Top 5 SAXON Songs

22 02 2012

This week I am very busy. I need to do some University work which includes reading a book called The Road. Well because of all these things I can only do a small post this week. So I am going to post up my top 5 Saxon Songs. This may also whet your appetite for a future series of posts called Seven Days of Rock. If you don’t know who Saxon is well they are a British Heavy Metal Band and a very successful one as well with 8 UK Top 40 Albums including 4 UK Top 10 Albums in the 1980’s. So lets not continue this and lets listen to some of the Best Heavy Metal Songs in the world from one of the worlds Greatest Heavy Metal Bands.

5. Unleash The Beast – I discovered this one just the other day. It has a style of a fast Heavy Metal song along with a medieval style in the look, music and lyrics. While it is the type of Heavy Metal I really like it is not my Favourite Saxon Songs. While their name was medieval their songs are more influenced by the problems in the world they grew up in of no jobs and strikes. So while this is a Good song it does branch away a bit from their influence and style. The Music video has a nice mysterious style with the shots of the band appearing and disappearing before the song really gets going.

4. And The Bands Played On – While it is their most successful Single And The Bands Played On is not number 1 on this list. The song does have a sense of their style. Saxon were the bad boys of music, they appeared at TOTP round the back in a Taxi not the red carpet like Spandau Ballet. This song has the music style which cemented this and while it was a more mainstream style of Metal (this is before the success of Metallica) it was still the rebel at the show. The song is about Saxon playing at the 1980 Monsters of Rock Concert. .

3. Princess Of The Night – While this is more Medieval this song has an incredible soundtrack. You know when you go and see a film and if you like it for some unknown reason. It’s something you can’t put your finger on it. I think it is the tune and the lyrics working together like they were written for each other but the tune does stand out more than the lyrics. The lyrics work well with it and is like the lyrics were designed for the song and the song the lyrics. it is also nicely spaced out so you can easily join in.

2. Wheels Of Steel – One of the bands most well-known songs. It has appeared in several Video Games and is usually heard at Live Shows. It is a song about Motorbikes and driving down the motorway. It’s talking about a passion for Motorbikes and driving Motorbikes. It could potentially show a love of freedom away from the norm. Almost like you have had a bad week and now it’s time for your own personal freedom with something you like, in this case Motorbikes.

1. Heavy Metal Thunder – Loud,  Angry and filled with Aggression on the Rampage. While it is a short song there is enough in it and more to enjoy. It is another one you can’t put your finger on but there is something you like about it. It has lots of Speed in both its tune and its lyrics and has an amazing Guitar Riff. It does let the Anger out, if you are just filled with Anger and want to let it out this song makes you want to scream and shout as loud as your throat will let you. This is what Heavy Metal is and this song is flying the flag.




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26 08 2013

saxon is the best heavy metal band of all time.

31 08 2013

Personally I Prefer Black Sabbath to Saxon, but Saxon is up there with the best.

9 11 2016
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