My Second Blog

2 09 2013

Second Blog

Over the course of the past year I have written many different things. I have written pieces of work for my University Course as well as pieces written in my spare time including (obviously) Blog Posts as well as several poems and short stories. More recently I have sent off some of these Stories (and one poem) to Story Competitions. To date though, I have been unsuccessful with most (I have yet to hear from Bridport). Recently though I decided to publish these stories, as was once suggested by my Creative Writing Tutor. While they may not appear on the shelves, or in papers or short listed/long listed entries in competitions, I decided to post them online. While I could do this on this blog and maybe make a second page, I decided to start-up a second blog just for my short stories.

So, with the blog now up and running I thought I would let you know where you can find it and take a look. The Web Address is: 

So please go and take a look and have a read of my stories. Click on the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons if you liked or disliked the stories and feel free to leave any comments that you wish to make. Don’t worry, this is not the end of this blog, my primary blog. This will continue to be updated weekly so please check back regularly for more posts.


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