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30 12 2011

Blog 2011

It has been an amazing year. I have left one University and started at another, I have written a Monster Movie and I have had an amazing day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with my Best Friend. This year has also been a great year for blogging. My record for most views in a day has been broken 3 times. I reached many milestones including the first blog post to get 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 views and 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 views in a month as well as my 100th Post. Many interesting things have happened with my blog this year one of which included The BBC making a link to one of my posts (Which was Fantastic – Over 500 Views for one post). Also looking at some of my most viewed posts you can get an idea of what people who have read my blog like; they like Steam Trains, Dinosaurs, Ben and Jerry’s and Godzilla (Hurray, I am not alone). So I thought I would celebrate this by telling you which of the blog posts I have written this year are my top 5 favourites and then I thought I would tell you which are the 5 best blog posts I have read this year and which 5 blogs (Excluding my Blog and Posts because they would always be my favourite and that would not be fair) as a whole this year (these are in order of 1 being best and 5 being 5th best).


5. Four Blokes from Birmingham – Black Sabbath. The piece I did on Black Sabbath was Good Fun and it was also a challenge I have wanted to do for a while. The challenge was to write 500 words about Black Sabbath. It was a writing challenge and I think all bloggers should actually try it because it is an interesting subject and the challenge element is there which makes it exciting to see what it looks like when it’s finished and to see what other people think.

4. Film Review – Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. The film review I did was the first time I did a Godzilla film and so I decided to do one of the best from the series to get it off to a good start. When I wrote this one I first did it on paper and this was very enjoyable and it allowed me to think about it and what I was going to say.

3. The Best Film In The World – Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack. Writing this post was fun but hard, I had not seen the film in about a year and so I had to remember it all and so I used Wikipedia to help me out a bit. I found a Really Good Blog with some pictures on it and took screenshots of a couple of them and put them in the post to help out the audience when I mentioned a certain monster. The pictures break it up nicely and it looks nicer to read than blocks of text. Since putting it up it has become my Second Most Viewed Blog Post in the history of my blog.

2. 5 Years of Nintendo Wii. My top 2 posts I particularly enjoyed because it gave me time to think back and remember what happened over a period of time. This post was fun to write and fun to remember what it was like to own the third bestselling console at the time (The Nintendo GameCube) and then remember all the excitement there was to the new console (The Nintendo Wii). Now with the announcement of the Wii U it is fun and exciting to see what the next generation of consoles is going to be like.

1. A Brief History of Godzilla (100th Post). I decided that for my 100th post that I would do something special and at the time I was constantly thinking of doing a history of Godzilla. I enjoyed writing it and looking at all the research I did and then putting it all together. I looked at how the idea was made and looked through the career of Godzilla which had spanned over 50 years. It was so fun to write and I enjoyed it so much and that is why it is my favourite post this year.


5. 2012: A Look Ahead. This one was posted a few days ago and one bit of it I found very funny and so I decided to include it in my top 5.

4. Finally Got It!. This post had a nice picture in it of Seattle at night and is one of the best Photo Posts I have seen this year.

3. Grimey!. This was a post on my former Tutor’s blog and he put up a nice interactive piece of blogging. So you are doing more than just reading or watching. You are also doing something Interactive, Funny and Fun.

2. Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: GIANT MONSTERS ALL-OUT ATTACK. Yes it’s a name of a film but this post was one I used to help me in my review. The pictures are good and it has a more in-depth look at the actors in it.

1. Japan Tourism: Tapping Into The Monster Fan Market. This post was a fun one and a Good Idea all around. It is amazing that Japan has not thought about doing this before. The amount of money they could make. I would really like to go on a Monster Tour of Japan. Good piece to Read and interesting as well.


5. Hannah Likes Sheep Baa. Yes it is a funny title but my friend Hannah’s posts are always well written and quite interesting (and funny when she drew a picture of Mick Jagger coming out of a Tardis). Hannah’s blog has also had some fun competitions between her (and not inviting Me or Josh to join in) and Matt.

4. FullyRamblomatic. The blog of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. This year his blog was fun to read and listen thanks to a couple of podcast type things which were fun to listen to. OK his blog can sometimes be a bit rude but when you overlook that it is a pretty Good Blog.

3. Ant’s Corner. From the blog that made Grimey! This blog which started this year has had some pretty good posts and some interactive pieces like Grimey!.

2. A White Horizon. From my friend Matt (who animated my Monster Movie) comes a blog which has had some Fun Posts and answered some questions (and is always in competition (and not inviting Me or Josh to join in) with Hannah). The highlight of this blog has been his series of Arbitrary Stopframe pieces which were funny and fun to watch. His art pieces and General Interest pieces were fun to read as well.  

1. Godzilla 2012. A blog about everything Godzilla with some amazing stories and news pieces on Legendary Pictures Godzilla Film. If you want recent news on Godzilla but are not sure where to look, this is the Blog to read.

Well that was the 2011 year of blogging. While there were some projects that I planned but did not get a chance to do I am now working on them and some more for this year (hopefully). Now with 2012 on the Horizon I can’t wait to do some more and I hope that you enjoyed all the posts I did this year and will continue to return to my blog in 2012 for more. Thank You.


PostAWeek2011 has Now Finished. PostAWeek2012 is about to begin.

Happy Christmas

25 12 2011

Today is Christmas day. I don’t know how many people will read this on Christmas day because several people will be eating Turkey and Opening Presents. Well as a special gift I am going to share a few things with you that you may enjoy. As part of the Christmas tradition it is a good thing to have a Christmas Tree well in Japan they have A Christmas Tree that I would Like

In the Aqua City Odaiba Shopping Mall in Japan there is a Giant Christmas tree in the shape of Godzilla. It has red eyes and shoots out Steam from its mouth. OK, it would not fit inside my house but I would still quite like one.

As part of a Competition on Good Old I had to write out a song about Activision in the style of Christmas Song. So I went for the 12 days of Christmas and re-named it the 12 Days of Activision. Have a read and see what you think.

12 Days of Activision

On the first day of Activision gave to me; a Tony Hawk under the pear tree

On the second day of Activision gave to me; 2 Dj Hero’s, and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree

On the third day of Activision gave to me; 3 Bomberman Tournaments, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree

On the fourth day of Activision gave to me; 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournaments, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the Pair Tree

On the fifth day of Activision gave to me; 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournaments, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

On the sixth day of Activision gave to me; 6 copies of Heavy Gear, 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournaments, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

On the seventh day of Activision gave to me; 7 copies of Blur, 6 copies of Heavy Gear, 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s 3 Bomberman Tournaments, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

On the eighth day of Activision gave to me; 8 HyperBlade’s, 7 copies of Blur, 6 copies of Heavy Gear, 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournaments, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

On the ninth day of gave to me; 9 Prototype’s, 8 HyperBlade’s, 7 copies of Blur, 6 copies of Heavy Gear, 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournament’s, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

On the tenth day of Activision gave to me; 10 copies of Rampage, 9 Prototype’s, 8 HyperBlade’s, 7 copies of Blur, 6 copies of Heavy Gear, 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournaments, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

On the eleventh day of Activision gave to me; 11 Sky Odyssey’s, 10 copies of Rampage, 9 Prototype’s, 8 HyperBlade’s, 7 copies of Blur, 6 copies of Heavy Gear, 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournament’s, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

On the Twelfth day of Activision gave to me; 12 MechWarrior’s, 11 Sky Odyssey’s, 10 copies of Rampage, 9 Prototype’s, 8 HyperBlade’s, 7 copies of Blur, 6 copies of Heavy Gear, 5 Call of Duty’s………., 4 Goldeneye’s, 3 Bomberman Tournament’s, 2 Dj Hero’s and a Tony Hawk under the pear tree.

While I am talking about Song’s, it is this time of year when people will be buying singles and to see what will be the Christmas Number 1 this year. So here is my choice for christmas number one from the BBC3 show Mongrels.

While it is a time for giving and receiving gifts it is more important t to remember that christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who came into this world to save us from our sins. That is what Christmas is about. So while you are receiving presents and Eating Turkey do remember who made all of it possible and remember the great gift he gave us by sending a child into the world to save us from sin.

“When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus.”     Matthew Chapter 1 vs 24-25.

Happy Christmas Everyone


Clash Of The Titans – King Kong VS Godzilla

23 12 2011

I started the year with a Bang and I am ending it with a Bang. The title is no joke, King Kong and Godzilla have had a fight in 1962 (1963 if you are American). Just imagine two of cinemas greatest icons having a battle with each other.

The film was made by Toho who have made every Japanese Godzilla film to date. Universal were the distributors for the film in non-Asia countries. The film is a result of several attempts to make a new King Kong film over the years before this film. This is the first time that both King Kong and Godzilla appeared in Colour and Widescreen and it is still the most commercially successful title in the Godzilla Series.

So we know a bit about the film now let’s look at the combatants:

In one corner we have King Kong, the giant ape who was captured from his home, climbed to the top of the empire state building with the girl he loved in his hand and was the shot down by a group of airplanes. How is he still alive to fight Godzilla? Well in the case of many films what happened in New York did not happen in the timeline of this film and so he is still alive.

In the other corner we have Godzilla, The giant lizard who woke up after H-bomb tests and destroyed Tokyo before being killed by a secret weapon. Then another one appeared and had a fight with a creature called Anguirus (one of my favourite Toho monsters) and then gets buried in an Ice avalanche.

The two monsters are ready to fight so let’s see who wins the fight of the previous century.

The film starts out with a news team reporting an earthquake in Chile and then tell of some mysterious red berries that help in medicine and that the natives on the island don’t want to give it up because of the monster on the island. The head of a pharmaceutical company decide to send 2 people to the island to bring back the monster for their advertising. Meanwhile a group of icebergs are melting and so the United Nations send a submarine to investigate. They go towards an iceberg that is glowing and then crash into an iceberg. They set off an emergency signal. The submarine then catches fire as the sound of a creature’s roar is heard. A rescue helicopter arrives and watches as Godzilla emerges from the iceberg. The news is reported (on the television news channel which rather annoyingly constantly makes appearances through this film) and japan gets ready for when Godzilla attacks, they even think about using the nuclear bomb. Godzilla then attacks an army base.

The 2 men sent to collect the monster arrive at Faro Island and talk to the natives who allow them to stay after showing the chief a radio. As the natives perform a ceremony the Monsters roar can be heard. In Japan a plane crashes in Hokkaido  and a girl’s boyfriend was on the plane and she goes to see if he survived. As she leaves a news report says that Godzilla may attack there next. The 2 men look for the monster on the island and get caught in a land slide. They get back to the tribe village and as one of them sleeps a small boy goes to get some of the red berry juice. A giant octopus attacks which is then attacked by a Giant Gorilla (King Kong). Kong drives the octopus away. Kong then drinks some of the red berry juice and the natives start singing and dancing causing Kong to fall asleep. The 2 men decide to take Kong off the island.

Japan declares that King Kong is not allowed to enter Japan. The boyfriend (Fujita) arrives back safely in Tokyo and just finds out that his girlfriend’s train is going in the direction of where his plane crashed and Godzilla is in that area. He goes off to find his girlfriend. Godzilla moves towards the train. Fujita finds his girlfriend and takes her away from the area. Kong wakes up from the raft he is tied down to and the 2 men blow up the explosives tied to the raft to blow him up. However Kong survives and heads towards Japan. Godzilla and King Kong have a quick fight with Kong retreating after getting burned by Godzilla’s Atomic Deathray.

Plans are made to stop Godzilla from attacking Tokyo. They decide to build a grid of electrical wires around Tokyo thinking it will stop Godzilla. It (Strangely and I will explain why later) does and Godzilla moves away. However electricity (somehow) makes Kong stronger and Kong arrives in Tokyo. After stopping a train Fujita’s girlfriend is captured by Kong who then climbs to the top of the capital building (National Diet Building). Using the red berry juice and the sound of drums the army use the same technique used on the island to put Kong to sleep. Using balloons and some special wire from Fujita the army airlift Kong out of Tokyo and move him to where Godzilla is in the hope that the 2 monsters might destroy each other. The 2 monsters meet and after a hard-fought fight Godzilla initially wins but when lightning strikes it wakes up Kong and the fight continues. The 2 monsters then fall into the sea and then cause an earthquake. Kong the appears out of the water and swims home with Godzilla nowhere to be seen.

Here is a clip from BBC Monster Night in 1998 if you want to watch the main fight.

King Kong vs Godzilla is an entertaining film with some good scenes. What is interesting about the special effects side is that King Kong is a suit this time whereas in the original he was a Stop Motion Animation. The Godzilla suit does look pretty good but the suit does get bigger and better as the current series (showa) goes along. The King Kong suit also looks pretty good but there are parts in the film where it looks like it is out of control and the movements are not as fluid as they are in other parts. There is also some interesting uses of the cameras with a front view of Godzilla shown where as in most films he is seen from the side.

As I said earlier there is something strange about the electricity scene with Godzilla. In the 1954 original Godzilla destroys the electric grid with ease like it does nothing to him. In the film following this one electricity does not affect him in any way at all. So how come in this film he does not like it and runs away.

While the film is fun to watch and is quite entertaining the film seems to be a bit too Americanized. Some scenes look like a America Monster Movie and not a Godzilla Movie. It is almost like the film was made by America with some help from Japan. While it is fun to watch these elements stop it from reaching its full potential and that is why it’s not one of my top favourite Godzilla films (even though it is a lot better than some films I the series).

Overall it is a fun and entertaining film but in my opinion there are some Godzilla films that are a lot better than this one. Because of the Americanized style of this film it is more of a monster movie and not a Godzilla Movie. While you may find it fun to watch do not look at this and assume this is what Godzilla is about until you have watched some of the stronger films in the series. (please leave a comment if you want me to recommend any).

OH who won the fight. Well Godzilla won the first round and King Kong won the second so it looks like a draw. Maybe this calls for another film to be made. Who do you think Won?


5 Years of Nintendo Wii

9 12 2011

Nintendo Wii

5 Years ago today the Wii was released in the UK and within a month it had introduced many non-gamers to video games and became one of the best video game consoles of all time. So I think it is time to celebrate. I think we should take a look at the history of the console. Where it started, its success and what it is like now.



In 2001 during the first release of the Nintendo GameCube the idea for a new console for Nintendo was in rough planning. As technology progresses it gets cheaper and people will want something new eventually. Nintendo wanted a new form of game interaction. All the major consoles in this period were roughly the same. They had controllers which had buttons to press. Shigeru Miyamoto stated “The consensus was that power isn’t everything for a console. Too many powerful consoles can’t coexist. It’s like having only ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction”. A couple of years later engineers and designers came in to develop the product. In 2005 the controller interface was ready but because of a few problems the controller was hidden for the time being. 

The new console was revealed by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata at E3 2005 with the name Nintendo Revolution. I remember reading about the console in CUBE magazine and I thought it looked good and was excited. However it was said that the console could be a few years away from being released. The revolution would be talked about for a few more months and then in September the controller (Wii Remote) was revealed at the Tokyo game show. The controller showed that instead of just pressing buttons there would be movement as well but there was no sign of games or how this idea works. Because of the GameCube being the 3rd place console during its generation people were skeptical of what Nintendo’s new console was going to be like.

Because CUBE magazine stopped printing in 2005 for a few months I did not find out any information on the new console. Then in 2006 I started collecting Official Nintendo Magazine and the magazine came with a DVD of E3 2006 press conference. It was at this press conference that all was revealed, how the controller worked, what the console can do and what games were being made for it. It looked amazing, the games looked amazing. Instead of simply tapping buttons you could swing a controller just like you were playing tennis, point at the screen and pull a trigger was like shooting like the old arcade games but now you could move (you were not on rails). Some people were still skeptical but they would not have to wait long to see what the console could do. Before the launch of the console Satoru Iwata talked in London about some of the features included in the new console including the Mii feature allowing people to play in games as themselves.

On December 8th 2006 the console was released in the UK. The plan was it was going to be a Christmas present to me but my mum allowed me to keep it out and have Red Steel wrapped up for Christmas day. I loved it; I liked swinging the golf club, playing bowling and boxing. Instead of tapping buttons I was swinging my arms. On Christmas day I received Red Steel, a Japanese style shooting a sword fighting game and I loved it (I still do). Before the console came out I remember people who knew me telling me that the console would be rubbish and not work. Very soon after the launch of the Wii they were seeing that it worked and forgot about what they said and enjoyed the console.

Within a few months the console became a huge success in every country it was available in even beating the Xbox 360 which came out a whole year before it. The Wii’s success came in the form of accessibility. It was no longer something which involved moving a stick and pressing a button it was now the time for people to feel like the action they are performing. Even older people could join in with younger children and enjoy themselves. There was truly something for everyone. Another thing which made it popular was its price tag, £180. The 360 was £200 minimum and the soon to be released PS3 was £450. The Wii was less than £200 and it came with Wii Sports. Wii Sports was the game that showed what the Wii could do and by being included in the price consumers were getting a game for a cheap price or free. At the beginning of 2007 not many games were coming out for the console but a few weeks later 75 games had been announced to come out in 2007. Many development companies saw the possibility of receiving large amounts of money from this new console. New franchises started to make their debut on this console such as Ubisoft’s Red Steel and Raving Rabbids. Well established series like Mortal Kombat came to the Wii. Over the coming months more and more games were released like Excite Truck but the people who made the most out of the console were Nintendo themselves and by the end of 2007 Mario finally arrived in Mario Galaxy and had finally come face to face with his longtime rival Sonic the Hedgehog as they met at the Beijing Olympics. By E3 2007 it was a time of celebration for the console and new game were announced including Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii.

2008 was to be another good year for Nintendo with games like Battalion Wars 2 and Mario Kart Wii (both with online gameplay) and Wii Fit was also released. A game where you could have fun and lose weight at the same time and became a big success for the console. E3 2008 was not so good however, not many new announcements and overall a bit poor allowing Sony to steal the show. Nintendo did announce titles like Animal Crossing Lets Go to the City and Wii MusicHowever it was a lot better than Microsoft who decided to make some Avatars for their console (which is just a copy of the Wii’s Mii’s even though Microsoft claimed it was their idea originally). Nintendo did announce one game which would follow on from the success of another. Wii Sports Resort was announced which included a whole range of new games including Sword Fighting, Frisbee and Jet Skiing. The game was to come with a new attachment for the console to make the movements more precise and accurate.

In 2009 things began to improve. Little Kings Story and MadWorld were released early on, Wii Sports resort was released in the summer and a New Super Mario Bros game was released towards the end of the year. However competition began to surface. Microsoft and Sony saw the potential in the Motion Sensing Controller and started working on their own versions. It was in 2009 that I bought a PS3. The reason I did this was because there were bigger more single player games that I wanted to play on it and the Wii was not getting some of these games. One of the major issues with the Wii is the single player experience. There is some but not enough. In multiplayer it dominates but in single player it does not. If I had friends round we would be OK on the Wii but if I wanted to play games by myself there was not much in the choice of options. Some good games were still coming out on the Wii in 2009 and 2010 but not much for a single player. At this point the Wii did start to decline and Nintendo released lees and less first party games for it and started to look more at the Nintendo 3DS. Some games were released but not much. With the arrival of Kinect and PlayStation Move, The Wii was starting to decline.

At E3 2011 Nintendo announced the Wii’s Successor. The Wii U. This new console still uses the controllers that the Wii does but it also has a tablet style controller which allows 5 player multiplayer, a way of interacting more with the TV and a way of playing games when someone wants to watch something on TV. The current views on the Wii U are skeptical with it. Yes it is more of an attachment to the Wii and it may not be a long-term solution to the Wii. Eventually a new console altogether will be needed but from what I have seen I am excited to see what it would be like.

Wii U

Nintendo are the innovators of the Games industry. Without them the games industry will look very different and while there will be challenges to overcome they will be around for a good long time daring to be different and making some of the major changes to the industry turning it into more than just what it is and thinking what it can be. With the Wii they have shown this and now they look ahead into thinking what can be the next big thing but for now let’s celebrate the five-year run of one of the true greats of the Games Industry. The Wii started out as an idea and has fought the heirs of the consoles which pushed the GameCube out of the way to become the current King of Consoles.


I Wrote A Monster Movie

2 12 2011

Monster Movie (M. C. Media - 2011)

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog you will now that I love Monster Movies and My favourites are the Godzilla Films. I also like films like The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Cloverfiled, Gamera and The Host. Well I have now written a Monster Movie. I don’t know if you have seen Arbitrary Stopframe. It is a series of videos by my Friend Matt and in the episodes several characters or creatures do funny things. well a few months ago I asked Matt if I could write an Episode. He said yes and so I wrote an episode about my favourite character from his video’s, Dr. MurKum. Murkum is a Lego man with a space helmet on him. I like this character because he actually has some characteristics about him which makes the character more interesting (like screaming). Well I sent off the script to Matt and about 2 months later (this past Wednesday) the video was uploaded onto YouTube.

The monster is very well made. My original idea was that the legs would be at the thin sides of the DVD case. However Matt’s design is a lot better because now it has a Mouth and it has extra bite from the DVD inside the box spinning. On Thursday he uploaded a second video which was the same video but it had a 1950’s effect to it. So it was black and white with the style of a Ray Harryhausen Film about it.

Matt is a Great Animator and it’s going to be fun to see what he does in the future. I would like to write some more episodes if i can because I have some really fun Ideas but for now he is putting the series on hold but I don’t think it will be too long before he brings out some more Fun Videos.


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