What is your Favourite Cartoon?

17 03 2011

Question: What is your Favourite Cartoon?

Since I was young I have watched Cartoons, I remember so many. I remember when I first started to watch Pokémon back in 2000, I remember when Digimon came along soon after. I remember watching Card Captors on CITV after Pokémon and Digimon finished on the Channel. When I was in Hospital in 2006 I saw Ben10 for the first time. I remember when the X-Men Cartoon used to be shown on Live and Kicking. I also remember X-Men Evolution when it was on Up On The Roof on GMTV. It was also on Up On The Roof where I watched Transformers Armada as well as the remake cartoons of He-Man and TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). I still watch cartoons to this day because I like watching them, particularly the ones with stories, stories that after so may episodes have an ending and that episode becomes so exciting to watch because you get to see how it ends and what happens.

So what is my Favourite Cartoon. My Favourite cartoon was on Sunday Mornings for several weeks on CBBC and I loved it. It was called Wolverine and the X-Men.

It was the story of an incident that occurred at the Xavier Institute and what happened afterwards. Professor Xavier went into a coma that would last for 20 years, meanwhile things are not going so well for the X-Men as a mutant registration act is about to come into force and the X-Men have all split up. So it is up to Wolverine to get everyone back together and save the world, and as this is happening 20 years into the future the world has changed and it is up to Professor Xavier to inform Wolverine in the past of what happened and how Wolverine needs to stop it from happening.

At first I was unsure about it when I first heard about it because the previous cartoon X-Men Evolution was Fantastic and is one of my favourite cartoons but after a few weeks of the show I liked Wolverine and the X-Men and soon after it finished it became my Favourite Cartoon series. I now have the whole series on DVD.

The show went on for 26 episodes and covered many storylines which were part of the bigger story. Many Characters were introduced including some of my favourite characters like AngelWolverine and Bishop as well as my favourite X-Men character Gambit. Each Episode had its own story but these were small parts of the whole story, I like to think of it like 24 in the way that each episode has its own Story but is all part of one Big Story.

For a while the show was going to get a second series but it was later canceled because;

“They were unable to work out the financing for the show with their financing partner” – Wikipedia

However there are lots of online campaigns to save the show one of which is on FaceBook which I am part of (1 Million to save Wolverine and the X-Men).

There were lots of reports before the cancellation was announced of new storylines and characters in the second series, but maybe one day another series may happen.

Wolverine and the X-Men is My Favourite Cartoon,

What is your Favourite Cartoon?




3 responses

29 03 2011

Thunder…. Thunder… Thunder…. Thundercats! Hooooooooooooooooo!

19 09 2011

I don’t really remember watching Thundercats.


21 06 2012
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[…] I look forward to seeing Gambit in them. When I watched the cartoons like X-Men Evolution and my favourite cartoon Wolverine and the X-Men I really enjoyed the episode with Gambit in. It was disappointing to not […]

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