My Week: 26/08/2013 – 27/08/2013

10 09 2013

My Week

Monday: After sorting my tent out the previous night by shifting my things to the other side of the tent so that there wasn’t 5 people squashed in, I woke up a bit too early and so went back to sleep but by the time I woke up I almost missed breakfast, but thankfully did not. For today’s grace song for breakfast someone had the bright idea of using the superman theme, which was agonising, even more so due to the theme not really fitting in. At least we had Fish Fingers for breakfast, but sadly I did not break my record for number of Fish Fingers in one sitting which I did a few camps previously (19). After breakfast it was the first part of the morning talks for the week which were presented by David S who did his talks on Philippians.

After our morning meeting we had some time to ourselves, but first we had to take the camp photo. I made the great decision of wearing a t-shirt bearing the quote “You have just lost the game” and knowing that only people in the south take much interest in THE GAME it was a great chance to have a bit of fun with the photo. It was also nice to have several nice shots taken before the silly ones, silly ones are all in good fun, but a nice photo looks better on the shelf than posing as Mo Farah. With that done, we had time to ourselves.  Reeling from the fun japes of playing Resistance the previous night, some wanted to play it again while me and Matt and Christina just played Zombie Dice, which the others eventually joined in even though Suzie also did a crossword at the same time. Following on from lunch which consisted of making sandwiches, it was time for a walk up Leith Hill, first we had to drive there. Once getting there, me along with a few others took the climb up instead of the walk up, which I did struggle with. But upon reaching the top I took the opportunity to take some photos, buy some ice-cream and go up the tower. When we all arrived back at the camp site it was time for the first bible discussion. Unlike previous years when this was in separate groups, this one was altogether but still in groups. Questions ranged from “It was a lot safer when I was young” (Which is correct) to “Japan is the greatest country in the world” (Correct again). While fun in some way I did feel like it could have been better.

The evening meeting was much shorter due to the use of the Discussion groups but we had an interesting talk on a trip to Brazil made by Jim to see a couple who are missionaries out there. Finally, I introduced Matt to Gloom and had a nice lovely chat with Enoch’s dad, David.

Tuesday: Had a much earlier start on Tuesday and sat down with some friends before breakfast. Bacon and Egg for breakfast and another talk from David S. Todays big journey was the annual trip to Horsham to the Laser quest. Laser quest if you are unsure of what it is, is basically an indoor shooting game where you shoot other people. For those living in most of Lancashire, Laser quest is basically the same thing as Megazone, but not as good. Matt had a more productive time of getting us a lift than we normally do by being proactive and getting us a lift quickly. The ride to Horsham was nice and just like on previous occasions, we passed the Noble Garage. Upon arriving I managed to get into the first Laser Quest game and while I went as animalistic as I usually go in laser shooting games, I only came 7th, well out of 19 it’s not too bad, at least this year I did not get a blister on my finger from repetitive pressing of the trigger. While unsure of doing a second game due to health reasons, I decided to follow through in the end. Between games I observed several other campers try their hand at arcade basketball while I had a go at arcade Hammer (test of strength thing from fun fair’s) and reached a score of 10 overall. The second Laser quest game pretty much broke me (with me doing badly score wise coming in 10th place) and I needed sustenance fast, something that isn’t easy in the world’s slowest and most badly designed Subway. Well at least it beats constantly complaining about the customer service at McDonalds from the previous year, that and going off to why their Chicken Legend sandwich does not count as a legend if no one has heard of it before, more like a chicken cadet.

Following from the prolonged lunch, Me, Matt, Kiran, Roshen, Simon and Adam and his son journeyed along a long street trying to find a board game shop, in the end we couldn’t find it as it had moved, so we had to walk all the way back. Coincidentally the shop was just across the road from where we had our subway. So, we went in and looked in awe at the amazing shop, soooo many board games. I felt that if I had a spare £1000, I would have a day trip there. I even found a Godzilla based board Game I had heard about, but did not have enough to pay for it. In the end I bought myself a copy of Dixit Odyssey. I left the shop of wonders and then had a simple look from town with Matt, recommended GONE to some people, met up with Sam B, got some sweets and then tried to look for everyone else who were residing in the park next to the car park, had a quick game of Pit before leaving.

Once again, we had Tea and our Evening talk this time led by Kiran’s dad; Sukesh which was quite interesting (really should have got a CD copy of that). But I did not play any games as I felt a bit more unwell than I currently was. Instead I just sat with some people playing a game just for company. But I did finally get round to meeting David S and informed him of who my dad was (which everyone at camp already knew) but I had a good chat and he helped me to realise in many ways where I have been going wrong in my path to God. He was very helpful in pointing these things out and it has put me on the right course.


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