My First Prison

17 08 2016


Let me just start off by letting you know that I have never actually been to Prison. I have had a few tours around Lancaster Castle and once designed a prison map in Unreal Tournament 2004, but no, I have never actually been locked up in some prison somewhere. What the above title is actually phrasing is this:

Prison Architect

Since about September 2014, one game on Steam I have always found myself returning to play one way or another is Prison Architect; a game where you; the player receives the opportunity to build and run your own prison. Why you would actually want to is really up to you to decipher, but as a game goes, this actually rather fun and one I have played on and off for 200+ hours now; it’s the one game I have spent more time playing than anything else in my Steam Library. Anyway, to cut a long story short, about this time last year I began (voluntarily) writing for a Video Games website, and though was rather fun and really enjoyable; my time there on the whole was actually quite short, and one thing I really wanted to write for the website was a guide from an experienced player on how to build, or at least start your first prison in Prison Architect. So, a few weeks ago I re-installed Prison Architect (again), and set to work capturing some images, and coming up with a plan as how best to explain/demonstrate how to go about getting your foot on the ladder in the prison construction world (I should just note that while the game does have some scenarios to help you get started, most the in-game scenarios are only rather for learning about specific situations).


When you launch a brand new prison, you will discover that all there is, is a large plot of land dominated mostly by trees. As the game begins a couple of lorry’s will come down the nearby road ferrying workmen and materials free of charge to go into building your new prison from scratch. To begin with you have a few free things but not much, and in total have no more than $30,035, a strange amount yes, but that’s what you have to work with. My first tip is to pause the game speed, as you will need some time to think about how you want to approach the construction. You may also want to turn your prisoner intake to closed (click on the box below the clock and a menu will open with several options including Staff, Grants, Prisoners and Intake to name but a few you can click on, choose intake and set to closed), just so you don’t receive any convicts out of the blue when your prison is not ready yet. Now, to business:


The first thing I want you to consider is that the game title says Prison Architect, obviously. While the game may be about construction and then later administration of a Prison, to begin with I would only take notice of the word Architect. Before any building’s construction is started, an Architect has to plan out the building. Probably the game’s most useful tool is the Planning tool on the lower toolbar. This button will give you access to some drawing tools, use these to design your prison. Using the drawing/planning tool is a great way to start off any prison. Use this tool to decide where the walls are going to be, where the walls to your rooms are going to be, how it’s all going to fit together. You can decide to design your entire Prison right here right now if you want to, but right now let’s focus on the basics.


Like any great plan, there needs to be direction and an outcome. With an empty plot of land, you can pretty much do anything you want; but to get your prison going, you are going to need some basics and a checklist. In your first few games, the one thing that is more your friend than anything else, is the Grants page, on here there is a list of objectives which provide and reward you with money for starting and completing them. In this instance, what you want is the option to build a basic detention centre. So firstly open the page (click on the money sign at the top of the page for quick opening) and choose that grant, to which you will be awarded some more money. Now that you have a little bit more cash and a plan, it’s now time to draw then build your prison.


What I would start with more than anything else is to draw a square around the perimeter of your land so that you can at least have a scope of where the outer perimeter wall is to be. Now for some reason, the game won’t allow you to build a wall on the very outer edge of the current plot of land, so if you design it to be one square in, around, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. As with most of the games planning and construction tools, choose a location to where to start from, then quite simply click, hold and drag out as far as you want, then let go. Then, if you go to the top of the map next to the road, and on the left hand side of the map, attached to the wall, plan out where you are going to build your storage room and power plants. Now as ever with this tutorial, you can build where ever you want to, it’s just that from my experience, if you allow your prisoners to be delivered on the very edge of the map, they have more chance to escape once delivered. The more middle the delivery point is, the more you may be able to prevent escapes. When designing the store-room, a good thin-ish rectangle I find is a good way to do it, and then next to that, build a similar sized, but not as long rectangle to be the power room. The storage room as suggested is where you store your materials, and the power room is where power for the prison, (plus water too if you do it like me) is supplied from.

PA13Once you have planned those out, it may be a good idea, to build a new delivery spot next to the road, but outside the storage room just for easy delivery and storage. Just like any building designation in the game, all you do is click and hold on a part of land or a building where you want it to be then dragging it to its optimum size and space. From that point forward, that area is designated a delivery zone, and will remain so unless changed. Any other delivery areas should wisely be removed by the same process but right clicking and holding instead of left clicking and holding. On this map, I have also done the same for Garbage and Exports at the bottom of the map, this is just so Garbage and Exports can be dealt with and removed quicker. Once you have those designs in place, you can then get your workers to earn their pay checks, by choosing the Foundations icon, then selecting the brick wall option, then holding and dragging over the spaces you have designed, then letting go when it has reached its optimum space. Then (remembering to un-pause the game to allow it of course) all you do is let your workers get to work building that section of your Prison.


While that is happening, it may be time to let you know how to put Objects in your Prison. On the lower toolbar, there is an objects button, opening this will allow you to see the range of objects you can put in your prison. To do this, all you do is select the one you want, and click on wherever you want it installed to install it. I say this now, as while your rooms get built, you will need to put some doors in to allow construction to be completed; so as your workmen get to work, choose some doors to put in, for this I would suggest using Staff Doors, then rotate them using the ‘R key’ if you need to, then place them directly over a wall, and click them into position. It’s the same with all objects, (although, only doors need to be placed on walls), and, once those buildings are completed, you will need to fill in any gaps where walls should be; and then using your new object adding skills, install your power generator, some capacitors directly next to the generator, and nearby a water pumping machine, plus some cables to power the room lights, and the pumping machine.


Now that you have the basics, things get a bit quicker from here (he says confidently). Nearby to your new delivery site, start planning where your inmates will be living, eating, exercising and showering when the first batch turn up. For this you will need to plan and build where you are going to build your Holding Cell, Shower, Yard, Canteen and Kitchen.


My advice would be, to build the holding cell practically right next to your delivery spot, as this way prisoners can be admitted quickly into your prison system without too much of a hitch. The Holding Cell needs to be pretty big as it needs to accommodate plenty of prisoners at least just until some proper cells are ready for them. Next to that, or at least nearby, build a small shower block, and a small canteen. Remember the Yard needs to be outdoors, but also still needs to be entirely surrounded to prevent escapes. Some things these new rooms and yard will require include Benches, Tables, Serving Tables, Shower Heads and of course Toilets. Installing all of these objects is the same as before, but for a toilet to work it needs Water. To do this you will need to connect pipes from the Pumping Station to your Toilets. It works the same way as laying electrical cables and most objects though, so it’s pretty easy. Then just as before, let the builders do their job and designate room space just as before.


Doing a kitchen is pretty similar; however, I would locate it near the storage room, one for Staff safety, and two, for ease of cooking. From here on, building rooms and installing objects gets pretty samey really. Just build it and plug them all in. From there, all you need to do is hire some guards to handle with the cons, and some cooks to handle the food. To do this, choose the staff tool on the tool page, pick the required person, and then click them into life. Once you have met all the requirements of the grant, you will receive some more cash plus have all the basics to start your prison and receive prisoners, so, set your prison to the required level of prisoner intake and then get ready to punish some cons.


From here on it pretty much comes down to whatever you want to do with your prison. If you run short on cash or need some direction, pick a grant and get to work. If you want you can personalise your prison with some floor materials or add some fun things for both staff and prisoners, but from here, it’s all really up to you. So, I hope this was both understandable and helpful, as you go out into the big wide world of Prison Construction, Management and Architecture.



The Annoying Little Book

19 02 2014


I love reading (something that becomes abundantly clear to my regular readers). I like to get lost in amazing worlds and connect with the characters that you meet and greet as you continue to read. I even have ideas of what I think I will read next, I have just started reading The Fire Within by Chris d’Lacey for my bed time reading, while my main reading at the moment is of course the final book in the GONE Series; LIGHT by Michael Grant. As well as both of those I am also reading Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need by Blake Snyder. While all of these books are very enjoyable, there is one book that has cast a shadow over my reading.


This is Mogworld by “Internet Sensation YAHTZEE Croshaw”. I have been a fan of Yahtzee for almost five years now and while my consistency of watching Zero Punctuation has waned over the years, every now and again I get back into watching it, and continue to enjoy it. When I heard that he was writing a book, the moment it was released back in 2010 I picked up a copy of it and instantly began reading it.

Mogworld is a very funny book with a weird bunch of characters and settings and situations. And as the chapters go on things get even weirder, but the one thing that stays consistent is the high level of comedy, no matter what happens in the chapter, there is always room for scenes of laugh out loud comedy. But it’s not just the laughs, the book delves deeply into the world that the book is set in which (this is not really a spoiler as this has been well documented before the book was released) on this occasion is a video game and delves deeply into the culture including in-game finance, politics and how zombies are not as stupid as they look.

So you may wonder ‘what does the above title mean if the book appears to be relatively good?’, well thank you for asking. The problem is that the books in-game structure is very hard to read. The books type text size is very small and there is hardly any spacing, ok for many people this may not be a problem, but it is for me. Due to this it can take almost 5 minutes to read 2 pages. Each chapter has 13 pages and when it can take a while to read them, it does get annoying and I do get very despondent, which after almost four years does begin to get at you. Which is a bit of a shame, because there are roughly less than 100 pages to go until I will have finished reading the book.

While at the moment it is not my main read as such, I do hope to finish reading the book at some point, I am too far in to just stop because it will niggle away at me. In the meantime though, it will be nothing more than a book on my goodreads ‘currently reading’ profile with no end currently in sight, but don’t let this put you off from reading it or YAHTZEE’s second book Jam.



Sam’s Rant – 2010 Video Games, Part 1

7 04 2011

Before I start I would just like to say that I do like Video Games and enjoy playing them.

2010 has been an interesting year, we found out that it is possible to have a dream within a dream within a dream and we still have to pay 1p for plastic bags. Snow covered all of Great Britain, a Volcano caused problems for Airplanes and yet again England lost at the World Cup. It’s also been a great year for Video Games, Sony started selling Lollipops, people started jumping up and down in front of their TV’s, another expansion for World of Warcraft came out and news that Duke Nukem Forever is going to be released. There is still no sign of a series of Game Damage or a new series of the Championship Gaming Series but a Gaming Bar opened in Brisbane Australia.

Animex 2010 was in February (it was quite interesting and there was almost a Rock Concert on when someone was talking about Brϋtal Legend. GDC 2011 took place in March. E3 was very good this year with the top 3 making many announcements about upcoming releases, QuakeCon was on again and I still can’t comment on it because I still don’t know what it is, and rounding off the year was the Tokyo Game Show (and BlizzCon).

January as usual did not have many BIG releases; Bayonetta was the first BIG release of the year. Also in January No More Heroes 2 was released (I have not played the first one) onto the Wii but one of my Favourite Games of 2010 was released in January and that was MAG (Massive Action Game) on the PS3. Basically the Game was a Giant Online Shooting Game with a maximum of 256 players in a match. As you progress through the game New Items and Abilities are unlocked and you Rank up as well. There are 3 Armies to choose from, I am in Raven as a Senior Commandant. It is a lot of Fun.

February saw the release of Aliens vs. Predator, the latest game in a long series of games starring the creatures from the Films. Sonic decided to join Mario on the racing track with other stars from Sega Games. One of the biggest games of the year was released in February. Heavy Rain, an interactive story game in which you play as 4 characters who all fit in the story about the Origami Killer. It is like a book where you follow the actions using your controller. Like the Fighting Fantasy books you can control the course of the story and there are several possible endings. Recently (2011) the game Won 3 Bafta’s at the Bafta Video Game Awards. It is an incredible game and I think everyone should have a play on it. There is currently no news on if the game is going to have a sequel or if a series of games using its control scheme. I think there should be because Heavy Rain is a Fantastic Game.

I went to Animex in February for my second year. It was very good with talks on games including Batman Arkham Asylum and Modern Warfare 2. But the highlight of the show was the talk on Brϋtal Legend; it was more like a Rock Concert than a talk on the game.

In March I was waiting for the Game I was most excited about all year, my Favourite game at the time was (now my Favourite game is Killzone 3) Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander 2 was about to be released. All the updates about what the game would do and the units in it, it was so exciting. Then when the day came to buy it I went into town and bought it. Then as soon as I went home I installed it onto my computer, then it went downhill from there. Firstly I had to connect to the internet in order to install the game, I then had to re-install Steam onto my computer and then it took almost 3 hours of downloading game data for Steam and restarting the computer before I could finally play the game and then when I could play the game it was time for my Tea. Then the next day I discovered you have to be online all the time to play the game. I thought 2010 was going to be the year when the PC took back it’s Gaming Crown (a title it held for most of the 1990’s) but because of this stupid policy saying you can’t play offline (or with Left 4 Dead 2, you have to be online to play offline) it went and ruined its chances. Several games have had this problem which caused many people to buy pirated versions of Spore in 2008. Other mainstream games affected included The Settlers 7 and Command and Conquer 4. Would it be OK for me to play the game that I bought with my money, maybe you could put in a system where I can play offline without having to connect and then go online If and When I want to, would that be OK? Overall Supreme Commander 2 is OK but it’s not as good as Supreme Commander 1 (You could play offline without having to be online to play Supreme Commander 1).

Also in March Battlefield Bad Company 2 was released (I have not played it) along with another major game to be released; God of War 3, also Command and Conquer 4 was released with a major connection problem (please refer to the previous paragraph). Dragon Age Origins – Awakening was released to expand (that is the idea with Expansion Packs) the world of a game I don’t know much about. If I was to play a game with Dragons in the title I would play as a Dragon, forget about the other characters in the game I want to be a Dragon. You could do something like the film Reign of Fire where you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where Dragons rule the skies and you could play as either the People or the Dragons. Maybe an MMO where you have to choose between the People and the Dragons, I will probably play as the Dragons. Forget Dragon Age I want to play as a Dragon.  Settlers 7 was released and had some connection issues (please refer to the previous paragraph). The Sequel to one of my Favourite games was released in the form of Red Steel 2 (I still have not played it). As a fan of the original I kind of do wish that they kept it in the same style as the original, but it looks quite good. Just Cause 2 was released in March. March also saw controversy erupting between Activision and Call of Duty Creators Vince Zampella and Jason West. Continual Fantasy 13 was released (why is it called Final when another game comes out after it) and yet again I did not buy it. Technically the game is a 2009 game because that’s when it was released in Japan.


Sam’s Rant – 2010 Video Games, Part 2

7 04 2011

April saw the release of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. A game where you play as a character who goes hunting monsters, it gets straight to the point. In April Dead to Right’s: Retribution was released and the following month (May) was one of the Best Reviews on Zero Punctuation by Ben Yahtzee Croshaw.

In 2011 yet again some games were released based on Films like in May with the release of Iron Man 2 (the game of the film Iron Man 2). Lost Planet 2 looks like an interesting game. I do like the idea of running around shooting people and Giant Monsters. Alan Wake was finally released along with Skate 3. Does anyone still play Skateboard Games? Red Dead Redemption was released a game which looks like a cross between the Wild West and Grand Theft Auto, kind of like Grand Theft Horse. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released (I still need to play Super Mario Galaxy 1) and continued Super Mario’s adventure into Space.

2 Major Racing Games were released in May with Blur and ModNation Racers. Blur was created by Bizarre Creations who created Project Gotham Racing. ModNation Racers is an amazing racing game. It’s similar in style and gameplay with Mario Kart and Rivals it as a game, Mario Kart is still better but ModNation Racers is very good. It’s like Little Big Planet in the way that you can make things in the game like Cars, Tracks and Drivers and share them online, the tools are also easy to use. It has a Great Story mode and the Racing is Fantastic to.

Alpha Protocol was released in June along with Toy Story the Video Game and Transformers: War for Cybertron (which looks quite good). APB: All Points Bulletin is an MMO where you play as either the Police or Criminals of a Big City (if I played it I think I would be the Police but I wouldn’t mind playing as a Criminal as well). Six weeks after the game was released Realtime Worlds (the developer) went into administration and the Servers Shutdown. The Game was bought by K2 Network and announced that the game would be re-launched as a free to play game.  The Lego Video Game series continued to grow with the release of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, more Magical Fun but this time with Lego (well it might be, as long as they don’t do Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Worst Film in the World). OnLive was finally released in June, I would like to have a go and see how it works and compares to the other consoles out there but I think Video Game Streaming (while a clever Idea) might not work, it really all depends on people’s internet connections.

E3 Returned in 2010 with many big things being announced. The first Press conference I watched (online after it happened) was Microsoft’s who announced several Games including Gears of War 3 and several Launch Games for its Kinect. The whole conference was interesting but a bit slow, when you compare it to all the other conferences I saw it was like they were having a Coffee Break every 5 Minutes. Some of the Kinect stuff looked interesting but the problem I can see with it is that the movement for the body is only left right up and down, there is no forward or backwards with it. So you probably won’t be able to do many fighting games with it. Also the driving game controls look Crazy, kind of like someone who has lost touch with the real world. They also announced a new Slim Version of the XContainer 720 which apparently is supposed to extend its lifetime by 5 years.

Nintendo’s was more interesting with it all starting off with gameplay of the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii. There was also news on the Nintendo 3DS with a funny trailer for it. But the biggest news from Nintendo was the announcement that a Remake of one of the Greatest Games ever made was going to be released: GoldenEye. Now I like the original, it is a very good game particularly in the Multiplayer (which is better than most Multiplayer games out now; like Modern Warfare 2). So the New Game was very Exciting News, I was wondering what it would be like compared to the original, well I wouldn’t have to wait long because I got it for Christmas.

Sony’s Conference was longer than the others conferences but it was very Good. Games announced included Dead Space 2, Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, Portal 2 and Killzone 3. PlayStation Move was shown for a bit but probably the best bit of E3 was during Sony’s Conference. Kevin Butler who is a Marketing Guy for Sony PlayStation who made a short speech about Video Games (I did not know about this guy until E3 2010). The final announcement for Sony was about the Longest Running Game series on the PlayStation, Twisted Metal. This game looks so Fun. It even stirred up memories for me of a Car Game I once played in the 1990’s but did not know what it was, well I do know what series it’s from. Basically the game is Car Combat Racing FUN.

E3 was very good this year; I think Sony’s was the best conference with just so many Games and Announcements with Nintendo coming in 2nd. Microsoft showed too much of Kinect really and other services available with it (that were not games). I play a games console to play Games with. I don’t really watch films on it or anything like that, it’s good the option is there but I want to play games. The XCube 180 is not much of a Games Console anymore and more of an Entertainment Device. OK I did like the look of Kinectimals.

Crackdown 2 was released in July (sequel to the Award Winning Crackdown). Dragon Quest IX was released onto the Nintendo DS (Can I play as a Dragon). 2 Big Downloadable titles were released in July with DeathSpank and Limbo, in particular Limbo is apparently very good (I have not played it) which is set in a dark 2D world. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift was released as well.

Summer Time and the big film of the Summer was Inception and no game came out based on it, but in a way that might be a good thing because a game based on Inception would be complicated, not only to make but also to play, but also it would be interesting to see. Well another film to come out was Scott Pilgrim vs the World. From what I could tell about the film from its trailers (I have not seen the film) it looks a lot like the game No More Heroes. So the game version might just be No More Heroes with different characters. Madden NFL 11 was released (what makes this game different from the previous 10) and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days was released. Another couple of titles to be released were Mafia 2 and Metroid: Other M.


Sam’s Rant – 2010 Video Games, Part 3

7 04 2011

In September I went to University (Teesside University) and as a result I have not had much chance to play many new titles that came out during the time between September and December, but I did get to play some Games. Also in September; Ben Yahtzee Croshaw’s first book was released. MogWorld is a book set in a video game world. It’s quite funny and I am enjoying it (when I get time to read it). 

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2 (it should be spelled Hawks) was the next title in Tom Clancy’s big library of Games. UFC 2010 was released as well as Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest. Yes they are still making games based on a series of films which ended in 2003. Microsoft continued to make games with the word Hello in it, no wait HALO. Halo Reach is the latest game in a series of games about a bunch of people in body armour running around shooting things. I think they should have left it with Halo 3 (or Halo Wars), now they are just running out of ideas. R.U.S.E. was an interesting idea for a game and one I still want to play but because of me starting University soon and the problem with Steam I had earlier in the year I still have not played it. EyePet for the PlayStation 3 came out in September. Dead Rising 2 came out and had some interesting ideas and does look like a lot of fun. Another Guitar Hero (Boring) game came out, this time Warriors of Rock, the idea was about Heavy Metal and being Lead Guitar. OK the Plastic Guitar looks a whole lot better than what it was before but it’s still pants (how come there is not much Rock Music in Rock Band).

In September Sony started selling Lollipops. They came in many different colours but for some bizarre reason you could not eat them but you could use them as Video Game Controllers. Sony called it PlayStation Move. Out of the 2 Motion controller released in 2010 I think it is the better looking one and also it seems to be better technology wise because it covers all areas of movement where as Microsoft’s Kinect only seem to go up, down, left and right. I still think the Wii’s is better but let’s not forget it’s not about the controller, it’s about the Games.

One game I was really excited about (but still have not played) came out in October and that was Wii Party on the Wii (obviously). The game has many different styles of games to play but it looks like more of a potentially new series of Nintendo Party Games like what Nintendo did with Mario Party. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 came out, it is meant to be a return to Sonic’s early days of being a 2D side scrolling platform game. What I want to know is when is Sonic Adventure 3 going to come out. My Favourite Sonic Game is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, great gameplay, good range of characters with levels designed around the characters and a great story mode with a Good Story. When is the sequel to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle coming out. Medal of Honour returned with a Re-Boot to the series with a game set in Afghanistan. When are shooters going to get Fantastic Again. Proper Guns with Fantastic Names like the Shark or Panther, with different types like Grenade Launcher Machine Gun or a Chainsaw Gun which fires out Chainsaw’s. There are too many Simulation Shooters in the world today with games like Modern Warfare and Battlefield. They may seem like games but with all the realism in them they are more like Simulations than Games. I do like Modern Warfare but it’s too realistic, I want something Unrealistic with weapons as big as Cars with huge amounts of firepower. The time has come for Realistic Warfare games to get out of the way for proper Shooting Games.

DJ Hero 2 was released. Costume Quest is an interesting title made by Double Fine Productions (Brϋtal Legend) which involves characters collecting costumes while Trick or Treating. Fallout: New Vegas was a game on many people’s minds as it was the next part of Fallout 3. I finally played Fallout 3 in 2010, I bought it on a Friday and the following Monday I regretted buying it because it is Impossible. You can hardly do anything in it. You have to walk for miles just to get somewhere and you are likely to get killed by an annoying animal along the way. What’s wrong with having a Car. I recently traded the game in and got something Fantastic – Brϋtal Legend. I will not play Fallout: New Vegas after all the problems Fallout 3 gave me, Fallout 3 is a Rubbish and Pants Game. EA expanded their sports portfolio by releasing EA Sports MMA. The game allowed you to play many MMA Fighters including Randy Couture, Bobby Lashley and Ken Shamrock. Fable 3 was released. In October one of the Best Looking MMO’s to be made was released, Lego Universe. A Game world made out of Lego, Cool. Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 was released, My favourite games in the Star Wars universe are the Original Jedi Knight game, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011, when are they going to do WWE Day of Reckoning 3, the Day of Reckoning games worked whereas Smackdown vs Raw doesn’t work.

GoldenEye 007 was released on the Nintendo Wii in November. I got this game for Christmas and it is a lot like the original. There have been some changes to make this game unique in its own way to the original but there are little traces of it here and there. The Story is brilliant and the game as a whole is a lot of Fun. XBox 360 Kinect was released with many games coming out for it so people can jump up and down in front of their television screens. The Newest Game in the Call of Duty Series was released in the form of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now I have only played this quite recently but there is some nice stuff about it but in particular is the Zombie Game that you get with it. It is a lot of Fun. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood expanded the series of Assassins Creed which included an interesting multiplayer game where you have to walk around a town with other Assassins in it and try to keep yourself hidden while trying to Assassinate each other. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was released which has a clever mix of Racing and Cop Chases, I think Need for Speed should just release another Underground Title. Sonic Colors is an interesting addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The Raving Rabbids returned with Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time. It is like the original games in the series with gameplay set around Mini Games. Gran Turismo 5 was (FINALLY) released with loads of Cars and really good graphics. Epic Mickey was also released in November which is an Action Adventure Platform game starring Mickey Mouse.

The Newest game in the (PANTS) World of Warcraft series was released. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm which has a Dragon in it. TrackMania made its debut on the Wii which is a Fantastic Idea, why has it taken so long for TrackMania to come on the Wii.

2010 was an excellent year for games, many were Fantastic and some were Pants. But now let’s take a quick look into what 2011 might bring (OK, It’s April but there has already been some Great Stuff and some more Good Stuff to come). Test Drive Unlimited 2 has already been released and I am really enjoying it but currently my Favourite game of 2011 (and my Favourite Game in the World) is Killzone 3, now that is a proper Shooting Game. TrackMania 2 is to be released which if it’s like TrackMania should be Good. Some more Games I am looking forward to include MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Homefront, Twisted Metal and Mortal Kombat 9.  There are many other major games to come out as well like: Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3 and Spec Ops: The Line.

Now it is time to come to a close but First I must tell you what is my Favourite Game of 2010. Well there have been many Fantastic Games, but it really all come down to 3 games in particular: MAG, Heavy Rain and Goldeneye 007. Well when it comes down to it I will have to say MAG. Heavy Rain is Fantastic and Goldeneye is also a Great Game but the most Fun Game I have played in 2010 is MAG on the PlayStation 3.


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