What is Gamera? (150th Post)

6 01 2012

To celebrate my 150th post I thought I would tell you all who Gamera is. Now I have mentioned him a few times and so now I think is a Good Time to explain further (I am not going to go too in depth because I also plan to do a Brief History of Gamera like I did for Godzilla). Gamera is a Cultural Icon in both the Monster Movie Gnre and Japanes Cinema. Created by a rival studio (Daiei) to TOHO they decided to create a rival to the Godzilla Film Series and tap into the Market. Gamera is a Giant Armoured Fire Breathing Flying Turtle. OK that sound like a mouthful.

In the Showa Series he was one of a species of Giant Turtle and after a Nuclear Blast in the Arctic which seems famillar wakes up and goes on a rampage in Japan. For the rest of the series he becomes a hero and saves japan from many giant monsters while also being the friend of Children (because he saved their lives quite a lot). Because of the children connection many Monster movies saw the introduction of children being included in their films. In the Heisei Series Gamera is now the Guardian of the Universe. He is now a more legendary creature who was created by Atlantis to destroy one of atlantis’s previous creations; Gyaos. This series is by far the Best and is finally able to compete with Godzilla in both Content and Effects. Director Shusuke Kaneko later went on to Direct a Godzilla Film. The Third Film in the trilogy is highly regarded by many as one of the Greatest Monster Films in the History of Cinema. In the Millenium Series only one film has been made so far and that one rebooted the origins story again by showing how a previous Gamera killed himself to kill a group Gyaos that were attacking a village. Then 33 years later a small boy finds a turtle egg and the turtle inside quickly grows to become Gamera.

Well you should now be more well informed o f who Gamera is. He has starred in 12 films and has fought many Giant Monsters but while there has not been a Gamera film for six years I don’t think it will be too long until he comes back to save the day. I mean Gamera’s 50th Birthday is coming, there needs to be some kind of celebration. Maybe one day the film will be made where he fights another Japanese Icon, Godzilla vs Gamera.



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6 01 2012
Second Place « Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] Well First 12 of 12 has finished and even though I aimed for First Place i am very happy on getting Second Place. It has been a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work. I started out with no posts but in just over 24 hours I had 7 and that put me into first place but then Hannah had to fly in and swoop victory. Oh Well, I will Win Next Time (I think I showed my hand too quickly). I have had amazing fun and some of the posts I have written are some of my favourite Posts I have done in the history of my Blog. I think the best one I did was Raging Bull and I did enjoying doing the 2012 Films, King Kong and Gamera. […]

6 01 2012
The Colclough

if you were writing the script for Godzilla Vs Gamera, who would win?

7 01 2012

Well as it happens I developed a story idea about 5 years ago and it was difficult deciding – it almost came down to dice role but I came up with an idea that would mean that no matter who wins it would be a happy ending for both sides.

7 01 2012

Someone must been having a laugh when they thought that one up… Surely?

7 01 2012

Which part?

7 01 2012

While it is a monster copy of the idea of Godzilla it is a very good one and you should’nt knock it until you have seen it (Particulary the Heisei Trilogy).

18 06 2012
Mysterious Tim’s Question « Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] reveal the definite reason behind it. Another question to ask is to ask him what he thinks about Gamera, but one question could be unanswerable because he died before it happened and that question is, […]

24 06 2012
The Railway Company – A History of TOHO (200th Post) « Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] In the 1960’s Daiei saw the potential of the Godzilla series and created their own Giant Monster, Gamera. The effects for Gamera were not as good and appeared to be more silly than Toho’s Monsters but […]

15 08 2012
My Top 10 Favourite (NON-GODZILLA) Films « Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] Gyaos like birds have been spotted, meanwhile a small girl finds a monster who uses her anger for Gamera to grow extraordinarily powerful. it is up to Gamera and a group of Humans to stop both creatures. […]

19 02 2013
How To Fight An Alien – Monsters VS Aliens « Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] that is a brilliant idea seeing as their track record for this thing is better than humans. I mean Gamera defeated Legion and Godzilla has fought, defeated destroyed several space monsters as well as […]

10 06 2013
The Tortoise And The Bird – Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe | Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] character. In 1965 a challenger to Godzilla’s throne emerged in the form of a Giant Turtle named Gamera. While he too would become a hit in Japan, particularly with children, he was not able to upset […]

2 07 2014
They Were Trying To Kill It – Godzilla (2014): Part 2 | Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] particularly after the Heisei series has gone on to become an icon himself (please refer to my What is Gamera post). In Guardian of the Universe (rephrased to GGOTU) an ancient species of bird comes to life […]

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