My New Video Games Console

1 03 2017

My PS3 (and GameCube)

From a very young age, I have enjoyed playing Video Games; it’s something I consider a strong hobby of mine and is something I like to do to enjoy and in more recent memory, to allow myself to mellow out after a hard time. I enjoy playing games by myself and with friends and family and over my lifetime I have played on a number of games consoles from the Sega Mega Drive, to the PlayStation 3; and have fond memories of playing games like RollerCoaster Tycoon and more recently Dishonored. I like video games but recently however, playing video games has been something of a struggle for me. The reason for this is that though while I still continue to enjoy them; currently I cannot really play anything that comes out as new as I am not really able to play them:

  • My Laptop is relatively under powered and can only play games with simple graphics.
  • I do have a more powerful PC, but it’s out of wireless signal range and I am unable to install anything onto it.
  • The GameCube is still working well, but nothing gets made for it anymore.
  • The Wii is ok, but right now is only worthwhile for playing with other people; not by myself.
  • The 3DS is fun, but there’s not really much out that I genuinely want to play on it.
  • The PS3 is able to play a lot of games, but as the console is now out of date, I cannot play anything new on it.

My gaming experience at the moment is still somewhat fun, but as new stuff comes out; without a valid platform to play on, I am getting ever more behind with releases and it is just getting me down.


Fortunately though, I have been thinking a lot about this issue however. I have looked into a new PC, but realize that in terms of getting one it may be best to leave it. It will be a hard struggle, but it does allow me the opportunity to consider when one day I have the money to spend on a new machine, plus my own place to sort out how/where I would like one placing, I can then have a good go at building/buying a dream machine. In the meantime however, I have decided to buy a new home video games console. Something that I could own in which when new games are released that I want to play, I can just simply buy them and play them. Buying a new console is actually a rather fun experience, as the prospect of doing so simply gets me excited even when there are still a few days away before I actually get my hands on it. It’s like when someone on Gold Rush gets a new wash plant; these great big machines that get the gold out of the dirt, it’s a big moment, and right now, getting my new console, setting it up and playing on it; it’s like I am buying my own wash plant. But which Wash Plant should I buy though, that’s the real question?

There are several major home consoles on the market currently such as the Xbox One and the PS4. Choosing which one to buy is a hard process, as machines do cost quite a bit of money and as I don’t earn all that much at the moment, I need to be sure and positive that what I buy is definitely what I want right now. There is no reason why I could not have more than one, but like I said it costs money, and so right here and right now is what is more important, as if it comes to a time where I would like another to play on one, that bridge can be crossed when we come to it.


Choosing which one was always going to be tricky, but I instantly knew that I did not want an Xbox. I have never really been a fan of it, I once thought about getting a Xbox 360, but as the PS3 had games on it that I wanted to play more than there were on the 360; I went with the PS3. The Xbox machine to me as always looked more like a glorified set-top box than a games console. I am buying the machine to play games on it, not to have access to other features which should not be the main feature of a video games console. This way of thinking though should not necessarily be the only reason to base your decision on. As a video games console is designed to play video games primarily (much like a wash plant is designed to retrieve gold, not necessarily to watch TV on it), you should make sure that the console is capable of playing the video games that you want to play. So choosing the PS4 over the Xbox One was a done deal as the PS4 has a list of games on it that include Horizon Zero Dawn and (eventually) Detroit: Become Human as well as other games I really want to play too like Dishonored 2. The Xbox One does not really carry anything that really jumps to my mind. So from reading that you must think I will soon be purchasing a brand new PS4 right? Wrong!

You see, those two are not the only major home consoles available for purchase right now. Back in October, another video game console was revealed to the public after over a year of speculation as to what it would be: the console formerly known as the NX was revealed by its creators Nintendo to be called the Switch. From the moment I first watched the trailer, I was really interested in the new console. I have been a fan of Nintendo for years, and have owned a few of their consoles, so a first reveal of a new console was always going to be exciting, but looking at some of the features of the Switch made it more of a contender than simply who was making it. One thing that I have grown tired of with other video games consoles is that of online multiplayer. My experience of online multiplayer has been harsh with very few fun memories. Some happy gaming memories do include Mario Kart Wii, Bomberman Blast, ModNation Racers and of course MAG, but overall my enjoyment of online console gaming has been mostly negative, even when playing games like Modern Warfare 2. What I do enjoy though is playing with family and friends, something which I have been able to do online on Steam with my brother, but also round a TV screen too having played games on the Wii. With a new home console; I would much rather prefer to play with family and friends round a TV screen, rather than play with anyone (not including family and friends), which has the potential to lead to a bad experience; although on the other hand could also lead to a positive experience. Given though that I knew what I wanted first and foremost, I went with that. The Switch spoke to me with its use of having one controller being split between two people, meaning that as soon as I get it, I don’t need to buy another controller, as I will already have one. Playing round a TV and not necessarily online can also lead to fond memories and experiences. I remember fondly playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a group of friends in Middlesbrough one December and really enjoying the player interaction as well as the fun of them being in the room, providing a core social interaction. Playing games online with just me in the room does not provide the same experience.

MAG Title

When it came to making the actual decision though, it really came down to games. I have pretty much been hanging around with this decision for a while with not being able to make a sound decision, until I realized that the Switch has more games on it that I want to play either soon or right now than on the PS3. While Horizon Zero Dawn was just about to be released, there was very much of anything else on the PS4 that I was actually desperate to play; the only one in question being Dishonored 2; while the Switch looks set to have a good range of games available soon, including some good-looking multiplayer in the form of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at the end of April. Upon this realization, I made my choice, and within a couple of days I pre-ordered myself a Switch.

It’s a bit nerve-wracking ordering a new console when it has not been released yet, but also exciting too. I am really looking forward to getting my new Switch and trying it out. I don’t know what it’s going to be like or is going to do, but I am genuinely excited about getting a new games console. This does not necessarily prohibit me from getting a new PC or PS4 in the future; but it does mean that for now when something does gets released for the Switch I can at least play it and won’t have to worry about whether or not I will be able to play it or not. So like how a new Wash Plant works better at retrieving Gold, my new Switch I am sure will work well at providing me with lots of new and lasting enjoyment.


GENEPOOL (I may have gone overboard with the wash plant references).

Talking About My Generation

16 10 2013


This past week, I reached what was possibly a sad milestone in terms of my love and interest of Video Games. I bought Beyond: Two Souls for the PlayStation 3. I have been looking forward to the release of this game for a long time, even before it had been announced or known about. Why?, it was produced by Quantic Dream who back in 2010 released Heavy Rain which remains one of my favourite games on the PS3. But you may be asking, why am I sad about a game I have been excited so much about. While my love of Video Games has flourished over the last 7/8 years, I am reaching a major stage in my life. For about the last couple of years I have begun to play less and less video games and do more things of different kinds. If you were to look at me in 2010/2011, Video Games were my main hobby and had been that way since 2001. But now, due to new interests, it no longer is my main. While I continue to love Video Games, I don’t have as much passion as I used to, new interests such as Board Games which I have loved since being a boy as well as my new-found interest in books again which was something that had laid dormant in me for a number of years now, has begun to flourish.

Beyond: Two Souls (Quantic Dream - 2013)

Purchasing Beyond: Two Souls is sad for another reason also, it represents the end of lifespan as one of the main consoles. The 8th generation has already begun, but it will enter full swing in a few months’ time and the PS3 will no longer be one of the main consoles on the market, and for me that feels sad. The enjoyment I have received out of it and will continue to receive will begin to die out as the new consoles take centre stage. But for me, this is not the first time this has happened.

PS3 Controller

Since being a boy I have loved playing games. Games are fun, exciting, enjoyable experiences. During my early youth I have played on many game consoles belonging to friends and family members including Sega Master System II and Sega Mega Drive. My first personal console was a Game Boy, an original one and it was big and yellow and I had a couple of Mario Games for it. However this got stolen (along with my copy of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins) when the house was ransacked by a bunch of thieving burglars which is pretty self-explanatory but several weeks later I got a replacement in the form of a Game Boy Pocket which was Red and a lot smaller than my nice chunky Yellow Game Boy. But I still had a great time playing games with it. I loved making movies with my Game Boy Camera, took on pirates in search of a treasure in an attempt to build my own private castle in Wario Land and I hunted, caught and trained several pocket-sized monsters in Pokémon Yellow. I even got to smash-up boulders and punch monsters with a Godzilla Game Boy Game. Those were great times when I could lose myself in a personal game and go on adventures and even have little projects to myself with my Camera. Those were great days and while other Game Boys were released such as the Game Boy Colour, Advance and Advance SP. I was pretty much content with my little handheld.

Pokémon Yellow

In late 200 when just starting at High School I received a Nintendo 64 from a friend of my Brothers. With it I got several games including Star Wars: Squadron and Goldeneye 007. My collection of games for it grew and grew with purchases of games including F-Zero X as well as presents at Christmas and Birthday’s with games including Pokémon Stadium 1 and Pokémon Stadium 2. I also was able to borrow games for the console from Blockbuster. It was a great multiplayer platform with a lot of fun crafted into the games produced. I went on a shooting spree in games like the Brilliant Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough ( starring the unkillable Ape Face). I whizzed past my rivals in F-Zero and Mario Kart 64, and I battled Tooth, Nail and Electric Shocks as well as try powerful Sushi, learned how to dance, chopped logs and delivered Christmas presents in Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2.

It was during my play time on Nintendo 64 that rumours started appearing as to Nintendo’s Next Console, the Nintendo Dolphin. I had no idea what it was going to be like, but it was appearing at a time that other new consoles started to appear. In late 1999, Sega released what would be their last major console in the form of the Sega Dreamcast which while it was short-lived, has been regarded by many as one of the greatest game consoles and it introduced and pioneered many elements that would become standard with in the industry including online gameplay. Around about the same time as the release of the Dreamcast, the long-awaited PlayStation 2 was released which became the number one bestselling console of its generation. The Nintendo Dolphin eventually arrived in the form of the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. I asked for a copy for the following Christmas and received one with a copy of Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.

Dreamcast Logo

This was the point that Video Games would become my main hobby. I would come back from school wanting to play some more on it over and over again. Soon after getting one I got an extra pad, memory card and some shelves for games for about £25. My game collection for it grew over time with me acquiring copies of games like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I got to try out games from Blockbuster and sometimes bought those that I like a lot. Over the 4 years that I had the console my collection continued to grow more and more. My multiplayer experiences were very enjoyable with games like the amazing 007: Nightfire. I was whizzing around tight bends and almost crashing cars in Need For Speed: Underground, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and F-Zero GX. I was going on adventures in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Heroes. I was battling to stay alive in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, I was fighting on the frontline in Battalion Wars, I wrestled to become World Champion in WWE Day of Reckoning 1 and WWE Day of Reckoning 2, I collected Stars and Coins in epic multiplayer duels in Mario Party and I was even milking Cows in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. While there were those at school who said it was stupid to have, I did not care; I was having fun, lots of fun. Not only that, but the GameCube did have some things over its rivals. The Memory Cards were small and cheap but had plenty of rooms for games and the pads had built in Rumble Packs meaning a cartridge did not have to be bought for them to feel like you were in the heat of the moment. And even after the Xbox was released and had built in memory and had games on it like HALO: Combat Evolved, I was still satisfied with my little GameCube. Others could play DVD’s on their consoles; I didn’t really have any DVD’s so I saw no point in having that feature. I remember a time when I played for hours on F-Zero GX (My Favourite GameCube Game) including not realising the passage of light or time as it was once 11:00pm when I finally stopped playing it, did I mind, no, I was happy.

F-Zero GX (Nintendo - 2003)

At the time of all this I used to collect CUBE Magazine which sadly ended in the blink of an eye in 2005. CUBE magazine offered many in-depth news of Games coming out in the near future and easy to understand reviews. It was when reading it in about 2004 that I heard about the Nintendo DS. What I thought was going to be the next home console turned out to be a hand-held that would take the world by storm. In mid-2005 I first heard about the Nintendo Revolution. This would become the next home console for Nintendo when released in late 2006.

My enjoyment of the GameCube still continued, but over time, its oncoming end was apparent. I could see it particularly with how hard it was to get new games. By June 2006 my concentration had now turned its eyes to the Nintendo Revolution, now known as the Nintendo Wii. As the excitement grew to this new console, the more and more I could not wait for its arrival. However, being a Nintendo Console, the criticism came in thick and fast before the consoles eventual release (which still happens to this day despite the company’s illustrious career). But most of everyone’s attention was more on the release of the Xbox 360 and the soon to be released PS3. How wrong they were when the Wii started breaking all records. Its appeal came from its more casual gaming approach allowing more people to play games, different groups of people too, older people, mums and dads. Whole families could play games together. The Wii became a must have toy for everyone. It became a party tool for when numerous people were round. Whole hosts of games were developed for it from Party Games for the whole family, to shooting games for the more hard-core gamer. And this came from the Wii’s pioneering Motion Control feature meaning that games were no longer about causing thumb seizures and more about being part of an experience. Nintendo opened up the Games Market to a whole new world, one that the competition did not even notice or think about.

Nintendo Wii

I was one of the people who felt the benefits of the Wii. I had a great time Boxing and Playing golf with friends in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort as well as drive around corners in Mario Kart Wii, take on the Yakuza in Red Steel, lead a Nation in Little King’s Story, take on Savage Rabbits in dancing contests and played with them in rock bands in Rayman Raving Rabbids and attempted to keep fit with Wii Fit. It was a great time to be a gamer.

But part of me wanted to play other games too, games that were not as available on the Wii, games like Motorstorm or the upcoming MAG. So in 2009 I bought a PS3 with Killzone 2 and Far Cry 2, eventually getting Motorstorm Pacific Rift for my Birthday. The PS3 would eventually become my main console as while the Wii was fun, it did not have much for a solo gamer. While I did not have much of a Multiplayer Experience with the PS3, it was like playing my GameCube all over again, getting lost in the game, in the story. While Shooting games like Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, Battlefield 3 and Far Cry 2 were mainly my favourites. I thoroughly enjoyed a range of other games too. Adventure Games like Brütal Legend and Fairytale Fights gave me new worlds to experience and Heavy Rain showed that games could be more than just games. But there was always some room for some racing with games like Motorstorm Pacific Rift, ModNation Racers and Test Drive Unlimited 2. It was still a great time to be a gamer.

So what changed, how did I go from being so incredibly happy playing games, to games no longer being my number 1 hobby? 2012, in March 2012 I saw The Hunger Games at the cinema, I loved it so much I bought the book and got back into reading, I got lost in an amazing world and over time I began to read more and more. At the moment I am reading the Incredible GONE series by Michael Grant. In turn I began to write more and recently entered some writing competitions. But it wasn’t just books and writing. I started to play Board Games more and more. Board Games was mainly a thing I did once, maybe twice a year at Christmas and on Holiday, but after finding a group at a local café in my home town, I started playing them week after week and still do. I spend less of my pocket-money on games, and more on Board Games. But another reason is that in 2012, there was hardly anything that I wanted to get. The Wii was on its last legs as there was hardly anything worth getting, particularly with more attention on the upcoming Wii U. I only bought 2 new releases in 2012, Twisted Metal and Far Cry 3. Even in 2013, there was hardly nothing I wanted with most of the games I bought for the PS3 being old second-hand games. Beyond: Two Souls was really the only new release I got. Most of my attention on Computer Games I want to play turn to the PC with Games on Steam. Nowadays, when I walk into a GAME Shop, I just look at old stuff that I could get cheap. I spend more time looking at Board Games, than I do at Video Games. When I was studying Video Games Development, I always assumed that Video Games would be my Major Hobby, but now, it isn’t. It still is a hobby, but not my major one. When you are young you don’t see how you change as you get older, it is only now I see this change.

Far Cry 3 (Ubisoft - 2012)

Video Games will always be a part of me, this blog started as a result of my Interest in Video Games. I look forward to games to be released on Steam and GOG. I play some games multiple times; I still look at Games I want to play and continue to look forward to and enjoy E3. I have a Nintendo 3DS which I play Pokémon SoulSilver on every now and again, I even want to give Ouya a go, as for any of the other consoles, well it depends on whether or not a game comes out on one that I really want to play, maybe a Wii U or a PlayStation 4, probably not an Xbox One though, unless I am extremely desperate to play Titanfall. For over 10 years, Video Games have been my interest, hobby and passion. While I feel like that this part of my life has now ended, I am thankful for experiencing it and having so much fun in the process. But this is not the ultimate end as I will continue to play Video Games, have fun with friends in multiplayer, experience stories and great characters while also getting involved in these amazing worlds and experience the escapism and involvement that they include. I love gaming, and a part of me always will.

GENEPOOL (Don’t forget to have a look at my article celebrating the 5 year Anniversary of the Nintendo Wii).

E3 Press Conference Notes – Microsoft

7 06 2012

XBox 360 Logo

It’s that time of year when all the Big Companies in the Video Games Industry show off all their latest stuff. Every year I watch the press conferences at E3 and make some notes and sometimes publish those on FaceBook. This year I have decided to Publish those notes on my Blog (which I have been meaning to do since I started the Blog). Now these Notes are kind of rough but notes usually are aren’t they. Stay tuned later in the month for more press conference notes but today it is Microsoft’s turn.

Looks less casual than all past E3 Conferences

Nice looking trailer, oh wait it’s Halo. Halo 4 will either be the start of a great new series (like the original series despite the fact I have not played any of them, except for round at a friend’s house and in Curry’s) or be the end of Halo altogether thanks to Microsoft milking the franchise for all it’s worth. Looks pretty Good actually.

The host looks like Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond.

I thought the Wii has sold more?

Oh come on, there we go, is that the flag for Honduras? He looks like Sev from Killzone, LAWSUIT. It’s a trailer for Splinter Cell 15 or 20 or 48, I have lost count. This looks Good too, let me just do some research………. YES, it’s on PS3 too. Aren’t you going to hide the bodies? “A spy who breaks into an enemy base and kills everybody isn’t a very good spy” – Yahtzee. Didn’t someone already say that in a Bond Film “I am already dead”?

EA Sports, I might go to sleep for now. Another FIFA game, when will it end? Why don’t they do a Boxing game where you can play the part of Haye or Chisora and smash beer bottles on each other’s heads, that sounds like an Awesome Game. Madden seems to be very slow, Why can’t you attack each other, why does it have to be like real life, it’s a game, I want to use the Post’s as a weapon.

World of Warcraft on Xbox, wait it’s Fable 9421.

A new action racer, oh wait its Forza, AGAIN.

A new Gears of War, I thought it only just finished, if this gets released in the next couple of years it will more than likely flop, 4 is not a good number in the video games industry. Halo 4 has a chance because it has been a while since the last game, oh wait it hasn’t. 2013, oh dear. Forget Gears of war (for at least 5 years), when is Unreal Tournament 4 coming out?

Flying cars. All these things included in the new Forza appear to have been nicked from other racing games. Microsoft should have done the clever thing and bought Bizarre Creations when it was up for sale, that way they could bring back Gran Tourismo’s biggest realistic driving rival, Project Gotham, Forza does not hold a candle in a comparison, Forza is PANTS.

Thanks for reminding me Yusuf, I forgot that the 360 is nothing more than a Glorified Set-Top Box. If you are seen talking to your TV, your family/friends might call for an ambulance (and a straitjacket). I thought the 360 was supposed to be a Video Games Console, the more and more you say is telling me that it isn’t. BORING, I AM BORED NOW. This is supposed to be a Games Convention, stop talking about stuff that has nothing to do with Games. Interesting to see that you can watch all sports except Sumo Wrestling, Elephant Soccer and Yak Skiing. Now it’s time to move on to a clone of iTunes for your Xbox. Yes, he’s finished, time to move on…..oh no.

Nike, its licenses like this that ruin the Xbox’s true potential. This is as boring as the previous 5 hour Set-Top Box piece. Hurray less than an hour to go until the conference is finished.

Now a talk from the man who thought “I Know, lets charge people for the use of the internet twice”, well he’s the head of that division anyway so it would make sense. “Can you imagine your life without your Smart Phone or Tablet”, yes I can seeing as I don’t own either. It’s not a 360 Tablet is it, that would prove without a Shadow of a doubt that they are just copying Nintendo, As far as I can see, it is not, but most other things the Xbox has implemented since 2007 has just been copied from Nintendo. If I wanted to read when watching a film I would watch a World Cinema Film. I want to enjoy a film, not read interesting facts about it at the same time. The way he talks sounds like he is not actually a fan of Game of Thrones. Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox, I thought with it being a Microsoft Product it would already have it. Hurray, Prometheus Debuted in the UK before America, UK, UK, UK, UK, UK.

Someone with a brilliant British Accent. The Reboot that Tomb Raider needs. Looks strikingly similar to Uncharted, hmm. That man someone sprung back up after getting shot in the leg. Yes we can see you are on fire. They make great noises when they get shot/die. Slow Motion River? A scene similar to a scene in The Lost World Jurassic Park, and now a scene similar to a scene in Jurassic Park 3 (without the Pterodactyl’s of course). Looks Good, nice cap.

He looks a bit like Christian Slater. Ascend looks Good. What is Loco Cycle and Matta or Matter?

Another Resident Evil, oh dear. Are there Zombies piloting the Helicopter? Appears to be an improvement, could be Good, for a change. I was right, Zombies in Helicopter. They appear to be slightly more camp Zombies.

Wreckateer looks interesting, oh no it involves Kinect, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If it had a proper controller it could be awesome. Why is it that Microsoft always has to ruin the end of their shows with Kinect.

The South Park game appears to have a nice blend of Action, RPG, Story and Side Scrolling gameplay, could be a Very Good Game. Definitely looks better than that racing game from the 90’s. Trey Parker and Matt Stone really know how to present something, they are almost as Fantastic as Tim Schafer. Please stay on, you are better than the whole conference, please don’t go.

No, Go Away Harmonix, we have had enough of rhythm dance games. Look out for Dance Central 4 at next year’s E3 and Dance Central 5 the following year, it’s almost like Fifa. Is this Americas entry into the Eurovision Song Contest (despite the fact that America is not allowed to join in).

Ray is back, Stand in the centre please.

I did not play much of Black Ops but I did like the Zombie part, I would buy Black Ops just to play the Zombies Game in it. I wonder if Black Ops 2 has Zombies. A female president, that’s new – NOT. Looks Great, could be better than Modern Warfare, more futuristic, this is what the series needs. A proper Gun Game not a realistic shooter, Brilliant. Some Gameplay looks similar to Frontlines, Frontlines is a Good Game. The Plane piece looks like a Battlefield 3 (which is better than all Call of Duty Games) copy but still looks like a Fun feature. Black Ops 2 looks really Good but what I really want to play is Call of Duty Zombies, that would be better and would sell better than Modern Warfare.

Microsoft has had an improvement this year but it keeps forgetting that it should be all about the games and not the features on its glorified Set-Top Box. While it is improving it is not by much. Once again they keep all the major stuff at the beginning which means that after you have seen the first 3-5 games you may as well stop watching. OK, they do finish on a high note but the show is already ruined beyond repair. Some games look really Good but there could be so much more. I might stop watching their presentations in the future. What I would really like to know is, Can I buy a 360 without Kinect, all other pointless features and just use it to play games, is that at all possible?


5 Years of Nintendo Wii

9 12 2011

Nintendo Wii

5 Years ago today the Wii was released in the UK and within a month it had introduced many non-gamers to video games and became one of the best video game consoles of all time. So I think it is time to celebrate. I think we should take a look at the history of the console. Where it started, its success and what it is like now.



In 2001 during the first release of the Nintendo GameCube the idea for a new console for Nintendo was in rough planning. As technology progresses it gets cheaper and people will want something new eventually. Nintendo wanted a new form of game interaction. All the major consoles in this period were roughly the same. They had controllers which had buttons to press. Shigeru Miyamoto stated “The consensus was that power isn’t everything for a console. Too many powerful consoles can’t coexist. It’s like having only ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction”. A couple of years later engineers and designers came in to develop the product. In 2005 the controller interface was ready but because of a few problems the controller was hidden for the time being. 

The new console was revealed by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata at E3 2005 with the name Nintendo Revolution. I remember reading about the console in CUBE magazine and I thought it looked good and was excited. However it was said that the console could be a few years away from being released. The revolution would be talked about for a few more months and then in September the controller (Wii Remote) was revealed at the Tokyo game show. The controller showed that instead of just pressing buttons there would be movement as well but there was no sign of games or how this idea works. Because of the GameCube being the 3rd place console during its generation people were skeptical of what Nintendo’s new console was going to be like.

Because CUBE magazine stopped printing in 2005 for a few months I did not find out any information on the new console. Then in 2006 I started collecting Official Nintendo Magazine and the magazine came with a DVD of E3 2006 press conference. It was at this press conference that all was revealed, how the controller worked, what the console can do and what games were being made for it. It looked amazing, the games looked amazing. Instead of simply tapping buttons you could swing a controller just like you were playing tennis, point at the screen and pull a trigger was like shooting like the old arcade games but now you could move (you were not on rails). Some people were still skeptical but they would not have to wait long to see what the console could do. Before the launch of the console Satoru Iwata talked in London about some of the features included in the new console including the Mii feature allowing people to play in games as themselves.

On December 8th 2006 the console was released in the UK. The plan was it was going to be a Christmas present to me but my mum allowed me to keep it out and have Red Steel wrapped up for Christmas day. I loved it; I liked swinging the golf club, playing bowling and boxing. Instead of tapping buttons I was swinging my arms. On Christmas day I received Red Steel, a Japanese style shooting a sword fighting game and I loved it (I still do). Before the console came out I remember people who knew me telling me that the console would be rubbish and not work. Very soon after the launch of the Wii they were seeing that it worked and forgot about what they said and enjoyed the console.

Within a few months the console became a huge success in every country it was available in even beating the Xbox 360 which came out a whole year before it. The Wii’s success came in the form of accessibility. It was no longer something which involved moving a stick and pressing a button it was now the time for people to feel like the action they are performing. Even older people could join in with younger children and enjoy themselves. There was truly something for everyone. Another thing which made it popular was its price tag, £180. The 360 was £200 minimum and the soon to be released PS3 was £450. The Wii was less than £200 and it came with Wii Sports. Wii Sports was the game that showed what the Wii could do and by being included in the price consumers were getting a game for a cheap price or free. At the beginning of 2007 not many games were coming out for the console but a few weeks later 75 games had been announced to come out in 2007. Many development companies saw the possibility of receiving large amounts of money from this new console. New franchises started to make their debut on this console such as Ubisoft’s Red Steel and Raving Rabbids. Well established series like Mortal Kombat came to the Wii. Over the coming months more and more games were released like Excite Truck but the people who made the most out of the console were Nintendo themselves and by the end of 2007 Mario finally arrived in Mario Galaxy and had finally come face to face with his longtime rival Sonic the Hedgehog as they met at the Beijing Olympics. By E3 2007 it was a time of celebration for the console and new game were announced including Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii.

2008 was to be another good year for Nintendo with games like Battalion Wars 2 and Mario Kart Wii (both with online gameplay) and Wii Fit was also released. A game where you could have fun and lose weight at the same time and became a big success for the console. E3 2008 was not so good however, not many new announcements and overall a bit poor allowing Sony to steal the show. Nintendo did announce titles like Animal Crossing Lets Go to the City and Wii MusicHowever it was a lot better than Microsoft who decided to make some Avatars for their console (which is just a copy of the Wii’s Mii’s even though Microsoft claimed it was their idea originally). Nintendo did announce one game which would follow on from the success of another. Wii Sports Resort was announced which included a whole range of new games including Sword Fighting, Frisbee and Jet Skiing. The game was to come with a new attachment for the console to make the movements more precise and accurate.

In 2009 things began to improve. Little Kings Story and MadWorld were released early on, Wii Sports resort was released in the summer and a New Super Mario Bros game was released towards the end of the year. However competition began to surface. Microsoft and Sony saw the potential in the Motion Sensing Controller and started working on their own versions. It was in 2009 that I bought a PS3. The reason I did this was because there were bigger more single player games that I wanted to play on it and the Wii was not getting some of these games. One of the major issues with the Wii is the single player experience. There is some but not enough. In multiplayer it dominates but in single player it does not. If I had friends round we would be OK on the Wii but if I wanted to play games by myself there was not much in the choice of options. Some good games were still coming out on the Wii in 2009 and 2010 but not much for a single player. At this point the Wii did start to decline and Nintendo released lees and less first party games for it and started to look more at the Nintendo 3DS. Some games were released but not much. With the arrival of Kinect and PlayStation Move, The Wii was starting to decline.

At E3 2011 Nintendo announced the Wii’s Successor. The Wii U. This new console still uses the controllers that the Wii does but it also has a tablet style controller which allows 5 player multiplayer, a way of interacting more with the TV and a way of playing games when someone wants to watch something on TV. The current views on the Wii U are skeptical with it. Yes it is more of an attachment to the Wii and it may not be a long-term solution to the Wii. Eventually a new console altogether will be needed but from what I have seen I am excited to see what it would be like.

Wii U

Nintendo are the innovators of the Games industry. Without them the games industry will look very different and while there will be challenges to overcome they will be around for a good long time daring to be different and making some of the major changes to the industry turning it into more than just what it is and thinking what it can be. With the Wii they have shown this and now they look ahead into thinking what can be the next big thing but for now let’s celebrate the five-year run of one of the true greats of the Games Industry. The Wii started out as an idea and has fought the heirs of the consoles which pushed the GameCube out of the way to become the current King of Consoles.


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