supercars.

Lamborghini Gallardo

But more recently I have been ignoring one car in particular. A car that if you were to look at it you would think I would like it, but to me it has been causing some irritating headaches.

Pagani Huayra

This is the car in question, the Pagani Huayra (Don’t ask me how to pronounce to it). I have known about the existence of this car for a few years. When it was first announced I looked around for some pictures of it with no luck. Every so often I would try and look it up. But most of the time I did not want to think about it. It was not until a recent episode of Top Gear that I gave it a proper look. And I liked what I saw; it has a Good shape and gives out a lot of Power and noise, all key components of a Supercar. It also had lots of nice extras including the interesting Gear Stick. However, even after the impressive demonstration and Lap Time to me, it is still a bit irritating. Why? Well, this is why?

Pagani Zonda Tricolore

This is the Pagani Zonda. Produced by the same company that builds the Huayra, launched in 2000, the Zonda has had various different versions over the years including the C12R, S, Cinque, Tricolore and F. The Zonda (Zonda F to be exact) is also my Favourite Car. The first time I saw it was on an episode of Top Gear (The Milau Bridge Episode, one of the Best Episodes), but it was not until the F made an appearance that it became my Favourite Car, and has been that way since. It’s body shape, it’s style, it’s noise and it’s speed alone make it a Fantastic Car, but to me the thing that makes it the best is that it is the true definition of a Supercar. It’s futuristic as well as mad, its name too, ZONDA, what a Fantastic name for a car. Supercars are dream cars for many and the Zonda represents this spectacularly as being a car that once existed in the minds of motoring fans, almost an impossibility before arriving on the scene and not just being a one-off car, it became a Legend of Motoring.

Pagani Zonda F

So why would I be ignoring a car that is being promoted as the Successor to the Zonda. Well that’s it; I don’t want the Zonda to disappear. The Zonda is an incredible car and as far as I can see it cannot be replaced and should not be replaced. Sure, the company needs to progress and build new cars to continue, but why not make the Zonda alongside the Huayra. While the Zonda and the Huayra share similar looks and in that sense you could say that they are basically the same car, I still prefer the Zonda to the Huayra The time leading up to the end of the Zonda was sad for me. While it did went out on a bang with the R and Tricolore, it was still the end of my Favourite car.

Zonda Cinque

It may be the end of the Zonda as the main car produced by Pagani but I do not think of this as the real end of the Zonda. I am sure Pagani have their plans for the car that made them what they are, but for now the Huayra is their main project. So perhaps that is what is meant as the successor to the Zonda, it is the new Project as the Zonda is now complete.


GENEPOOL (My more regular readers may remember that I have done some car related posts in the past along with a look at the Ford Edsel and the Dodge Charger)

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